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@curryspcworld "Lost in transit" investigation


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I recently bought a £320 computer component online for "order and collect".


My order did not arrive on the estimated day, so I contacted customer services the next day and asked when it would arrive in store. The agent said it had arrived and issued the ready to collect email.


I went to store to collect but was told it was not there. In fact DPD had not received the item.


That evening I called customer services to discuss and was told as it had been 4 days they could raise a lost in transit case investigation, and send a replacement item. They did not explain that this would take 7-14 days and they would not send a replacement item until the investigation was complete.


I paid by "instant vouchers" through my employee rewards, netting a 7% discount on the vouchers, but these are non-refundable. Customer services suggested they could send me replacement vouchers, by post in 7-10 days...after the investigation.


I've been in store several times, spoken to the manager and today I will see the area manager - there must be someone they can call to issue a new item, which is in stock for next day delivery.


My utter frustration is that no solution gets my the present before Christmas. If I paid again I could have it tomorrow! BUT...I can't get the money back for my vouchers.

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So this is an amazing story. Currys are pretty poor in their customer services – but this takes the biscuit if it is meant to be a click and collect which didn't arrive at the store and they still have to investigate it.


Did you pay completely by using vouchers? There wasn't by chance any debit card payment involved or credit card?

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I paid 40p on a credit card,  £320 in vouchers.


It's madness, none of it is my fault, it's not even DPD's fault - they never booked the parcel into their system.


I feel like it just needs a manager / supervisor to see the logic and issue the new product. 


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I'm afraid that when you are dealing with people at Currys PC World, you tend generally to be dealing with mindless drones. Occasionally you get somebody who has their eyes open and he is consumer-facing – but it seems to be pretty rare as far as we can see.

When you posted on the Facebook page, I had hoped that you had paid by debit card in which case we would have suggested that you ask for an immediate chargeback and that would probably have your money back within a very short time – but I'm afraid that using vouchers, you have squarely played into the hands of Currys PC World. They have your money already even before they have sold you an item and there is no need for them to do anything more.

I don't know how you got the vouchers, but it amounts to an interest-free loan to Currys PC World.

I'm afraid the only thing I can suggest if you want to give them a bit of trouble is to purchase another one using a card payment, for instance, and then demanding a refund for the vouchers. Of course they won't want to give you a refund for the vouchers that in view of these facts I think they have no choice and it would be fun to issue a claim against them to force the issue. It will take some time but at least you would get some satisfaction.

Apart from that, I suppose you could try emailing a CEO email – but people think they are contacting the CEO when in fact it simply goes to another team of drones who are maybe slightly more imaginative and the people at the bottom – but not much.

I've already sent a tweet out to Currys PC World about this – but I'm afraid that their social media is also manned by drones.

I'm very sorry not to be of much immediate help on this.

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  • BankFodder changed the title to @curryspcworld "Lost in transit" investigation

I think drones is a complimentary term for them! 


I'm meeting the local area manager today, although I know they will say this is an online issue, they may have some sympathy and at least make a phone call!


I just want the item! 

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I suppose the only thing you could do is to purchase it and then when you get the other one, return it under the 30 day cooling off period which I believe they offer. I suppose they may say that the cooling off period is not available for voucher purchases, but you could simply give them back the used one and then install the new one when it finally gets to you.

My own favourite would be to buy another one and then to sue them for the value of the vouchers. I think your chances of winning would be better than 95% and it would be interesting and fun.


In fact if you are going to beat the manager today, I would consider preparing a letter of claim and if the manager is not able to resolve anything then you present the letter of claim to them immediately for breach of contract.

We can help you draft this if you want. However, he needs to be a serious threat – not a bluff.

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No, the circumstances of cases are just too diverse to produce templates.

Draft something and post it here and will have a look.

Keep it short and to the point. Don't go into a load of narrative.

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28 minutes ago, BankFodder said:

I don't know how you got the vouchers, but it amounts to an interest-free loan to Currys PC World.

I'm very sorry not to be of much immediate help on this.


I paid by "instant vouchers" through my employee rewards, netting a 7% discount on the vouchers, but these are non-refundable. Customer services suggested they could send me replacement vouchers, by post in 7-10 days...after the investigation.

BF, it would appear from post # 1  that wheresmystuff received the vouchers from his/her employer ! 

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The law's specific on this, you get the protection for the whole cost of an item or service, even if you only pay for a part of it – even just 1p would count – on credit. The only condition is that what you're buying costs more than £100 and less than £30,000.



I paid 40p on a credit card,  £320 in vouchers.


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Thanks, @citizenB, I obviously wasn't paying enough attention!

And yes, the 40p on the credit card would be enough to set it going – but the trouble is that it will take a long time. The OP won't get his money back quickly and of course the difficulty will pass relatively unnoticed by Currys PC World. A direct threat is more likely to produce results more quickly and more startlingly.

I can imagine that Currys PC World would be stupid enough to try and defend by saying that it was a term of the contract that the vouchers could not be replaced by cash – and then eventually they would try to defend by saying that you can only have the face value of the voucher and not the full price of the product.

A Big Fail on both arguments

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So i've been back in stores and discussed with the "general manager" (not the area manager as I was previously told) and he was helpful. 


First he picked up a Ryzen 9 CPU off the counter and passed it to me, I explained that I would happily take it, but it's not the item I ordered. He rescinded the offer. If I wasn't so honest it would have been a nice upgrade!


His second solution was for me to purchase the item again on my credit card, and when the investigation was completed he would refund the value to my credit car and charge the vouchers. Including the interest incurred on my card. I declined this because I don't want more money going to a company I do not have trust in.


Eventually he handed me over to an assistant who patiently sat on the phone for 40 minutes to talk to store support.


It turns out, someone in the contact center had booked in the delivery and booked it out to me without the item even being received by DPD. This is what they are investigating. 


After much conversation and "why can't you"'' discussions, it was left that the store was submit a "medic" request to revert the collected status. Then a refund can be requested to an e-voucher, which I can use to place a new order.


It's the same story just told differently.


I think I am resigned to letting it play out for a day or so more.


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Thanks for the update.
I think it might have been a good idea to purchase the item again on the credit card and although you don't trust them, I'm sure they are just stupid – not dishonest and at least you would have had your computer part. Then if there had been a problem, you could have taken action against them without any doubt of success.

Anyway, let us know how it goes

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I'm very sorry. Very disappointing indeed.

I still think that it would have been a good idea to take the one which was offered to you against your credit card – or else give them the letter of claim.

It really is disgraceful and I think you would be quite justified in claiming some compensation.

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Having had this on my mind for an unreasonable amount of time, I checked this morning and the items is back in stock. I've bought another on my credit card and let the store manager know that I'd take up his offer.


Either the original will turn up and I can return this one, or I will get a refund onto my card and make payment with replacement vouchers.


My only real concern now is if this takes longer than 30 days. Where would I stand with a return / refund after 30 days?

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Well done on getting a Christmas present for your son. At least that is out of the way – but what a load of hassle.

I understand very well what the store manager is said – but I suppose that you better be ready for them to renege on this and to cause you problems.

I'm afraid I was a very pessimistic view when it comes to dealing with Currys PC World

Also, although it would be nice if it whole happened within 30 days, I think it's ridiculous that you are being pushed into a situation where you have to game the system.

The first thing you should do is you should establish a paper trail. Did you get the name of the store manager that you are dealing with? This is very important – because otherwise a typical response might be – who promised you that? They shouldn't have done that because it's not our policy.

Find the name of the store manager and write to him and confirm exactly the arrangement and why this arrangement has been put in place.

Tell him that you will want a refund of the value of your vouchers because it has been caused by their mishandling of your sales contract. Tell them that you want a complete refund of the cost of the item which you have eventually been obliged to buy.

I suggest that you send a copy of this letter to their customer services as well. Include invoice or receipt numbers as well so it is all traceable.

After that, I think probably the best thing to do is to wait until the New Year and will see what happens.

I think you haven't received any response by the end of the first week in January, that you should be thinking of taking additional action.

If you are able to visit the store and give this letter to the manager then you should do this. However, make sure that the customer services department has got a copy as well so that it is definitely on file.

Make it clear at the bottom of the letter to whom you have sent copies – customer services and the manager (by name)

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I've posted the letter to the customer services team, and will had deliver the same letter to store tomorrow.


I'm getting very nervous that the item is in fact out of stock, despite being able to purchase it online for next day delivery (£5) as of 15:48 I have not received a dispatch confirmation. I know its still possible that I will come tomorrow, but at this point I have no faith in them.


I actually work for Harrods, as a manager in the IT department, and decided I should try an email to Currys CEO Alex Baldock ([email protected]), expressing my disillusionsilusion. Much to my surprise it actual got through and I have had an auto-reply. This may well be an auto-fob off, but I hope someone will realize the idiocy of their process.

Thank you for your email addressed to Alex Baldock, the Group Chief Executive. 


This is an automated contact and your email has been passed to the CEO Support team to review and respond to your concerns.  Due to the unprecedented times and our commitment to following the current government guidelines, there may be a delay in our response to you, but please be assured we will answer your query in due course.


Thanks again for your contact and your patience.


Yours sincerely,


Team Knowhow™ CEO Support Team
Team Knowhow™ Customer Contact Centre



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Auto fob-off.


If you find that you have to buy elsewhere and it cost you more money then I would go back to Currys PC World in the New Year and claimant will back including the extra money.

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Hi, just thought I would share an update as things have progressed to a somewhat reasonable outcome.


I ordered a second item on my credit card, ensuring it was here before Christmas and indeed it arrived next day (despite no tracking information or dispatch confirmation).

I wrote a letter detailing the agreement I had with the store manager and sent copies to him and customer services.


Today I received an email from the investigation team stating the my item was indeed lost and was now out of stock. I can either choose another item for the same value or be sent vouchers. 10 days to reach this conclusion is mind boggling!


Happy that I hadn't lost £320 I called and asked for an item with a higher value and to pay the difference. This is not allowed!!!! It MUST be the same value?! 


Gift cards are in the post 7-10 days.


All in all a good outcome considering some of the stories I have read. I have the item, and I will get the vouchers - it's just a shame their internal process is so abhorrently backwards!



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Thanks for the update. I think is a shame that they fobbed off with vouchers and you could have stood your ground and insisted on cash. Effectively what this means is they benefit by having taken a second purchase of you by means of a credit card and they are still enjoying their interest-free loan on the basis of vouchers which were spent but then they can deliver upon. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be entitled to cash – but it will be up to you to push it.

I'm glad that you think it's a reasonable outcome – but I have to say I think that Currys PC World have gotten away with it again

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