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Parcel2Go failure to deliver package - delivery company turned up with a surprise bill

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Hi all,


Hoping you can give me some advice on the below. I'll try to keep it as concise as possible.


At the end of June I booked a parcel (valued at £250) to be delivered from the UK to where I am now (South America).

I booked online via Parcel2Go, booking the FedEx express service (1-3 days, although being fully aware due to our virusy friend that it was likely to be significantly delayed). I also paid for the ParcelProtection insurance.


Having recently received a letter that took 6 weeks to arrive from the UK, I didn't think much of it when the parcel didn't arrive in a few weeks.

However, when I check the tracking I realise my parcel has been hanging out in the depot in my city for a couple of weeks.

No one had contacted me,


about three weeks after the initial booking, I get in touch with their online customer support asking for information.

Over the course of the next couple of months, there follows a pattern of me constantly getting in touch with their online help, being told they'll contact the delivery service in my city, and nothing more. On one occasion they ask for a copy of my passport, which I send immediately, and then nothing.


I ask for their complaints department, they give me an e-mail address, I e-mail them, I'm ignored.

Later I contact live help and ask for the contact details for the depot here, and they give me the number.


I call, and the item is delivered two days later.

The item is delivered with a bill of about £170.


Some of this is customs/duties etc (which of course I have no issue paying).

Around £110 is for storage fees - because the item has been sitting there without being delivered.

They also want cash, which I don't have, so they leave me with the bill and take the item away.


I get in touch with CAB who tell me to contact complaints again, citing breach of contract.

I do so, and lo and behold, P2G reply.


Since then has been a back and forth - I claim they owe the storage fees (which are still mounting).

They don't really say much about anything.


I then decide I can't be bothered with this any more, they can keep the item, and go to file the insurance claim on P's website.

The automatic message denies this because I need to notify them (online or in writing) within 28 days of collection.

I had notified their online support twice within this time period (although did not objectively state I wanted to make a claim).


P2G's most recent response (today) has been that the delivery company here has been in contact with the consignee (me) and delivered the paperwork. They then have the audacity to say " I am sorry but it seems the consignee has been aware and the charges are mounting up as they have not been cooperating."


I have responded asking if they are a member of an ADR or if they'd be willing to use a non-membership scheme.


I am waiting on further advice from CAB, but until then, could anyone here please give me any pointers?

I have also been advised elsewhere that since I am now aware that the costs are increasing, it is likely to count against my claim as I have a duty to mitigate my losses.


I'm open to trying to claim on the insurance (with the knowledge I will never receive this item), going to small claims etc, whatever it takes.


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So you are missing a £250 parcel and they also trying to levy storage fees against you – even though they didn't tell you that it was waiting for collection or customs duties to be paid. Is this correct?

How much are we talking for the storage fees as they stand now and the daily rate at which they are increasing

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Thanks for getting back to me! You've automatically failed your job application for P2G.


Yes, it's a £250 laptop that I've needed for my work so that's been an additional kick to the wallet, but I doubt claiming losses of earnings would amount to anything.


It wasn't waiting to be collected, but to be delivered. They didn't tell me this. All I could see on the tracking was that it was in the depot every day. So I was just contacting P2G live chat asking what was going on.


Obviously I knew I would have to pay customs at some point, but P2G never mentioned anything about this, nor storage. I have all the chat transcripts. I'm not even sure it was being held because of customs - apparently once they made a delivery but said they couldn't find the address. I'm not in an obscure location - every UberEats guy on his pushbike makes it here fine.


I don't actually know about the storage fees state as Fedex themselves are almost as useless. I sent them an e-mail 10 days ago asking about these charges and received no response. Talked to them on the phone today, been given a different e-mail address and told to expect a response within 48 hours. I'm estimating from the document they gave me when they actually did attempt delivery that it's about £35 per month.



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Would you be able to bring a small claim with the county court in England? you are in South America but you would need an English address for service and you would need somebody very reliable to let you have any documents which arrived almost immediately by scanning them to you.


How much do you think it would cost you now to get the laptop out of hock so that you had a static position in terms of the amount of money that you needed to reclaim?

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Yes, I use my uncle's address for my banks, business etc.


I estimate about £200.


My only fear with coughing up was that P2G might say that the contract has been completed, happy days.

Does me paying not look like I'm admitting I'm responsible for incurring those costs?

And does it not mark the contract as complete?

When in fact I've done their job for them.


I just feel like once I have the laptop they might just be able to wash their hands of me, and then I'm totally out of pocket. £200 fees, £80 delivery, 3 months on a £250 item.


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Please monitor this thread for a reply tomorrow

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It doesn't matter what Parcel2go say.

Bringing a claim in the English county courts is pretty straightforward where you are looking to recover a fixed/ascertainable cash sum. Where you are looking at a figure which is increasing at some rate – especially at a rate of which you don't seem to be aware, then it gets much more complicated. Especially as you would also have do ask the court to order the delivery of your item to you – and of course a complicating factor is that it is not within the jurisdiction. Also, as I understand it, it is being held by a third party – FedEx.

I think your best interests are served by bringing a halt to it all – and mitigating your loss – which means bringing an end to the increase in storage fees.

I think the best thing you can do is to recover your item and then to sue Parcel2go for the storage fees. This means that the problems of having to deal with FedEx as a second defendant and also having to recover your goods from a party which is outside the jurisdiction and also having to deal with an increasing but unknown sum appears.

Bringing an action against Parcel2go for a fixed sum in England/Wales will be relatively straightforward. The other thing is that the greater the amount you are claiming, the more likely they are to put up a fight and make your life more complicated.

I think as a matter of urgency you need to take it under control – and that means get your goods back, bite the bullet on the storage fee and then claim it back.

You can write to Parcel2go and to FedEx and tell them that you are paying the money that you are not happy about it and it is under protest.


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You should be able to claim for any expenses which have been incurred as a result of them not informing you correctly either because it was explicit in the contract for implied in the contract that you would be notified when the parcel was available.

You just posted a large amount of exchanges which you have apparently had I'm sorry that we don't have time to read through all this stuff and I removed it.

If you'd like to post a summary then that will be fine. You are the one who will have to satisfy yourself that you have the evidence to support your position

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Then your target defendant is limited to Parcel2go which is a UK established defendant, on a money claim for an ascertainable sum through a very straightforward procedure which can be commenced and conducted online. If it goes to a hearing then it is highly likely that it will be a telephone hearing or a video hearing. You would have an opportunity of mediation by telephone in advance if you wanted. You need to be aware of the very slight risk that they might order a face-to-face hearing – in which case that would present you with difficulties because you wouldn't be able to travel to the jurisdiction.

Also, if I were you I would not let the other side know that you were in South America because they might try to exploit it and, for instance, require face-to-face hearings et cetera.


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Hello again,


So I sent the e-mail asking if they were a member of ADR a week ago. They haven't responded. Do I have to pursue this with a deadline for them to respond, or shall I go straight to a Letter Before Claim?


Obviously I'll be claiming for the storage fees - should I attempt to recoup the:

  • Shipping fee (since they didn't actually manage to get it delivered)
  • Insurance/parcel protection fee (as above)
  • Laptop rental costs (since I have to use one for my job and didn't have one for months)
  • Loss of earnings (for when I had no laptop at all)

Thanks for your help!

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Please could you itemise the value of each of these heads of claim.

They must all be supportable by evidence.

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I don't get penalised if some things don't get approved, (loss of earnings is tricky cos I'm freelance and the rental is literally just me making a bank transfer), do I? They just don't have to pay those costs?


What do I do about things in Spanish? Do I provide a translation or they just want the original documents?



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Sorry but I have no idea what you're talking about

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