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Just Cash Flow PLC business bank personal guarantee Court Claim.


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Yes I was going to do a certificate of cancellation so it doesn’t appear on our credit reports - but do I do it twice - one for each of us ? 

thw judgement was handed down for the 25k and 1600

int today but costs moved to another hearing 


so do I have 30

days for the above 


and the costs becomes its own ccj and o have 30

days from when that happens - as a separate amount ? 

can wait for costs hearing as don’t want to miss 30 days limit 

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If your joint defendants on the claim ...no you send only 1.


Your Notice of Judgment states when it must be paid by ...to avoid it being registered with the Trust/CRAs.


Costs are a separate matter and they will get a costs order...which you can pay by arrangement with the claimant...no set time.....no judgment.

We could do with some help from you.



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Good  to know ,

I don’t have money for the costs 

so I could do a payment plan ,

but knowing them they will

go straight for bailiffs and refuse any payment plan - that’s what they have done all along 


just don’t want any registered CCjs 

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@MOSS 41 Hello, sorry to hijack but I can't comment on your locked thread about the Capital On Tap personal guarantee. My business is failing due to COVID and I was shocked to find I have a PG for Capital on Tap! Apparently it is just a tick box when signing up and like you, the documents are not signed but rather just say "Mr First Name Last Name" against the Signature section.

Are you still on the hook for this?


Are you able to take this conversation on the other tab or PM me? Thank You!

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much better to create your own topic by hitting create in the top red banner




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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So got the official judgement 

sealed on 15th June ,

but refers to handed down 9th June 


doesn’t say when to pay by - is it 14 days of the 9th or 15th (to stop any enforcement) or 28 days from 15th or 9th to stop it appearing on credit file ?


also I’m hoping it’s the legal jargon - 


bur says each defendant is to pay 


and interest £1644 


I know I brought his up before , but it’s just legal jargon for each defendant is liable to pay for the £25,0”” and £1644 


rhey don’t actually order us to pay 54,000 for a 

25k claim ???!!



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Sat waiting for another costs hearing -

as other side wanted more time as didn’t have responses to all the missing disclosure 

pre action breaches 

refusal of ADR 



didnt submit anything in defence - just some photocopies of items already in the trial bundle - and a another cost schedule for a further  3.5k for doing so and attending this one hour hearing !!  


it’s ridiculous and insulting to the legal system what they seem to try and get awAy with and claim more 



I’m hoping judge starts seeing all through these ridiculous cost claims - and penalises them for all refusals and breaches 


14.4k initial cost 

3.5k cost for today 


one day hearing and 126 half a lever arch trial bundle - really think they can claim 18k 


it’s going to be more than the claim soon 

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I have until

Tuesday to file an appellants notice 


it’s all ready In triplicate and one for respondent all done as per cpr 

grounds and skeleton 


is it worth it ?

grounds are judge was wrong to enforce as even in his decision he states it’s obviously not signed by us personally ? Therefore statute of frauds not satisfied 


that Guarantee has to be signed by party or be charged 


he said it was meant to be signed so that’s enough - which isn’t what the law says 



but part of me wants to walk away and end it all , but it’s so much money your get back on a decision that is plainly wrong in law 


I am happy to pay for permission to appeal

and then if they say no -

walk away 



what I want to know is , is ever appealing worth it 

Can the other side claim any costs from me if I just ask for permission and get denied 


all I can see is that costs are not normally awarded for written response from respondent 

as they are not required for any hearings or decision making 

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