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    • I hope you mean I try to help people stand up to bullying - and not do the bullying!   I'll assume it's a compliment!     Well - that sort of demonstrates that you've not understood my point and (perhaps?) haven't actually read the OP?   My point is that it is not the boyfriend (the supposed "owner" of the car park) who is posting, but his girlfriend who believes that he "owns" his car parking space.  Yes - it usually makes sense to believe that what the OP is posting is the truth, but in this case there is every reason to believe that there is a possibility that the OP might be mistaken about her boyfriend's ownership of the parking space, because...  well, how would she know for sure whether he does or not?  He might be boasting or lying or simply mistaken.  (My understanding is that many people who "own" flats are often under the mistaken apprehension that they "own" a parking space when they don't.  All the more reason then that somebody else other than the "owner" might be even more mistaken).   I suppose what I'm getting at is that I was a bit surprised that both you and dx100uk were able to give such definite and certain answers to the OP without exploring her situation a bit more fully and ensuring that she fully and correctly understood her boyfriend's rights in respect of the parking space in question.  I was simply concerned that without getting more information from the OP, then the replies given to her might prove to be less than useful.  I wouldn't want her to leave thinking that there was absolutely nothing to worry about and then find out there was because she'd been misadvised because she didn't understand whether her BF "owned" the space or not.   Of course, it may be that my concern here makes absolutely no difference to the answer that needs to be given to the OP because it doesn't matter whether her boyfriend actually "owns" the parking space or not, which is fine.  But sometimes I think it would be helpful to the OP (and other readers like myself) if some of these legal niceties could be spelled out rather than left unexplained.    
    • I've spoken to my son in law and because the gearbox can be very expensive to repair, he would prefer to reject the car.   The garage isn't going to charge storage at the moment.   I feel they have been mislead regarding the service history.   How difficult would it be to get the finance company on our side in rejecting the car and sending back to the dealer?
    • The first thing to say is that you better go ahead and refund the buyer because otherwise she will end up getting negative feedback as well. We will try and help you get your money back from Hermes. Have you made a formal claim through Hermes and have they formally declined you and giving you reasons why? Presumably the item was properly declared and properly valued when the delivery was booked. You don't say whether or not you took out their so-called insurance. Please start off by reading around the sub- forum focusing particularly on the Hermes threats. There are lots of them. Get to understand the principles in respect of the arguments – the insurance element, your third party rights despite the fact that you booked it through Packlink. Have a look at other people's experiences of having sued Hermes, the process of issuing the claim, the defence, the mediation and have a close look at the advice that we give about how to handle mediation. It's highly likely that you will have to issue claim papers so also read around to understand the steps you need to take to bring a small claim in the County Court. It's straightforward but understanding the steps will make you far more confident about what you are doing. Have you started a formal complaint against Hermes and Packlink?
    • Christmas Wonderland has been allowed to reopen because it sells real Christmas trees. View the full article
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1st Central - are they breaking any data protection laws?

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Hi all

Just want some opinion on this matter.


I've regrettable insured with 1st Central 3 months ago and on 2 separate occasions being asked for proof of details which I think they are over stepping their boundaries in terms of privacy. 


1st time round they requested usually stuff like DVLC check code, driving licence, NCB and V5 That was fair enough


the latest request for a bank statement showing the card I paid the policy with; I don't understand what influence that has to the policy. They also want proof of home address (council tax statement or utility statement) which I would think a scanned driving licence I give them 1st time round was sufficient. I really don't think they are using my data to valid my insurance policy anymore.


I'm generally cautious of my online presence. Nowhere in their policy do they mention data protection and how is my data stored/managed.


Frankly I don't really trust them as I know they use very aggressive cookies on their website to track IP addresses, device names etc. I've never been asked to submit proof of personal details to this level before by any insurance company; Is this the norm now how insurance company operate?


Another point is they given me 2 choices; either email it (not particularly safe) or post them which is at my cost every time I post to meet their constant request.

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Hi NK,


Just to give some balance to this, I've had 3 cases where fraudsters have tried to insure 3 different cars using my bank account. The charges went through on my bank account but were flagged up as suspicious and they asked me to confirm if I'd made the transactions.


They want to check it was really YOU that paid for the insurance with YOUR bank or credit card account, as well as proof of your address. 


Instead of being suspicious about their need for data, you could view this as their attempt to check they're using your money to insure your own car.


Use email if you want to save on postage but send the proof documents by post for security.

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Thanks !:-)

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Maybe I would also think like you if they asked me in the beginning and not 3 months into the policy 🙂.


Regardless of their need for data is genuine or not there's a definite ignorance of data security here by lack of defined policy on this matter. We all read companies getting hacked or misplaced customer data which is one potential reason why you found fraudsters having access to your bank details in the first place. Again no mention on data protection by 1st central on this matter so they could be selling my data to dodgy third parties using unencrypted channels without my consent for all I know. What happened to GDPR here? 


I can see why banks steps in with checks as they are legally bounded by it and it hits their bottomline. Just not convinced why 1st Central would stand into this "policing" role.


Going back to the genuine need of the data, logically there 3 possible outcomes when I submit the requested information:

1) policy continues, no problem.

2) changes to the policy: £50 plus whatever increase due to new information

3) cancel policy: £75 deducted, remaining policy refunded. 


Either way they have profited from "someone's" account. I'm not sure they would care where the money came from once the bank have authorised it.


Maybe there's some new law that insurance companies have to do more with due diligence and/or the frauds are hurting this finances somehow. Hence why I asked if this is going to be the new norm? Are other insurance companies also requesting this level of data?

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Posted (edited)

@MigsterThanks for the link to the privacy policy.


The story continues unfortunately:  


I posted the requested info and had it tracked & signed via Post Office (3rd Sep). Email 1st Central the tracking number straight after. Expected a confirmation within 5 working days as per their policy to state whether everything is accepted or not.


Heard nothing but 1 month later (01 Oct) I got an email saying "Unfortunately we are unable to locate the item you have sent to us in the post. We have tried to complete a track and trace on the Royal mail website to confirm it was signed for using the reference number you have provided but the site does not appear to be working at this time and will not carry out the search on your reference number."


I went on the Royal Mail website and the tracking detail works fine; I just email them a screen shot of this stating it was signed and delivered 1 month ago so now I'm questioning whether they are saying the Royal Mail did not fulfil their service to deliver the mail or they have lost/mishandled my private data in their process (which brings back the original question in the title). The usual threat of policy cancellation after 10 calendar days if I don't sent them the information.


From the start I refused to email my personal data via un unencrypted email hence I posted it which was the option they suggested I do.  I think I've done everything within reason and complied to all their request but they keep asking for something different every month with continuous threats to cancel my policy.


Will appreciate any advise and how best to deal with this as it's getting tiring with no clear indication when they will be satisfied.  

The final option is to cancel the policy myself but I don't see why I have to take the financial penalty for it.  

Many Thanks.


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