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    • Good luck and please keep us updated. I'm sure that your experience will be very helpful to other people who have similar problems and find this thread
    • Bankfodder, I don't understand why you think that I am trying to cheat them. It is in the best interest of the landlord to have a tenant occupying the property rather than having it vacant. But having it vacant is better than having a 'bad' tenant - there are plenty of horror stories. As a landlord, you don't have a lot to rely on before you let some occupy the property so how the tenant behaves leading up to signing the agreement is important.    I have had other issues with the agent which I didn't want to elaborate here that led me to terminate the contract as soon as I rejected this tenant. But ultimately the law is law and if my interpretation regarding the 2013 Regulation is correct, this should be straightforward and we don't even need to rely on the other clauses. I'll see how it goes.
    • Just because criteria won't agreed in writing, doesn't mean that there are criteria and they are not to be implied into the contract. As I've said, you have to give your contracting partner reasonable opportunity to complete their side of the bargain. If you employ a builder to build a wall and they start work, then you have to give them a reasonable opportunity to complete. Here you have an agent who apparently has found a tenant and the tenant has satisfied the reference requirements. You keep on saying that they were transparent – but you haven't told us what that means and the most important thing is that you might have to explain that to a judge. I'm afraid so far the impression one gets is that you are simply trying to escape a commitment – even if it is for the best of reasons. I see that you disagree with me. Well that's fine. It's not me that decides the outcome. I think that you are in difficult terrain in respect of your first grounds of objecting. I think that the unfair terms provisions are far more useful to you and are likely to have some success. Once again, your only answer to this is that a tenancy contract haven't actually been signed. Once again I say to you that all of the practical conditions for the contract to go ahead had been satisfied but on your hunch you then prevented the agent from completing their side of the bargain. I think that you are going to have to find a reasonable settlement. I don't think it will be very much – but you are certainly going to have to find a reasonable settlement – and if the agent objected, as well they might, at least you can then demonstrate to a court that you at least have attempted to act fairly and it is simply the agent who is being unfair. I don't think it would be too good for you if a judge came to the conclusion that the agent was trying to cheat you – but you also were trying to cheat them, for whatever reason. I don't thing I can say anything more  
    • Well I think it would be prudent to check them. I found several warranty details for your make of laptop but not UK. Surprisingly, they only say that they will repair defective parts and there is nothing as to what happens if the unit is not repairable. I suppose that being Acer, they have access to all the parts needed – in principle – and they reckon they can repair anything. Double check and see if you can get access to the warranty. Also, you need to decide whether you are prepared to issue a small claim. If you never done it before then read around this forum about how to take a small claim in the County Court. It's quite straightforward but you need to know the steps in advance. Once again, don't expect this to be sorted out by 18 December. I expect that you won't even have it sorted out by February – unless they suddenly react once they receive the court papers and move themselves. Of course you could say that by February the thing will be repaired anyway – but actually you don't know that. It could go on very much longer and at the moment I think you are being led around by the nose
    • As far as I remember and by looking at the receipt, it was already included in the price of the laptop.    Regarding the terms and conditions, I have no idea where to look for them. I might ask my mum to see if there is a mini book that came with the laptop and might contain the terms and conditions
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A SAR to my employer on 25-09-20 for information surrounding my posts selection for possible redundancy.


I feel as though I was initially fobbed off and discouraged from doing doing so by the HR rep it submitted to.

She initially responded stating that I did not need to officially request this information as it would be made available as part of the consultation process and continued to list what I could expect to receive as such.

Nothing she quoted was the information I was seeking as it only covered information relating to to the consultation process, not the selection.


When I questioned this I was informed that I could not request said information and that I was not entitled to request information about me shared by management via email or any other means of correspondence.

I informed her that I did not think this to be correct and that I was of the belief that I could request all and any information held about me regardless of format, be it email, text message, personnel files, CCTV images etc.

Please confirm if this correct or not.


She, at this point, became very defensive and again attempted to dissuade me from submitting the request.

I submitted the request anyway.


Since then I initially was informed that the request would take more than the allotted 30 days to complete and asking if I would except an extension of a further 30 days.

This I grudgingly agreed to.

I have since been notified that the request may take even longer than this and has been extended by two months for completion.

Is this allowed ?


Despite asking if I would like the request kept confidential I am aware that they have been contacting colleagues who have no knowledge of the subject matter requested.


I feel that they are over complicating the matter and that this a ploy to prevent providing any information that may assist any appeal etc until after all deadlines have past.

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You've posted in the self-employment forum although as I understand it you can only be made redundant as an employee.


I've moved your thread to the Employment forum, people should be along to advise later.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Apologies HB. Thanks for moving.


Thanks Emmzzi, just what I was looking for. That helps a lot.

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Morning Folks,


Was hoping I could possibly seek some further opinion on a different aspect of this matter.


My third and final individual consultation was held last week where it was verbally confirmed that my position had indeed been made redundant.

I was advised an exit date of November 6th.

It was confirmed at this point that I would receive written confirmation.


I was asked if provision of these documents was acceptable the following day as the HR rep was busy. I agreed that receipt of docs the following day was acceptable.


The redundancy policy also states "the employee be served with notice of redundancy"


As of yet no confirmation or documentation has been received.


I also have questions over the validity of the redundancy policy provided.


Would this merit fair grounds for appeal ?


Policy states the following right of appeal ;

"If the employee wishes to appeal against a redundancy decision, he or she must submit the
grounds upon which the appeal against the Company’s decision is based, in writing, within five (5)
working days of the date of the notice of redundancy."


Appreciate any advice, feedback or opinion.

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Why do you think the dismissal is unfair please?

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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My point is that they have not followed their own procedure.


I was supposed to receive written confirmation of my redundancy along with all other final documents the day or day after my final consultation meeting.


With only a small number of days to go before I am supposed to exit the the company I have yet to receive them.


If it is not confirmed, is it valid ?

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I'd put your challenge in anyway.

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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