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    • Hi   I hope this is the right place for this post. I dont know a great deal about eviction so I'm seeking some expert advice if possible 🙂 My daughter has received a 6 months section 21 notice which, as she has just given birth to my granddaughter, has caused her stress hence me trying to help her out. Today the landlord has also asked for one months notice if we do manage to find her another place. Is this correct? She currently has a fixed term notice that ends in february and I assume she'll then go on a rolling contract so I'm assuming that it is 🙁 TIA 
    • If I have the correct local authority check these links :    https://www.richmond.gov.uk/services/roads_and_transport/roads_and_road_works/road_and_pathway_maintenance   https://www.richmond.gov.uk/services/roads_and_transport/roads_and_road_works/road_and_pathway_maintenance/road_and_highways_obstuctions   second link has the following :   Builders' skips – check if a skip is licensed before reporting Scaffolding or hoardings Builders materials Temporary works including traffic lights - check if temporary works are scheduled before reporting Overhanging tree branches, hedges Mud/debris on the road Mixing concrete or mortar on the highway Unauthorised vendors or traders Encroachment of highway boundaries * Discharge of water onto the highway Blocking "Rights of Way" Plants and bushes Illegal signs
    • I would challenge all the way ! Check one of my posts as I had a similar issue with my local authority , tree branches and bush covering sign. Took photos same day and a week later lo and behold the branches were cut back. Not my issue the council does not maintain the highways. Looking at your photos how could you tell there were any lines? Of course the council threw it straight back so I appealed and went to the next level and submitted my photos as evidence , they backed down then although still did not admit defeat and stated it as a goodwill gesture... I got some great advice on here so don't be stressed or worried follow the guidelines on here. Either way they are going to try to force you to pay so don't give the @$$ holes an easy ride....
    • Morning Caggers. Hope everybody is safe and well.   Ok will try to make this brief as possible !  Got an early xmas gift from Minster Bay watch in York while working on a site on a retail park, Vehicle overstayed max period (2 hours) . Basically had a short contract with the NHS delivering and installing IT equipment to one of their offices based on the retail park above one of the retail stores. The signage stated two hours max parking , spoke to receptionist who said he would put me on the exclusion list while I was there. Basically has me entering at 8.12 and exit at 15.00 ( to grab some lunch )  although I was there until 6.30pm at night still working. So in theory 8.12am till 18.30pm To add into the mix the car I was driving was just purchased on the 7th Nov and the charge letter dated 10th Nov so again in theory the transfer of ownership was not in my name then , I notice on letter it states we may have obtained your details from DVLA. I actually got the V5 today stating acquired vehicle on 7th Nov   So in the letter column on left is as follows:   Charge notice no ***** Date of contravention - 10/11/2020 Vehicle reg - My current vehicle Vehicle make - - Current vehicle Vehicle model - Current vehicle  Charge value - £100 Date of issue - 20th Nov  Location - Heslington Retail Park - York - YO10 5LA   I have attached a pic of the main body of the letter they are of course offering a discount of £60 ....how jolly nice    So best course of action?   1) Tell them I was driver\owner but working for the NHS with proof of site visit and exemption and lay it on thick about being NHS worker?  (although I imagine it won't make a difference)  2) Deny all knowledge as technically I was not the owner at that point and ask them to prove it  3) Totally ignore and wait for the toilet paper...sorry threat o grams?   I have now left that contract but still have my NHS badge as proof of employment   Thanks NTD...
    • Fraudsters are using the details of firms we authorise to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorised firm. Find out more about this ‘clone firm’. View the full article
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JD Williams account hacked and use by someone else

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A couple days ago i started to receive emails from JD Williams all with orders i did not make totalling £450 ,
two orders with my address listed and another two with a womans name and address in lodnon ( im from wales ) , ,
when i received the confirmation order emails i logged into my account and everything was as it should be (no pending orders) so thought it was a typical junk/scam email,
when i received another order through my email it was bugging me
i used the same email as the username and a very old password and it logged me into a old account i never knew existed , this is the account the orders were made through.
the items were already dispatched so it was to late to cancel ,
i contacted jdwilliams and they put a fraud marker on my account and told me to email jd willimams fraud team ( waiting for a response 4 days later) 
i tracked the hermes delivery today and the items were left on the fraudsters doorstep with a picture taken from hermes for proof of delivery ,
im very worried  and dont know what to do ,
should i contact the police or wait for a response from the investigations team?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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We can help you with this – but you have posted your story in a solid block of text and it makes it very difficult to read – especially if people are trying to really on the telephone.

Please could you post your story again but this time space it and punctuate it so that it is clear and easy to deal with. You will find that you will get a lot more enthusiastic support that way. Thanks

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Ok no problem ,


Monday I started to receive order confirmation emails from JDWilliams that i did not make ( 2 watches , football top and 2 perfume totaling £450 )   , i checked my JDWilliams account straight away and everything was as it should be with no pending orders .



Tuesday I received two more emails this time from Hermes delivery service stating that they have received my orders and were out for delivery  , after checking the tracking numbers , one delivery was ordered to my home address and another one to a location is Essex London with a unknown woman's name.



I logged into my JD Williams account again but this time with the same email address but a very old password and it logged me in to a different account that I did not know I had (possibly a very old account that I forgot the password too) or i opened a account with JDwilliams not knowing it is the same company as Ambrose Wilson , hence why i have two accounts. 



I changed all passwords to my accounts



I contacted Jdwilliams via live chat which they put a fraud marker on my account ,   told me to email JDwilliams investigations  (4 days no response)



I kept an eye on the hermes delivery tracking for the address in London , one failed delivery attempt and the second time left on the doorstep , a picture was uploaded to tracking info for proof of delivery.



Where do i stand? should i contact the Police or leave the investigations team get back to me , im worried sick .










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Well you should certainly tell the police – it won't do you any good and they won't take any action – but get a crime reference number.

Have you actually lost any money? You should challenge any payments directly with your bank as soon as possible.

I understand that the parcel delivery was undertaken by Hermes and that it was actually left a doorstep. That's pretty amazing that they ever managed to deliver anything without losing it! Have you informed Hermes? I think you should tell Hermes that they have been inadvertently involved in delivering stolen property and that you need details of the address to which they deliver the item. You should get that request to them over their helpline – but also confirm in writing. Get a copy of the Hermes picture and supply that the police as well.

I suppose really the worrying thing is how did they manage to pay for it. Presumably they must have used your credit card which must mean that they would know some details from it. It would be prudent in addition to challenge any payments made, to cancel the card or other cards, to lock them stolen and to order nuance.

It's a right nuisance.

You haven't told us if you've actually lost any money yet or what method was used to pay for the items

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Hi thanks for your reply , no money has been taken from my Credit Card as my card was not linked or direct debit was not set up . it is a credit account / catalogue account , no money has been exchanged. 

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Well it's a bit of a mystery. But I think you have done the right thing so far. Send them an SAR and see what other information you might be able to find out

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