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    • So the system is automated and I just need to wait for someone to review the account? Should I definitely get my money back? What are the chances I don’t get it back
    • its just the luck of the draw that the automated system that flags such issues kicked in for you, esp if its something you've regularly done over a long period. not much you can do sadly but wait    
    • Attached below is a settlement offer received from Shell Energy regarding the claim for harassment.   A few points of interest.   The settlement offer is made in full and final settlement and without admission of liability. The claim was issued at the time when Shell Energy had sent three harassing messages to my phone. Shell Energy eventually sent in total 20 harassing text messages. I am unsure whether accepting their offer will forgo my right of action to the remaining messages and currently I do not wish to give this up.   To summarise the options are:   1. Accept the offer, then issue a claim for the remaining 17 messages or in order to keep the claim small a further 3 messages. This risks Shell Energy claiming the matter was settled in full and where they have stated they do not admit liability I can see how they would attempt to construe an acceptance of their offer as agreeing they are not liable, even if I explicitly state that I reserve my rights. 2. Reject the offer, continue the claim and should it be successful this makes the likelihood of success in respect of the remaining messages much higher. Considering Shell Energy have already used the opportunity of an offer to dodge one hearing I do not intend to provide them with an opportunity to do the same again. Shell Energy have accused me of being vexatious, as a result of their accusation it is now significantly more important that I secure a successful judgement and present this to the Court in response to their defence in other matters. Despite Amy Franks writing the letter for Shell Energy she does not appear to be an employee of Shell Energy and instead appears to be a senior associate solicitor for Eversheds Sutherland. This is probably an indication that Shell Energy are taking advice on the matter rather than using their in house compliance manager who submitted and signed their defence. Shell Energy state that settlement has been offered for economic reasons, maybe that is true or maybe they have been advised that they will lose or that no one will take their case for the sums involved on a claim allocated to the small claims track. As with the Ombudsman I now expect that Shell Energy will duck out of any future hearing and instead eventually notify me much closer to the time that they have appointed a representative. I propose the following reply.     CAG - SE - Harassment - Settlement Offer 10.05.22 - Redacted.PDF
    • Yeah the transaction says to reconcile as a debit transaction.   It shouldn’t raise much suspicion as the same amount of money gets sent back so there is not much different in the in/out.   On those other threads they didn’t ask.   The only other issue could be that my friend sells things on eBay for me as I don’t have an eBay account and then transfers me the money - the same payee that I’ve had for 5 years so shouldn’t be a shock   This happened on Thursday 
    • reconcile simply means you at present have zero access to any of your accounts under their wing until they have finished their investigation   as long as you can validate this £2-3K continual bouncing around on your accounts or externally to others, if they ask you to do so, you should see it resolved in a few weeks. the quickest i've seen here is 10days.   not a good idea to have all your money with one financial institution .then it can't hurt you so much if it happens. use differing providers in the future then the whole lot won't get locked up.   PS when did this happen?   dx
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