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I found this website via googling an issue I have with Parcel2go.


I bought a chair for £75 was worth £150 it was like new hadn't been used, unfortunately I must have selected that the package was worth £50 instead of £150 as that's what it says on the invoice on the Pacel2go website. The seller lives in the south of England so I paid for the delivery of the chair on 22/09/20 via Parcel2go which cost £29.99, delivered by Hermes.

The chair never turned up, so I followed the track system and it said there was a problem with the delivery, please contact original sender.


I contacted Parcel2go regarding the missing chair by live chat, they said Hermes have said it has been damaged beyond repair, I said well I would want proof of the damage, could you send it anyway.  He said he would pass on the query to Hermes and someone would be in touch.



We then received an email saying the query has been resolved, they suggest we open an enquiry so they can investigate on my behalf and locate the item, they wanted a full description of contents with description of packaging.  I sent an email showing a picture of the chair and explaining I was confused as to how anything has been resolved as I have no chair or proof as to where it is.



I received and email saying an investigation had been opened with the courier to investigate its whereabouts with the description given and will take a minimum of 7 days however, they would be in touch by the 23/10/20.


 24/10/20 (a day late)

Received an email saying they couldn't approve my claim, they said I have opted out against taking parcel protection because of this they cannot compensate for the value of the parcels contents.


I never received a refund for the initial payment of £29.99 either which they said they would refund originally over live chat. 


After reading through various posts I gather my best course of action would be to send a letter first of all threatening legal action and then most likely going down that road?

I was wondering if there are any pre written letters or pointers, I am worried my letter may not be worded correctly, which could have a negative impact on my claim.


Many Thanks!


P.S I have pasted correspondence at the bottom in case this can help in anyway.






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I'm afraid that you certainly haven't helped your chances by not giving the correct value – even if it was an accident.

I don't quite understand where you are with them. Are they saying that he is damaged and disposed of? Or are they now simply saying that it is lost?

Also, I'm afraid that the images that you have put up are a bit difficult to read. Please would you put them into a scanned PDF document. Thank you

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Apologises, I will try and re-upload the images, unfortunately I don't have the ability to scan where I am currently.  If they're no good I will try and scan them in tomorrow.


I am unsure myself as to the current condition of the item, that was never fully clarified, Parcel2go said Hermes had reported on Parcel2go's system that the item was damaged beyond repair.  So I asked for proof or return of the damaged chair and Parcel2go just seemed to open up a lost parcel enquiry with Hermes without any response.


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I think it might be worth taking your time with this one. I'm interested in the conflicting versions of what has happened to the parcel. I suggest that you send Hermes and SAR. Keep it very wide. Use our template. Send it by email immediately – and then by recorded delivery letter on Monday. In the letter refer to the email that you have sent already dated XXX

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Send a similar SAR to Parcel2Go

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Alright great appreciate the quick response/advice will send it asap, when you say keep it very wide do you mean don't limit this part of the SAR?


"Please note that I require disclosure of any personal data which you hold on me for the entire period of my dealings with you."


Will update when I hear something back,




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If you follow the SAR template, then you will see a very widely drafted example.

There is no reason to limit it or to give any clues or inadvertently exclude any useful information. Get everything

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