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Faulty Dell Laptop - Requesting I wait for Parts

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I don't think that there is any issue with Dell generally. I agree that exactly the same to the problems could happen with an Lenovo or an Asus or anything else.

If you want a Dell then you should have a Dell and you should have it in perfect condition. I'm sure there are thousands – may be hundreds of thousands of people who have had a completely satisfactory experience.

It seems to me that this is all going on too long and you need to be considering a more direct action

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It'll be Dell technical not understanding consumer law most likely.


BF:  Agreed - Tech got back to me stating I could get a 12% discount on any future purchase before December (no idea why!).  Got a quote out of interest from Dell Sales live chat this morning and that same laptop comes to £3750.

I then asked the person who originally quoted me for the current one and they sent it back as £2995 so that with the 12% is £100 more than I paid for this.


I am tempted on just purchasing it and seeing what quality it has - if good, I can start pushing for them to just let me keep this and give me the £100  No skin of my shoulder and Amex are fully aware of the situation so they're fine with the constant sale/refunds showing up.


Let me see what comes out of this otherwise yes I think its direct action.  I just know the closer we get to the due date, the less time I will have for this issue 


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And to confirm the point even further - we have just had a long call and email trail about Dell explaining they have 3 segments:
Consumer, Enterprise and Business.  The latter 2 are not according to Dell covered by the UK consumer laws even if you are purchasing an enterprise or business machine for personal use.


Unless anyone here tells me otherwise, as far as I know, it does not matter on what the company class the system as but who it is sold to and how it is used is what matters?


We did finally get to a mutual point and that is I am able to order the new one via the Sales route.  Technical will still keep the current one going as far as a replacement is concerned.

If new one arrives first and is good, I keep and old one gets picked up along with a refund to make the new one same price as old (and I guess warranty is that much more too)
If new one arrives first and is faulty, we should have news on the current replacement.
If replacement arrives first and is good, the new one will be cancelled and refunded.
If replacement arrives first and is bad, then wait for new one and assess.

If ultimately both are bad, I have the option of just refunding and going elsewhere (no where right now!) or keeping it and I can probably fix it myself someway or another.


I'll update again in 2-3 weeks !

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You are quite right – that the important thing is that the contract is with the consumer. It has nothing to do with Dell's view of what they are doing

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I think Bankfodder is right but, to make things easier for yourself... have you made it clear to Dell from the outset that you are dealing with them as a consumer, and are you sure that they are aware of that?


I ask because it's like buying stuff from "Trade only" outlets.  You get a better deal if you are a trade purchaser rather than a bog-standard consumer.  You seem to have got what you consider to be a very good price deal from Dell, and I'm wondering whether that's because they are under the mistaken impression that you qualify for a package that is only available to business purchasers.


If you start trying to assert any consumer rights, you might find that they say they were mistaken in making the offer to you in the first place and withdraw it.  You then find yourself arguing over that too.

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I have mentioned it several times in emails and on the calls today too - they know.

I even had "instructions" on how to make it a consumer purchase which was to simply enter my name in the company field.  


I would hope the discounts given was because of my history with Dell having purchased so many but remember I did initially purchased 3 consumer level XPS 15 9500 laptops and the only reason I went for the Precision 5550 was because they told me NOT to get the 9500 anymore and instead, get a 5550 which is built from scratch as opposed to off the shelf 9500s.  So I would say they did and do know as it all started from a consumer purchase gone wrong.


I do have it also in email now they will refund me if there are issues with the new unit regardless of segment so its just a waiting game now on who gets me a working system first.


I will look at maybe ordering a HP and Lenovo too so I can compare should it go down that route but I need to see how much the old Amex card can handle and it needs to be timed so that it is around the time I get both the Dell machines

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