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Debt Recovery Plus - NCP parking at National Rail station car park - 2018

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Hello all.


Would be very garteful for some advice please.


I have been sent a letter by Debt Recovery Plus acting on behalf of NCP for a so called parking infringement in June 2018.

Looking back in my emails I thought the matter had been dismissed by NCP as I explained that it wasn't possible for all four wheels of my car to be within the marked bay as this was the last space available and the way other cars had parked it was impossible for me to park 100% correctly and get out of my car when parking.


I also recall, perhaps incorrectly, that PCN's issued for NCP parking on railway car parks are unenforceable but this may be incorrect.


Debt recovery plus also state that I have ignored the previous letters

- although I have never received any before now

- and state the cost has now risen to £135 as I have 'missed 5 payment deadlines' already! 


Finally, is there a time limit on when the so called infringement took place and the 'debt' being called in now?

Seems unreasonable to me for it to take 2 and a half years.


Thanks in advance for any guidance on this matter and in the mantime,


a Merry and safe Christmas to all.



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Relax, ignore & enjoy your Christmas.


This is not Debt Recovery Plus's debt so they have no power to do anything whatsoever.  It's just hot air from paper tigers.


The car park is probably covered by bye-laws to boot, which have precedence over any rubbish NCP make up.  When you have time check about the bye-laws.



We could do with some help from you.



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