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TV licence refund received for 7 years overpayment

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My aged uncle had been paying for his TV licence by auto renewing monthly direct debits despite (despite turning 75 years old 7 years ago). My request for a refund was ignored for over a month, so I made a Direct Debit Indemnity claim and received a full refund for 7 years overpayment within the day from my bank.  It was very simple.


I then asked TV licensing for a compensation payment for the interest and they have refused on the grounds they did nothing wrong. It seems they do not take customer dates of birth. This is why  they have no idea whether their customers should be charged or whether they have reached the age for a free license.


It seems to me (especially for the benefit of old people), it would be simple to include a date of birth in the application process and therefore automatically cancel direct debits or even reject applications once they become eligible for a free license.


My question is, can I insist on interest? I understand statutory 8% interest is only an award if a judge  (at a county court etc) allows it. As I received the refund without going to court, I guess I cannot insist on that interest. However, I hope to proceed to make this scandal more public and seek the interest on his behalf.


Any ideas gratefully received.


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Any chance we can see a copy of your particulars of claim ?



We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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£247 judgement today against BBC in default of acknowledging the claim, based on 8% interest.


Claim details: 

1. I am xxxxxxxxxx   and hold Power of

Attorney for my uncle Mr xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx

2. Mr xxxxxxx turned 75 on xxxxxx 2014 and was

entitled to a free TV license

3. For the following 7 years, the Defendant

continued to take money by auto renewing direct debits for

Mr xxxxxx TV license.

4. The Defendant ignored my formal demands

dated 16 July 2020 requesting a refund.

5. On 4 September 2020 I claimed the money

back under the Direct Debit Indemnity

guarantee from xxxxxxxxxx Bank.

6. Having received the refund from Mr xxxxxx

bank, I wrote to the Defendant on 14

September 2020 requesting a payment of


7. On 19 October 2020 the Defendants refused

to make any interest refund.


Lets see if they settle or apply to set aside.


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I don't think you should hang around. I think you should put in for immediate enforcement. It will cost you 50 quid – but you might as well put the county court bailiffs in.

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