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8 months waiting for no-fault payout. Need advice!

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Hi folks,


My car was driven into whilst parked outside my home in Nov 2019. I have a witness to the accident and photos of the vehicle literally parked in my engine bay.


Made my claim with my insurer (comprehensive cover) and the car has been deemed a total loss and a figure agreed upon. I've also agreed to buy the car back as it has sentimental value.


Still haven't received a penny from my insurer 8 months later and the claim has now been passed to a solicitor working for my insurance company. The last correspondence I've had with them they state they are "currently awaiting a DVLA Request to come back to provide us with more information in regards to the registered keeper of the vehicle. This is because we cannot issue proceedings against the Third Party Insurers without a name for the driver."


I've been without a car and have received nothing financially forvthe 8 months since I made my claim. Does this sound right? I'm getting really frustrated and any attempt to speed rhings up I'm basically told the 3rd party insurer is hard to get hold of due to Coronavirus and we uave to wait for them to pay out.


Any thoughts??

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If you have comp cover, given the issues with the claim, why don't your own Insurers pay you less any excess, less the salvage value as you are keeping it  and then when the third party Insurers are contactable, then the claim value, plus your excess as well as any other costs can be claimed back from them.


If you know the name of the third party insurers, you could find out contact information and chase them up yourself.  Sometimes policyholders are able to chase third party Insurers and get things moving.  The reason is that your own  Insurers due to volume of outstanding work, have made very little effort.  Your claim is one of many thousand outstanding.


The FCA register has details of people at the Insurers responsible for compliance issues.




We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Thanks for the reply! My thoughts exactly. I'm going to ask those questions directly and see what they say, it just seemed very odd that they haven't got the driver's name yet but as you say they're working on a backlog and taking their time about it.


Compliance may be a way through if I don't get anywhere.


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