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Virgin, mystery extra line: 2 judgments for Data Protection breaches - so far!!

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Okay. Here is my view as to what has happened.

There was a rogue employee who accessed your personal details – and maybe the personal details of other people to set up fake accounts and to steal the telephones.


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Letter sent recorded delivery. Today I will be registering on Moneyclaim and start preparing- the last 2 days have been getting the shop shut down for lockdown so now that's dealt with I have plenty m

These are the two incidents from Virgin Chat where their Live chat has informed me of the 'only 3 months' decision.... 15 April was the date they acknowledged receipt of my SAR.   Apparently

Happy news! Cheque for Warrant 2 (£302) has arrived in the post today Now to put in the N445 form to switch addresses for Warrant 1 as well...

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Presumably this is in response to the DQ – but I wasn't aware that you have to file a reply to a defence in a DQ


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I've sent over the details requested but I'm having another issue that I can't seem to get my brain around.


Having deciding to reissue the original warrant that was unable to be served in Sunderland as 'the address did not exist' I checked with the county court as to why they couldn't seize any goods when there was clearly a building at the site.


Apparently,this problem is well known to them.It transpires:

* The physical building on the site belongs to Virgin and contains their goods and property-this is an SR4 address.

*The registered address for service of documents and letters,including court papers is an SR43 address. This is just a mailroom within the building.

*Since the warrant was issued for the SR43 address, they were only allowed to take goods from that specific address(the mailroom)-which contains nothing except a very large mail cabinet.


How is it possible to have this address-within-an-address? Surely I couldn't give my address as being 1a and then when bailiffs turn up, tell them 1a only refers to the mailbox in the porch and the rest of the house is actually No.1?

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Many large companies have a postal address that purely relates to mail room and not their actual offices. One reason for this , is that it separates customer post from post about the running of the building/company.

We could do with some help from you.



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Virgin have submitted their DQ answers and interestingly have said they are not willing for the case to go to mediation. They have also said that they will be calling only one witness. If that's not the person who received the SAR requests and processed them they can't comment on that surely? And if it's not the person who actually signed me up and set up the contract then they can't comment on that either?


And l was aware that they use a separate room for post-what l was querying was that if bailiffs turn up they can claim the mail room as a separate address so only goods from in that room can be taken.

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Thank you.

Have you submitted your directions questionnaire?

The next step will be that a date will be set for a hearing and there must be an exchange of documents about 21 days before then. When we know the hearing date then we can start to prepare.

Of course based on their defence, they are trying to introduce issues which aren't all included in your claim. Quite frankly their defence is a lot of nonsense and as far as I can make out the only thing which refers to your claim is their last paragraph which disputes and puts you to proof as to the amount of money you are claiming. Other than that, their defence seems to relate to the substantive dispute – which of course you have not started to litigate on at all yet.

You will need to make sure that you start bringing together all of your documents. Identifying what you have – also identifying what you don't have an yet you believe exists. Have a look at the advice we give on preparing your court bundle.

Also, although it shouldn't come up at this point because it is not the SAR issue, I've already pointed out to you that we will need to get some very good documentary evidence of your signature changes and your practice of changing your signature every year. I'm sure you realise that this is an extremely unusual thing to do and although this issue should not come up at all in the forthcoming hearing, it may be referred to at some point and we will have to decide whether to address it or simply say that this is not one of the issues which has been raised in your claim. I favour the latter


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