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    • Enjoy your shitf-shellfish Southerners   The simple fact that the London area has both a hosepipe ban, flooding and sewage overflows should demonstrate to anyone just HOW broken this system is, and anyone squealing 'exceptional circumstances' should look at how often and much these issues are  recurring, and be aware of how little time will pass before this is likely to occur again.   That the boss of their promotion agencies 'answer is that everyone goes on water meters and pays more for using less, while the companies are making huge profits for a few (mainly large shareholders and top bosses) while building not a single reservoir and leaking 25% of the water they transport due to simply NOT doing even basically adequate investment and maintenance of the infrastructure says to me that EVERY SENIOR BOSS AT THESE ORGANISATIONS should be fined what they have profiteered.   No, they shouldn't be renationalised, they should be regulated into undoing the damage they have done with profits limited to a fixed  portion of investment and boss dividends and bonuses scrapped (and share options confiscated) until the company has rebuilt the infrastructure and cleared the debt mountain, with failure to do so acted upon as gross negligence.     That A member of OFGEM has resigned, no doubt to maintain some shred of credibility for her income, is little more than a headline That one of the reasons is that 'they should have done more to protect energy resellers from collapsing, without qualifying that this would be better done by:   1. Ensuring the companies were credible to start with and not largely some mechanism to make its head a millionaire while leaving the taxpayer to pay the bill 2. Ensuring core supplies and suppliers are UNABLE to rip everyone off in a crisis (like France has - so if the Europeans can do it ...)   .. is telling   My brief experiences of 2 of those failed companies indicated they should never have been allowed to start up - AVRO especially seemed to me to appear to be run by people and in a way that even NPower would wince at. Special mention to the customer service manager there who made the NPower manager I ended up dealing with; after (also) overcharging, multiple unaddressed complaints and months of failure to repay a large credit balance after leaving; seem competent and professional in comparison. AVRO went under owing 90 millio to its customers (overcharges) didn't it? and Bulb boss continued to be payed his quarter million salary?     Safer Seas Service Interactive Map • Surfers Against Sewage WWW.SAS.ORG.UK This interactive map is our online version of the Safer Seas & Rivers Service, tracking real-time CSOs (combined sewage overflows) and PRFs...  
    • So anyone who disagrees with the government can be viewed as an extremist. Afua Hirsch mentioned remarks made by the PM which are there for everyone to see.   Government bans Afua Hirsch from Whitehall over criticism of Boris Johnson - Voice Online WWW.VOICE-ONLINE.CO.UK Author labelled an 'extremist' for calling PM a racist, as freedom of speech-loving Rees-Mogg turns snowflake over Johnson's hurt feelings  
    • Director of Ofgem resigns because she doesn't agree with how the energy cap is calculated.   Government 'asleep at the wheel' as Ofgem director quits over energy price cap change NEWS.SKY.COM Ofgem recently changed the method it uses to determine the price cap on energy bills and Christine Farnish disagreed with giving suppliers six...  
    • Contact Energy Ombudsman with details of how long this complaint saga has been going on.  You may find out your meters were never correctly registered to your address and will be confused with neighbours until someone goes into central database to separate out the records.  EDF may never have legally taken over the supply and under energy legislation Scottish Power are the suppliers without your consent.   /images/bitmap/ombudsman-share-image.png Energy Ombudsman: Here to help with gas & electricity complaints WWW.OMBUDSMAN-SERVICES.ORG Do you have an unresolved complaint about your gas or electricity provider? Find out how we may be able to help.  
    • I wasn't sure where to put this. Water companies again - this is awful.   Sewage polluting UK beaches as swimmers warned to avoid water at 50 seaside hotspots WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Leisure spots at Bognor Regis, Newquay and Yarmouth have all been affected  
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Hello all! This is my first post on this great site so please be gentle with me. :)


I have just prepared the initial letter to send to Lloyds using the template on here. I have bank statements going back to November 2001 but none prior to this. The charges that I have documentation for total £3460. I have included returned direct debit and standing order charges and overdraft excess fees (also one overdraft usage fee from a couple of years ago. I have NOT included any overdraft interest charges. I also have charges on my account which are listed as account charges (seem to occur monthly) which started off at £4.00 per month in 2001 and are now being charged at £7.00 per month. Can anyone tell me if I am able to claim these or not (they are litsed as FEE rather than charges on my statements.


Also my husband thinks we shouldn't delay any longer and should just start the process now without getting the statments we are missing? Is it possible to do this or should we have a full 6 years worth? I am inclined to get my hands on the other statements and was wondering if anyone knows if I go into a branch will they print copies of these off for me there and then rather than having to wait for them to come in the post?


We also have another £235 of charges due to be deducted from our account on 2 September, would we be better off waiting until these are applied and then starting the whole process?


Finally(!) we also have a Lloyds TSB loan which was refinanced by them a couple of years ago in order that we could pay off our overdraft and reduce the monthly payments on the loan. Until the balance of this loan is paid off (approx £2500 at present being paid at £103 per month) we are allowed no overdraft or other borrowing on the account. Does anyone know if this could be in any way affected by us claiming charges?


Lots of questions I know, but I'm hoping some kind soul can help me as no matter how much I read on this subject I still remain rather bemused! :D

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1. The £4/£7 is almost certainly an account fee,therefore a 'service' and can't be claimed.


2. The missing statements, unless you think there were a lot of charges then, it may not be worth the hassle. Worth a try at the branch, even if they charge you for them, they will probably come quicker than a Data Protection Act request, which will cost you £10 anyway.


3. You can start the claim now and add new charges at any time up to moneyclaim.


4. Your loan will be covered by a separate agreement and won't be affected by your claim, other than the fact that you would be able to pay it off and have money to spare after the bank settles.

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Thank you so much for clarifying those points for me.


I think I'll pop in to the branch on Monday and see what can be done about the missing statements and if it is going to be loads of hassle then I'll just send off the claim as it stands.


Was I right in thinking that I can claim for the overdraft excess fees (and the one overdraft usage fee)?



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Thank you Michael for your help and advice, much appreciated.


Well the first letter was fired off to them today along with a schedule of all the charges so the clock is now ticking! :D


I'll keep you updated.

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Hello All


Well I've received my first response from LTSB today, pretty standard really. Having read Reload's inspirational thread it seems to be along the same lines as the response he got to his preliminary letter:


"Dear Katel


I am just writing to let you know that we've received your complaint and to say how sorry I am to learn that you're unhappy with us (yeah right!).


You have my assurance that we will investigate the concerns you have raised with us - this may take a little time but I would expect our enquiries to be complete within the coming 2 weeks. We will then be able to respond in full to your complaint and at that stage, I hope, resolve matters between us.


In case you haven't received a copy of our leaflet called "How to voice your concerns" I've enclosed one with my letter. This tells you all you need to know about resolving your complaint with us.


Yours sincerely


Sylvia Smith

Customer Service Officer




So I guess I can expect their next letter telling me to go forth and multiply within the next day or two?!


Do I now wait until 14 days after I posted the preliminary letter or 14 days since they received it before sending my LBA?


Thanks :)

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Hi Jim


Is the data Protection Request the one where you ask for copies of your statements? If so, I didn't do this because I had my original statements and just took the info from there. The letter I sent was the preliminary approach one.


Good luck with you claim, it'll be interesting to see how our cases compare being in the same time frame...


K x

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Katel 30, good luck with your claim...

I have just read your thread and I just wanted to warn you about a few things.These are just suggestions, you don't have to follow.


On this there is a section called step by step guide which I am sure you have read.. If not please read that section. You will find a lot of helpful info.

Also it is always extremely useful to ask for Data Protection Act Request. This is not only for statements but also to see if there has been any manual intervention on your account. Also it will show them you know what you are doing...

It is entirely up to you how you decide to pursue this.. It is not too late, you can still go back and ask for DPAR.


Also, don't include overdraft usage fee in your claim... It is a service...

Good luck, I hope it gets settled soon.

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Hi Kotum45


Thanks for the advice, it is all gratefully received.


I have read the step by step guide and found it very useful. I didn't however, realise about the implications you stated of applying for the data Protection Act Request. I was actually thinking about sending off for this anyway as my statements only go back to November 2001 and I want to claim back to 2000. i will definitely do this now. Thank you.


Also I haven't included the overdraft usage fees in the claim just the overdraft excess fees as well as unpaid direct debits and standing orders, which I beliueve is correct?


Thanks again for the advice, there is so much information it is difficult to know where to start sometimes. LOL


Katel :)

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Well it's now 4 days since I received my first response from Lloyds saying they would investigate my complaint etc. I still haven't had a follow up letter telling me to bugger off. Is this normal as other people seem to have had a response really quickly,i.e. within a day or two???


Also meant to add it will be 14 days on Monday since I sent off my first letter, do I send the LBA on Monday or Wednesday (as this was the day they received the initial letter). Also, if I still haven't had a follow up letter by then do I still send the LBA (I'm guessing the answer is yes but thought I'd check).


Thanks K x

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It is now 14 days since LTSB received my preliminary approach for payment letter. I had a standard reply last Tuesday saying they would look into my complaint. Since then I've heard nothing (and it would seem most people are getting a letter within a day or two telling them to bugger off!). Do I now just go ahead and send the Letter Before Action when I've still not had a reply from them???? :?

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It is now 14 days since LTSB received my preliminary approach for payment letter. I had a standard reply last Tuesday saying they would look into my complaint. Since then I've heard nothing (and it would seem most people are getting a letter within a day or two telling them to bugger off!). Do I now just go ahead and send the Letter Before Action when I've still not had a reply from them???? :confused:

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Thanks Michael, the letter is now printed and will be winging it's way to LTSB tomorrow morning (recorded delivery of course!)


Is it usual for them to not get back to you before the 14 days is up? Most other cases I have read up on seem to have a response very quickly after the initial "we are investigating your complaint" letter?

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Can someone verify this for me please...


I sent my LBA off last Wednesday(even thought I still haven't had a reply other than "we're investigating your complaint" from LTSB) and I'm now counting down the day until I can file my Moneyclaim on-line. I've read all the info but just wanted to double check that it is at this point I can add on the 8%APR. I've used the spreadsheet on this forum and it has calculated that the interest on my claim of £3670 (dating from 19 Nov 01) is £631.26 making my total claim £4301.26. Does this sound right and am I right in adding on the 8% APR when I get to the Moneyclaim stage.


Thanks :)

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Spot On Katel!


The 8% is only added when your case moves to court stage of proceedings.

If you've sent your LBA and theyve written back saying they are looking into it then this is just another delaying tactic and is effectively a negative response to your request for an answer in 14 days. Push ahead to court stage and stick to your timetable.


loads of luck

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:) Thanks Kate.


They replied within a week to my prelim letter saying they were looking into my complaint but since then I've heard nada! I sent off the LBA last Wednesday after the 14 days and still nothing.


As soon as the latest 14 day period is up I'm straight on to Moneyclaim.

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