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    • It isn't joined up thinking, is it? Sounds a bit desperate to me.   Worse, Johnson told Beth Rigby of Sky that he'll coast through the next election and is making plans for a third term, taking his reign to the mid-2030s. If I were a Tory rebel, I'd be looking to get him out before he can run in another election.   Boris Johnson eyeing up THIRD term that would keep him in power until 'mid-2030s' - Mirror Online WWW.MIRROR.CO.UK Despite two by-election drubbings on the same day, brazen Boris Johnson says he 'thinking actively' about staying much, much longer in Downing Street  
    • Sunday Telegraph reporting that Government looking to apply tariffs on steel imports to the UK.   This is apparently the issue the independent advisor on Ministerial code of conduct quit,  because applying the tarrifs would break international law and agreements signed up to.   Move seen as being popular with brexit voters, particularly those in red wall seats.   I thought Government were in favour of free trade without barriers and wanting businesses to be operating in a profitable way. Surely if the tariffs lead to higher costs, as the cheaper steel is no longer as good an option, it means companies making items out of steel will have to increase price of their goods  therefore they would be less competitive in the UK and abroad ?
    • There are a number of things wrong with the PCN. First as already mentioned there is no parking period mentioned. There has to be a start and an end to the parking period. You were supposed to be there and the permit was available to you. Does the signage cover their T&Cs for 24 hours?  It would have been better had a  photograph been added with the permit included. Could you still do it without including the day and time? This would show that you were entitled to be there.  N Not sure that the driver would be granted a grace period if no permit though that could mean the driver was trespassing and  only the land owner can sue for trespass. But the driver could always put them to strict proof as to the length of stay the car was there. Then there is an argument to say that the car was stopped and the T&Cs were read. After reading them the motorist left but a ticket had already been issued.   The second thing wrong with the PCN is the wording they used does not comply with Schedule 4 s9 [2][f]-the words in brackets are missing. The third thing  is that they are claiming £115 if payment is not received within the stipulated time. That makes the PCN unlawful since the maximum that can be demanded is £100 and that amount should definitely not appear on the Notice to Keeper which is very strict on what can be said.   All that means is that the keeper is not liable for the debt. Only the driver is. So as long as the keeper does not divulge who was driving there is no one Premier can sue.   There is also a new Act coming out called the Private Parking Code of Practice . This is an upgrade on the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and allows tickets issued for a Permit or a Blue Badge for instance not being shown at the time of the offence to be cancelled if they did actually have a current Permit or Blue Badge at the time.It is too early to know if Judges will take that into consideration yet bt we may know more once some of the newer cases arrive in Court.
    • its no diff evri lost a parcel.   same process as any lost parcel thread   dx
    • not due till/by 1st july 4pm.   dx
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