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Not your normal type of Hermes query....

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So on Wednesday we had a parcel delivered by Hermes that contained items (IKEA plastic bowls, tumblers, cutlery etc) which had our address on it but not either of our names being addressed to “householder”.


I would have pointed this out to the driver but by the time I got downstairs they were driving off half way down the road already.


As this does not belong to us having not ordered it and there was no delivery note or invoice in the parcel I emailed Hermes to ask they come and collect this as presumably from the tracking number they will be able to ascertain who the sender was and at least deliver it back to them as I don’t think these came direct from IKEA and believe the parcel has been round the houses as I can see an additional label under the top one dated September....


From the initial responses I’m not sure they are too bothered as they have simply said they have fulfilled their contract by delivering it to the address on the parcel which I suppose they have with the only problem being it’s not ours...


I have in the latest email to them pointed this out and advised I would store the parcel safely for 28 days after which I will give the contents to a local charity shop in the event they don’t collect it.


Can anyone see any issue with this as these really are unsolicited goods and I don’t really want to store them in the loft for 6 years due to the statute of limitations 😀






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You I think you are acting absolutely correctly. Make sure that you have a paper trail. Take pictures of everything – and then do exactly as you have said, donate them to a charity shop. See if you can get a receipt from the charity shop.

I suggest that you hang onto the packaging for a little while longer – maybe a couple of months.

You are I think you would have done all you easily could – and the ability is with Hermes. You would certainly cause much greater problems for yourself if you sold them and made money out of it.

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Thanks BF I am not too confident that Hermes will actually collect it as I think they think they have done what was asked of them which I suppose to be fair they have considering it was addressed to my house.


Very odd though since I didn’t order it but will either donate to charity or perhaps see if one of the kid’s nurseries around here fancy it as be perfect for picnics and make sure I get written confirmation that it is a donation 😀

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Just to finish this post off I never heard anything further from Hermes so donated the items to a local pre school nursery who kindly provided an email confirming this and that no payment was involved. 

Just hope Hermes or the retailer has refunded whoever sent it or whoever it was meant for....

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