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We shouldn't have to repeat the advice word for word for every new person who comes along with pretty well identical situations. It's plastered all over the the Hermes threads.

Anyway, you've told them that you can descend further and better particulars. If you are simply send them a note telling them that you consider that you have included all relevant information in the particulars of claim as originally filed and you wait the defence.

You will have to head it up – Particulars of Claim – with the name of the case and the claim number et cetera so that it looks like a particulars of claim. And you are going to have to sign off as a statement of truth.
You see how unnecessary all is and what a load of hassle it is.

You will also have to sign a certificate service.

You better get going now.

I suggest you pay more attention to what is said on your thread and also to other people's threads. I'm afraid that we are not able always to offer a tailor-made personal service. This is why you should read around and take a lot of your cues from the experiences of other people on this site and the advice given to them.

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No, as far as I remember, you have to complete the certificate of service and then keep it safe on your file and then you would include it in your court bundle later on.

Have a look on the court services website and you will get more information. Maybe you could post it up here

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