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Npower closed Account and continues to Bill!....Part two

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This is a new thread which follows on from this one:



In summary I moved into a new property and switched both Gas and Electricity from Npower to Iresa Energy.   Npower objected to the Electricity move but then agreed but Iresa did not follow up by requesting for the move again.  Npower continued to bill.


Iresa then went bust and Octopus took over the account.


This all happened in Sept 2017 through to Sept 2018.  I have not paid Npower anything since mid 2018 and despite their threats nothing has happened, very likely in large part due to the Covid situation plus possibly the take over of Npower by Eon.


This is a new thread started at the suggestion of BankFodder.  He wanted bullet points of the events with a view to suing Npower.   Anyway here is the full story and a summary of where I stand at the end:

 1. I occupied the property on 15th September 2017 and notified Npower of who I was.


2. A number of letters arrived or were already in the mailbox referring first of all to a previous named occupant, also seeking payment for another address that was associated with this named occupant and finally just to the "Occ. The Occupier. Account numbers were XXXXXXXX41, and XXXXXXXX35.


3. Following my arrival further letters arrived advising "Occ. The Occupier with new account XXXXXXXX98 that they would help the account switch smoothly.


4. I quickly switched to Iresa for both fuels and had confirmation emails from them dated 28th September to that effect.


5. On 3rd October I was advised by Iresa that Npower had objected to electricity being moved and a further email on 4th saying the objection had been upheld by Npower. I contacted Npower by phone and they advised that they would not object and to tell Iresa to apply again. I did this by email to Iresa on the same day.


6. Beginning of October I received a letter in my own name from Npower with account number XXXXXXXX16, finally my own account number advising me that they would help my switch go smoothly. I had two identical letters dated 3rd and another on 5th. Also on 5th was a letter to the "Occ. The Occupier account number XXXXXXXX98 advising him that they were closing the Gas account. Also on 5th October I was advised officially of my Deemed Contract with account XXXXXXXX16.


7. 12th October I got another letter advising me that my switch would go smoothly.


8. On 16th October my first Direct Debit was taken for the full amount of both fuels as expected.


9. 30th October I got an Npower electricity bill which I presumed to be the final one and paid it 14th November.


10. I heard nothing more from Npower until February 2018 when I got a big batch of correspondence in one envelope including an (undated letter) saying there was a delay in sending the final bill, there was multiple bills in my own account number. A separate letter dated 12th February apologised for a system issue delaying their bills. I received 2 x bills in my own name, one for £79 and the other for £340 and another for “Occ the Occupier” for £48 all dated 27th Feb, this last one saying “Your amended final electricity bill”.


11. 15th March asked to pay an outstanding £16.05 gas bill!! and a reminder to pay an outstanding £324!!


12. I received reminders all of which I ignored until threatened by Court action.


13. I sent a letter of complaint by email 11th April. By mid May Npower had responded and they said they were still billing me because Iresa had not asked for the transfer of the electricity to be done. All this time I was routinely paying Iresa (provable). Therefore according to Npower I was still responsible for the electricity to them and would be required to pay (at top dollar of course).


14. I sent them some meter readings and got some more bills and I also started paying them at about £112 per month. Continued to get threatening letters and Field visit letters.


15. In the mean time I asked Iresa to transfer the electricity over and by email they advised this would be done 23rd May, Npower assuring me there would be no objection.


16. I further checked with Iresa and got a message saying they closed the ticket 30th June. I presumed that meant the switch had gone OK. On 27th July Iresa advised by email that they would stop trading.


17. The Npower bills continued to come in and escalated. I stopped paying.

18. Ofgen or whoever manages these things transferred the Accounts to Octopus.   Currently I am paying Octopus.


19. In March 2019 I received full data from my SAR request including phone call data.

So the current position is that I am paying Octopus for Gas, not paying Npower for electricity on the basis that they transferred the Electricity account to Iresa/Octopus though Npower says according to National Grid it is still with them.  Debt collection activity continues which I have thus far ignored.   It looks now as if they are getting close to going for a Warrant of Disconnection


I would be grateful for advice as to next steps.   I must either resume dialogue with Npower and reach some sort of agreement, complain to the regulator, or as some on this site would like, sue Npower.  I would be quite happy to make mischief with Npower as long as the site thinks this is still a good idea and is able to explain the basis of my claim and provide support.   Somewhere along the line I would like to get back control of the Electricity supply and switch both my fuels to a single deal somewhere.


So any suggestions or comments welcome.

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Well the whole thing seems chaotic and I am certainly having difficulty understanding, although I have a sense that your explanation is fairly methodical. I'm going to need to work through it again.

Have you sent an SAR to N Power? An SAR to Iresa/octopus? Also I certainly think that you should be entering into dialogue. The problems with these companies is that they seem to be able to apply directly for a warrant to disconnect you without going through normal court process to establish a debt. Warrants of disconnection seem to be granted as a matter of formality and often with no notice (so far as I can tell) to the customer.

You need to set down a paper trail and this is very important. Send the SARs and then separately start writing and complaining and make it clear that your bills are completely up-to-date and that Npower not your supplier. I suggest that you copy any correspondence to NPower over to octopus and vice versa.

It certainly seems that Npower are the troublemakers here – although we haven't had any complaints about them for quite a long time now and I suppose that is because they are now run by EON.

I'm going to try and make some sense of this

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31 minutes ago, Intrepid said:

Have Npower indicated why they rejected the switching of electricity to Iresa, what changed that Npower then later decided they would accept the switch?


Hi intrepid,


They did not say why they refused.  I had no prior dealings with them.   I suspect they were concerned because the previous tenant not only did not pay but had another property they did not pay at.  Anyway, Npower did withdraw their objection a few days after they raised it.

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Thanks for your immediate reply Bankfodder.  Do you not ever take any time away from this site!!!!??


I got a SAR return from Npower a while ago including call recordings.  I could do with a statement to see how they are arriving at their bills.


I will get a SAR running with Octopus.  Not much chance of anything with Iresa.  They were chaotic when they were in business and not likely to get anything from the receiver.  All depends how much of the Iresa data was migrated to Octopus.

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Have you been through the Npower SAR for any explanation? Was there anything obviously missing from the SAR?

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The key here seems to be that you moved into a new property and you had had no prior dealings with Npower but as soon as you got into the new property on 15 September 2017, you fell into a deemed contract because Npower was  the existing supplier that property.
Then – as you are completely entitled to – you immediately made arrangements to move away from Npower to a new supplier and for unknown reasons, Npower has been causing trouble about this and have been blocking it.

Furthermore I understand that you have been paying octopus or their previous incarnation since 20 September – is this correct? And so all of your fuel payments are completely up-to-date and you have been paying according to regular bills which have been received but despite this Npower seem to have got their records completely wrong and have you down still as a customer and have been trying to bill you.

And what we don't understand is why they have tried to block your transfer. You have received an SAR from Npower – but you haven't told us whether the explanation for their objections is contained in this SAR or whether it is not.

Npower apparently consider that you have a contract with them according to the National Grid – what does octopus say? Have you asked them? Are you able to consult the National Grid directly and see what that says?

At base, though, it seems to me that Npower have breached their contract with you and as a result have course you untold problems and distress because of their inaccurate data keeping. This would tend to indicate that not neither have they committed a breach of contract but also they have committed a statutory breach of the data protection rules.

You say that one solution for you is to reach an agreement with Npower. I have no idea why you would want to do this. Why would you want to reach some kind of accord and placate the very company that seems to have been causing all the trouble – and even if you did enter into an accord with them, who's to say that they will get it right this time.

Of course I'm a bit litigious about these things – but it seems to me that if we can unravel the story then Npower becomes a very easy target for a successful attack and a reasonable payment of compensation.

What does the SAR disclose?

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If as you said Npower did not indicate why they prevented the switch then my line of thinking is that it appears Npower had no legitimate reason to prevent a supplier switch. As a result I think it would be relatively straight forward to insist they are liable for any losses you incurred as a result. They will likely try and push liability onto the previous supplier for not re-instigating a switch and as a result yourself for not following up if they had done so, however if they should have accepted the switch in the first place this is all mute.


Their likely excuse for denying the switch is as you say they thought you were the previous tenant. It would be important to gather evidence that when prompting the switch there was no doubt that you were doing so as a new tenant different from the previous party.


I would absolutely defer to any advice from BankFodder as the experienced litigator.

Dx please take note this is how to deal with scrupulous energy companies, not placating any reason to excuse them of recourse.

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I expect that this is correct – that Npower have confused you or at least confuse your account with that of the previous occupant – but I'm afraid that I'm always cautious about moving forward until we find out for sure and this is why an SAR should reveal this. If this information has not been included in the SAR which you have received so far, then it suggests that the SAR is not complete

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5 hours ago, BankFodder said:

Well the whole thing seems chaotic and I am certainly having difficulty understanding


Part One of OP thread here https://tinyurl.com/y239zeoz


Was too...





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Please use the quote system, So everyone will know what your referring too, thank you ...



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