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    • I don't think it will be especially more difficult or less difficult than trying to get the car repaired – and afterwards it will be considerably easier because you won't have the constant anxiety of having to deal with the same dealer.
    • Additionally, although on the basis of what you say, if you bring a claim against them then your chances of success are much better than 95% – the problem will be, as ever, the problem of enforcement. If this person all these people are serious about ripping people off and avoiding their consumer obligations, then you can be sure that they will be quite good at avoiding the enforcement of judgements. This needs to be very seriously thought about before you start investing money on bringing a claim which will be successful but won't bring you any return
    • Yes, a small claim is absolutely feasible. You need to make sure that you've got evidence of the tampering and also so that a judge can understand it, I think you need to get a little bit of very simple documentation about what this is and how the tampering works and what it achieves. Secondly, you need to accumulate a good file of evidence showing this person's trading activities and the fact that they are posing as a private seller when in fact they are in business. In terms of any contract, if the car is unroadworthy then it is in breach of contract. You don't give us any information about what the car is, when you bought it, or how much you paid. Please could you give us the information. Also, who are you dealing with? Don't be shy about putting this up on the forum. There is no disadvantage to you. Finally, you're talking about the wrong act of Parliament. The sale of goods act has been superseded by the consumer rights act 2015
    • I think it's best to get rid of the car.   But it's going to be a struggle.
    • Hi Lutz and welcome to CAG   We have seen many similar cases over the last 10+ years. You will hear nothing useful from the bank for at least a few weeks.   You will have triggered 1 or more markers that start the bank blocking and investigating the account - it could be large sums of cash, money from abroad, or other events.   Get the SAR sent off immediately. I would send it to :- Barclays Bank PLC, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP   Send it by email if you can find an email address to use that's appropriate.   Then, as BankFodder has already said, work quickly to open a new account - this should be your immediate priority because Barclays will tell you nothing useful in the next few weeks.   If you have bought a property recently, I assume you were able to satisfy the solicitor with regard to passing Anti Money Laundering checks. However, this will not help  you get access to your money with Barclays.
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Campervan fault Marquis Motorhomes **They paid up under threat of legal action**

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When you purchase the motorhome – or any other item, you are entitled to have a good which is of satisfactory quality and remains that way for a reasonable period of time. This means that any def

Yes, Docherty is the one. Okay well let us know what happens and then we will see about your next step. It's about time somebody took Marquis on. Let's see what they found and what the bill is.

I fully intend to spread the word further once I've got the money. I'll recommend CAG too as you've been a great help in keeping it focused for me. I'll be making a donation too. Many thanks

Latest repy from Marquis from the Dinnington branch general manager


Dear Mr Desnos


Autocruise Alto WA12CYH


I am sorry that you have had cause for complaint. Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused in this matter.


I have carefully considered your complaint and propose the below.


In full and final settlement of all issues concerning the above mentioned vehicle that have been brought to the attention of, and discussed with Eddie Ruddy, I hereby agree to refund the amount of £120:


The offer is made on the basis of no admission of liability and in full and final settlement of all issues that have been raised since purchase. I would also like to make it clear that this is a one off gesture of goodwill and any future travel or outside contractor work will not be covered by Marquis South Yorkshire.


If you have not already done so can you please supply your bank details to Eddie Ruddy who will arrange for the transfer to be made on Monday upon his return to the office.


I trust our response and offer fully resolves your complaint and we wish you many happy travels in your Autocruise Alto.


Your Sincerely


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Please remind me, does this still leave you out of pocket or does this take care of everything?

In terms of their remarks relating to future travel costs or outside contractor work, – you can ignore it. If they don't step up to the mark then you are still protected by your consumer rights. They are unable to contract out of them – especially because they say that the claimant is a gesture of goodwill

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This covers everything we'd asked for. Could you advise how we should word the email to accept payment. Many thanks

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I would simply provide them with your bank details. I don't see there is any need for any further comment. Let's hope that if you have any further problems that they remember that you will stand up to them.

Simply say "here are my bank details".

If you have any further problems with the van then you have got an idea of the approach – and of course make sure you come here

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By the way, once the money is in your account, I suggest that you spread the word around all the relevant forums and trust boiler et cetera so that people understand that they are able to stand up for themselves.

I expect that there are a lot of people who simply accept their fate – when there isn't any need to.

Of course you can suggest that people come here for help

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I fully intend to spread the word further once I've got the money. I'll recommend CAG too as you've been a great help in keeping it focused for me. I'll be making a donation too. Many thanks

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I'm pleased to say that we received the payment into my bank yesterday. Didn't take them long did it once they made their mind up.

I can't thank you enough for your help with this.I will be recommending CAG.


I thought you might be interested in reading the email I've attached. I got an email from Eddie Ruddy concerning the bank statement but I think he missed that he was forwarding his email to the accounts department. Made me smile.

Thanks again.






From: Eddie Ruddy
Sent: 05 October 2020 10:14
Subject: FW: Autocruise Alto WA12CYH


Morning Ang 

I need to get a payment request form sorted basically wanted to reject van massive battle. Was potentially going to go on and on court etc etc

 Anyway I am struggling to get a bank statement need to pay him £541.42, £421.42 we will get back from Truma

 Any thoughts







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Well done – and thanks for this email which you posted up for us.

It shows that they are a bunch of bullies – and by and large they take advantage of the fact that the issues are generally speaking worth far more than the small claims limit a bit of extra muscle to intimidate people.

Because your case was for issues much less than the small claims limit, it gave you the upper hand and it gave you the muscle that you needed.

I'm sure they are fully aware of their consumer rights obligations that they decide to try and face it out for as long as they can.

Yes, do let other people have got similar problems know that we can offer some help and that all our help is completely free – although a donation or two to help us with our expenses, never goes amiss!

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  • BankFodder changed the title to Campervan fault Marquis Motorhomes **They paid up under threat of legal action**

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