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Amazon - Not sure where to turn? Incorrect Item/Replacement - Refund..


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Good Evening,


 I am looking for advice on where to turn next, as I have been trying for a few weeks to get a refund from Amazon, who are not

 actioning my request.


I don't know where to turn now, I was thinking of going to my Credit Card issuer and trying the Section75 route, but i'm not sure if that is applicable in my case? Or if there is something else I should try first.


Below is the issue;

 August 7th - I purchased an item (Item#1) - Expensive £634


August 10th - Item arrives. Inside the box (of the 'right' item) was NOT the correct item.

Immediately got on to Amazon Chat and spoke to a CustomerService rep, who I explained to that inside the box was not what was expected, I explained what WAS in the box, and he said he was sorry, he will order a replacement. And to send back the incorrect item.

I closed up the box, taped it back up, and immediately went to the post office to send it back.

I have the tracking number which shows the date and time I sent it, and when it was received by them.


August 12th - Tracking says Item#1 received by Amazon at SDC.


August 13th - replacement item (Item#2) arrives.

_ Now, ridiculous as it may be, I did realise in this time that the item I purchased would not be suitable for what I wanted, as I didn't have the means to power it. So I decided I would return this item.


August 15th - I went through normal Amazon return process to return this item. And returned it that same day.


August 19th - Item#2 return received by Amazon SDC.


Also on the 19th, I receive an email from 'Account Specialist' (no name) regarding Item#1, advising they had received a 'different item'  and that I had 'repeated problems with returns on my account'. And to reply to that e-mail to 'appeal'.

I've never returned anything before, an RMA for a mouse is all I can remember EVER returning, and I don't think that was even with Amazon. That was about 6 years ago.

I reply to the e-mail, asking WHAT 'repeated problem returns' they are on about?
And the fact the item IS incorrect, as that is why it was returned... 


Sept 3rd - I receive this response from said 'Specialist' email.


Thank you for writing to us. We contacted you so we could better understand the activity on your account.
Your comments and suggestions will help us improve and offer better service to our customers.
If you have any order- or account-related concerns, please contact our Customer Service team via the link below:


I go on the chat to ask what this means, they don't know and tell me they're 'awaiting the return of the item (Item#1) - please reply to the 'Specialists' email (which I had.) All the e-mails are messed up and all over the place, as Amazon use a different e-mail EVERY time they send one. i've found it hard to track them.


forward a little bit further, I receive another e-mail from the 'Specialist'


Sept 16th - Email from 'Specialist'


The email you received on 19 August, 2020 was sent to you in error. You may disregard that email.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Your account remains active and you are still able to place orders.
If you have any order- or account-related concerns, please contact our Customer Service team via the link below:


EH??? So what does this mean? Nothing apparently,

go back on chat with Customer Service and they just say 'Sorry can't do anything we can't action a refund and no idea what is going on'.


Sept 16th - I get email from Customer Service (not 'Specialist')


This is *NAME* from Amazon customer service.
I've checked our records and your return hasn't been processed yet. Our returns department will submit your refund once the returned item has been scanned and processed at our Fulfilment Centre. Once an item is returned to the Fulfilment Centre, refunds are completed within 5-7 business days. Please note, international returns will take longer to be returned.

If you returned this item by recorded delivery we may be able to speed up the refund process. Please reply to this e-mail with your Amazon.co.uk order number and tracking ID.

Once the return has been verified, we can issue a refund to the payment card you used for this order.

Once you've received a confirmation e-mail from us, you can view completed refunds in Your Orders: https://www.amazon.co.uk/your-orders, by selecting "Order Details" . Please allow your bank between 5-7 business days to process it.

We look forward to seeing you again soon

Warmest regards,


I reply, with the tracking and order number.


Well, it goes nowhere because you can't reply to customer service emails!!

send THAT email AND my response to the 'Specialist' email. No response thus far.


I go on Chat Again, they do the same spiel and don't look at anything, don't want to know anything, just say 'Can't do anything, have a nice day.'


Now, some may be wondering - Why don't you just ring them!?

- Well, I can't use phones easily.

I am hard of hearing and REALLY struggle to understand people generally, let alone on the phone.

Now factor in ringing Amazon.

The line is terrible, with someone speaking hard to understand English the other end of the phone. Good luck to me!


on one of the emails a little later on, someone said

'Please ring us to sort this issue as we are unable to action the refund through chat, as we need to do security checks which we can only do through the phone.'


Sept 30th - I go on the Amazon site get Amazon to call me, after persevering with trying to understand the woman the other end, essentially saying 'Can't do a refund reply to email' - then hangs up on me.


I get them to ring back again.

A different Customer Service rep this time, exactly the same answer please go on hold I will get my supervisor - 6 minutes later, hangs up.


Now, unexpectedly, that second guy actually e-mailed with a follow up about 30 minutes later!

Not that useful mind.

But still.



This is *NAME* from Amazon Customer Support. Hope you're doing great.

I am sorry the call got disconnected due to system issues.

Upon checking the order ############ our returns team have confirmed that we received a different item from your side
though the reason for return was defective.

We will not be able to take any action from our side.

If you have any further queries please contact us. We'll be more than happy to assist you.

We hope to see you again soon.
We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.



Now... I thought, right so, what?

The original person put it down as 'defective' and i've said over and over it was an incorrect item? because of THAT I am not getting a refund??


I ring up again, explain what has just happened, woman on phone just says 'oh i'm sorry but let me check for you, oh i can't action anything my end.'


I then go on twitter

- simply saying So what is up with no help from customer service then Amazon? to their amazonhelp twitter.


I actually got a reply, and a PM from them - they gave me a form to fill in.


From that I got exactly the same Customer Service reply as before.

Even after explaining ALL of this.

They just ignore all of it.

And copy and paste a standard



I don't know what to do.

I'm completely lost and don't know how to get through to what surmounts to *as many insults as I can here* of Amazon customer service people.


Anyone know where I can go from this?

What can I do?


Try Section75?

Or chargeback?

Or some other solution?


It was done on Mastercard, It was through Amazon, not marketplace or a third party seller.

Or am I missing something.

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It appears all formatting has been lost in the post?? And I can't edit it at all to get it back, or

make it easier to read. So not sure what has happened there. 🙄

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It's probably a good thing that you are not doing things on the telephone because we wouldn't have any record of your conversationalist because presumably you are not recording your calls. Read our customer services guide.

I hope you have retained records or copies of all the online chats which you have had. This will become very important.

Clearly Amazon are in a mess. You have been referring to everything as item number one an item number two. This is getting confusing for us – as well as Amazon. Please can you tell us what these items were – unless it's something so dreadfully personal that it embarrasses you.

I suggest that you send Amazon an SAR. Do it immediately. You will find that they get confused by that as well – and may not respond to the SAR correctly – but at least you have a paper trail of having tried to deal with it and if they do breach the SAR rules, that gives you an extra piece of leverage over them.

I think that you found that trying to communicate with Amazon is simply confusing and difficult and so I expect that the only way to attract their attention will be eventually to issue legal proceedings for the return of your money. Once that starts, they will probably make sure that your file gets to a human who is able to look at it all in one piece rather than this jigsaw of people looking at the jigsaw of your account history which is what is leading to the confusion.

Would you be prepared to threaten and then to bring a small claim in the County Court? It's very straightforward that you need to know the steps and by reading around on this forum about taking a small claim in the County Court, you will understand how to do it. And of course we will help you all the way.

I'm afraid that although this may sound like an extreme step to take, it seems to me that you have tried your best to communicate with them and things are becoming more complicated. The only way to bring everything to a halt and to get somebody to assess the situation and to look at the problem in its entirety will be to bring a small claim.
If you brought a small claim, your chances of success on the basis of what you say will be better than 95%

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 Thanks for the reply.

Yes it does look confusing, especially without the formatting I did which has all been lost and I can't edit it back in (no chance to edit the post?)

I thought I made it quite straight forward.

The 'Item#1' and 'Item#2' are simply because they're the same thing, a GraphicsCard(GPU) that was purchased.
Item#2 supposedly was received as I got a message on the message centre saying so and the refund will be processed

in 5-7 days. So Basically after the 19th of August Item#2 becomes sort of irrelevant.

Most of it is about the first one I received and sent back.


I am just reading through the small claims and SAR, I'm going to struggle a lot with a court route due to serious anxiety issues and it isn't

helping just thinking about it to be honest.

The SAR is looking complicated but i'll try and get that sorted out today, just to clarify however. By sending a SAR, what is that going to

actually achieve other than (likely confuse the hell out of amazon) getting the data they hold on me? Or is it a way of getting to a person?


Strictly speaking, reading through the SmallClaims through CC, the 'Pre-Action' protocol, if I am able to get it seen by a human then I would

have thought that would be all that is needed I would hope. As I don't see this as THAT confusing - it all boils down to the original person

putting the return as 'defective' but it was an incorrect item. But very strange.


Thank you very much for your help so far,


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There is no way of getting to a person. Even if you reach a person, they will simply read the file and the file notes left by the last person. If you then have to phone again, you will end up speaking with a different person who once again will read the file notes.

The SAR hopefully will obtain disclosure of the entire paper trail that they have which will give you a better understanding of what has happened and will give you more power if and when you decide to take legal action.

The SAR is not complicated. Simply follow the SAR link and use that template and make one or two alterations that you think you need to make and then send it off. Send it off by recorded delivery.

It would still help if you would give us the reference numbers of the GPU's because it will make things easier for me and other people who come to this thread to understand what you are going on about. You say that they are the same thing – but clearly they're not.

We will go through it step-by-step and see what happens – but you may well come to the point where you have to do send a letter of claim and then issue proceedings. I can't really imagine that it would get to a court hearing – but if it did, then it is most likely to be a telephone hearing. With our help you may be able to overcome your anxiety issues. You certainly won't be parading around in public so you don't need to worry about that.

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I'm not sure what you mean with giving the reference numbers of the GPUs? My own personal Amazon order number for each one? The actual product ON amazon?


When I say they're the 'same thing', I mean I ordered the GPU on the 7th, which turned out to be the incorrect item.

That got returned.

The REPLACEMENT GPU which came, looked correct (but never opened), got returned also.


Sorry if i'm seeming absolutely thick.


I do realise SAR isn't so complicated, just reading through it all and understanding is all.

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It's not very important – it just helps us to know what we're talking about if it gets complicated later on. Graphics cards have numbers like RT X 4000, or RT X3070 – et cetera.

You said you received one and it was the wrong one – so you send it back. How did you know it was the wrong one? Did you identify it bide its reference number and was its reference number different to the one you ordered?

In respect of the SAR, then read through it gently – and also read through the County Court steps – and the more you read, the more confident you will become about it and you will gradually get into control.

With this Amazon problem, you need to take control

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AH ha! I get you!

Sorry, really stupid of me.


It was an RTX 2070 Super FTW3+ that I ordered.

The one that was 'incorrect' was literally a different item in the box. A DVD drive wedged in and an ASUS card of some sort.

I did say this on the chat to the first person (which I have just made a full image of the whole chat i've had from the beginning to end), and
also saved as a text file.
Shame the Amazon chat doesn't include dates.

Edited by ArchE
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Great. That's only taken 11 hours to sort out.

So it wasn't even a question of a different model number. Do you have photographs of the item that you received?

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