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Hermes damaged guitar **Won**

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Thank you for this update.

I'm interested to see that already they say that you should be required to compromise. Please look at some of the mediation stories here and the advice that we are giving in order to understand what we suggest should be your position in respect of compromise: we suggest no compromise.

The compromise is that you will not insist on going to court. You will not put them to additional expense of dealing with a full hearing. You will not hold them up to the very serious risk of losing the case and obtaining a judgement which you will then publish over the Internet.
That seems to me be a big win for them – and that is quite good enough.

Let us know when the mediation day is because I don't think you've told us. Read everything thoroughly and then ask us any questions.

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You can't request a hearing in Scotland because you issued the claim through MCOL under English Jurisdiction.So you either attend the defendants local court....or request a remote hearing or inform th

Anyone in the UK can issue a claim through MCOL...you do not have to reside in England to use the service.....as long as you have a UK Address and the defendant resides in England.

Good luck. As long as you have read up all the points and advice on the various relevant threads on the sub- forum – then you should be well equipped. Keep a notepad with you and make notes of th

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Many thanks all. 


Apologies for the delay in replying. 


My rescheduled mediation call is tomorrow morning... I feel prepared and I'm rather looking forward to it now! 


I'll be sure to report back how it went. Thanks again. 

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Good luck. As long as you have read up all the points and advice on the various relevant threads on the sub- forum – then you should be well equipped.

Keep a notepad with you and make notes of the things that the mediator says to you so that you can refer to them quickly rather than having to remember them and then respond from memory.

Will be interested not only to have the result of this mediation but also if you are prepared to give is a summary of what happened.

You have probably seen already that we advise that you should stand up for yourself and not give ground. Of course the mediator will expect you to compromise in some way – but there is no reason to. Hermes taken benefit if they settled this year because they don't have to go to court and they don't risk an embarrassing judgement.
That's good enough for them.
They are getting away with this kind of thing far too often and so it's refreshing from time to time to get customers to stand up to the bullying

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Delighted to report back that I have won my money back. 


Minus the £25 claims fee but I did try (I pointed out that this amount is negligible to a huge company but a lot to me). 


The whole mediation process was completed within 30 minutes, with a bit of back and forward between mediator, Hermes and myself. 


The mediator was excellent and didn't put any pressure on me. 


I am really pleased, it's been a long slog and very stressful, but I'm glad I persevered. 


Thank you so much to everyone here for their help in getting through this! I'll be making a donation as your support is much appreciated, particularly @BankFoddermany thanks 

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Excellent. Well done. I'm pleased for you.

Yes they always try to claw back something – to satisfy their sense of pride.

The money should get to you pretty quickly – they obviously don't use Hermes to deliver it.


Thanks in advance for any donation – but wait until you get the cash before you start chucking it around!

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  • BankFodder changed the title to Hermes damaged guitar **Won**

Part of the Hermes' business model – they sell you a delivery service then botch it and then try to deny responsibility.
They sell you an insurance – and then try to renege on it but keeping the money – they then make you work for nearly 5 months to get your money – and then in the end they pay you out but they try to keep back the money you spent trying to get your money back – which is really just enforcing their so-called insurance policy.

This is dishonest. It is very clearly cheating their customers.

I don't believe that the senior executives don't know about it. But hey, what do they care?

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Yep it's absolutely shocking, I hope more people take them on and win and hopefully one day their charlatan scheme will crumble. 


I was advised on the mediation phone call to await an email with the full write up before emailing hermes my bank details, but I'm still awaiting this email. Advised payment will be made within 14 days. 

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If you belong to 1 of the Hermes Facebook groups – you might like to go back to them and report your success and tell them about us, if you want.

Reassure them that it is all free. We don't charge anyone anything for anything

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