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Currys PC World fobbing the problem off to the manufacturer

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Have recently noticed a dead spider in the screen of my new Sony TV from currys. Trying to organise an exchange but according to the online exchange form, no store near me is available (even though they are currently open). Tried to ring customer services but an automated message has told me to conatct Sony, no web chat available and no email address either. Any ideas what I should try next?

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First of all the responsibility is that of the retailer. What you are getting here is typical of Currys PC World and other retailers that they tried to fob off problems onto the manufacturer. Typically, people follow these instructions lamb -like and then try to deal with an uncooperative manufacturer and often get charged with an apparently "refundable" fee for inspecting the item's to see if there really is any defect.

This is Curry's PC World way of getting out of their custom obligations. You shouldn't stand for it.

You say that it is a new TV. When did you buy it? How much did you pay for it?


Also, what kind of spider is it? (Was it?)

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  • BankFodder changed the title to Currys PC World fobbing the problem off to the manufacturer

Shame you didn't notice it before 5 January because under the consumer rights act you would have had an automatic right to return the item for a refund or replacement because the defect would have manifested itself within 30 days.

As it is, if the defect manifests itself within six months then they are entitled to have a single opportunity to repair after which you are entitled to insist on a refund or a replacement.

The problem here is getting Currys to move themselves – because they are extremely unwilling to respect their consumer obligations and as you've already found, the standard thing is to fob you off to Sony or whichever manufacturer has produced the item.

Of course they will ask you various questions such as – are you sure that the spider didn't crawl into your TV at some point since you took delivery of it. This is an entirely reasonable question – although if a defect manifests itself within six months, it is assumed to have existed at the time of sale. However, this assumption can be overcome by evidence to the contrary.

Whereabouts on the screen is the spider? How come you missed it until now? Maybe you would like to entertain us all by posting up a photograph of it please.

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I did notice it, havent been able to conact anyone to report it or get an exchange. Thats been the issue. I'll see if i can get a pick


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Okay, well the advice of the moment is to keep the issue focused on Currys PC World and to refuse to deal with Sony. Even if you get through to them, you will find them unhelpful and I would expect that they will want to carry out some inspection before taking any kind of action – but on the other hand of course if they offer an inspection without charging anything then that would change things.

You certainly need to bear in mind that the responsibility all the time rests with Currys and at the end of the day if you find that they won't move themselves than they are the people that you should be claiming against.

I appreciate that you will have difficulty getting hold of Currys by phone. I would suggest that you take one or two good pictures – certainly post one up here – and then send Currys a complaint in writing with the picture. I'm sure they have a customer services email address.

You might also want to try calling them and if possible get a reference number but when they try to fob you off to the manufacturer, you really should refuse and make it clear that you know very well that it is Currys responsibility and you want them to take ownership of the problem.
Point out them that the TV is pretty well brand-new.

Be prepared for questions as to why you didn't notice the spider before. Be prepared for suggestions that the spider wasn't there when you took delivery and that it crawled into the screen space since you owned it. I don't know whether that is possible – but be prepared for these assertions.

Get ready for Currys PC World to do everything they can to avoid liability.

At some point you may have to contemplate a more formal action and of course we will help you all the way. However, I think in the beginning you will have to go through a formal complaints process – establishing a paper trail, getting a reference number if you can, and seeing what they propose.

However don't allow yourself to be led around by the nose. If it's not sorted out within 10 days or 14 days then we will help you to get serious about it if that's what you would like to do.

You didn't address my question as to the price of the TV

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By the way, if you noticed it within the first 30 days, do you have any evidence that you did try to contact them about it but were unable to?

I'm just wondering whether there might be a basis for sneaking in on the 30 day rule

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Its not in the middle of the screen, in the top right hand corner so you need to be looking in the right place whilst there is a bright background in order to notice it.

Not sure how I can evidence the fact that there has been no way to try and contact them other than the phone call that I made and that was this morning.


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Blimey it looks huge.


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Well I suggest that you send them a message saying broadly that in respect of your TV which you bought on X X X date – sales reference number X X X within a short time you realise that there was a dead spider trapped on the screen in one of the corners.
The spider had been difficult to see and it only became apparent when you happened to glance at the screen from a particular angle.

You immediately tried to contact Currys about it – well within the 30 day consumer rights act deadline and you are unable to do so. Eventually after a great deal of effort you did contact somebody at Currys and you were told to contact the manufacturers instead.
You tried contacting the manufacturer and they were unavailable.

You are now turning back to Currys as the retailer and who are the responsible party as your contract for the purchase of the TV was with them. Clearly the TV has a defect and it is not satisfactory quality and you want to know what their proposal is to replace it and you require a response within seven days.

I will start off with something like that and then see where it takes you.

Be ready for a struggle I'm afraid.

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Here is a bit of context. Now you know where the spider is you can notice it, but if it isnt bright enough or you're not looking there it would be easily missed. So as per the previous pic, its above the gun she's holding. They can try to argue that the spider may have crawled in there, but these screen are supposed to be sealed against such things so as far as i'm concerned thats a manufacturing issue.

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Yes I expect that you are completely right. (I still can't see the bloody spider)!

Anyway I suggest that you start the process by sending the note – or something like it – which I have suggested and then we'll see how it goes.

At least you can still watch TV – but the worst possibility will be that they want it back for investigation/repair and you could be left without it for several weeks – although they would normally be required to complete their investigation and repair within 7 to 10 days.

Let's see how it goes

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