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Roadstar Autocentre - i've raised a Court Claim re: terrible service after wrongly fitting a turbo


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  • 1 month later...

hello there. a reminder of my upcoming court case vs roadstar auto centre. 


it is ordered that there will be a dispute resolution hearing which will take place by telephone on 7th october 2021 at 10am

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That's a crazy amount of time. I'm quite shocked – but I suppose there is nothing to do.

I would suggest that you start preparing all your documents now while the events are reasonably clear in your mind. Have a look at our advice on preparing your court bundle. You can try once again to get a statement from the garage who did the repair in the end.

Understand what information you have and what information might be useful to get.

I know it's a long time – but you're better off getting everything ready now so that you have got it stored away and you're confident. Then in about September you can start looking through the bundle again and doublechecking.

Also, you need to give yourself a very clear reminder – maybe on a telephone or on Google calendar or both so that you don't forget the deadline for submitting your bundle.

The hearing date is so far away that it might easily slip your mind.

Don't rely simply on one reminder – but to several reminders over a period of a couple of weeks – both by notification and also by email so that there is no chance that you will miss it.

You will need to come back here and give us a reminder as well – the first week in September

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hello there


just want to remind you of this case i had vs roadster, the blown turbo and poor customer service 


I had covid during this period so was unable to attend.


the other side also did not attend.


i have received a letter today from the court, the parties are to attend an adjourned dispute resolution hearing 6th may 2022


i received the letter today the 20th, and was told that i have to file at court and serve on each other copies of the documents i intend to rely on (by today the 21st!!) but not limited to:




invoice from defendant


invoice from company carrying out remedial work


copies of any emails/texts/letters sent to or received from the defendant branch or head office


i have printed out x3 copies of the remedial garage invoice

i have also printed out copies of all emails we have exchanged.


there are gaps, as we had a number of telephone conversations, and as it has been a while i am kind of forgetting the sequence of  events?


i think it looks good for me that roadstar did not attend, do you have any advice on how to proceed?


all i can do is print off what little paperwork i have.


thanks for your time



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Follow the instructions of the court. Also write them and to the other side that you did not attend because you were ill with Covid. The court will be completely understanding of this.

You have had a series of phone calls I understand. You've been here since 2018. We have advice plastered all over this forum about recording your calls and how important it is and also our customer services guide.
Have you read our customer services guide?
Why haven't you been recording your calls because if you had you wouldn't have these gaps in your recollection.

We don't post up this kind of advice for a joke

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