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DPD has damaged my £2240 worth package

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So I’ve found this high-end turntable on some Dutch Gumtree equivalent. Seller seemed like a nice guy who's agreed to go through the trouble of posting it to the UK. So I’ve paid with PayPal opting for buyer’s protection.


4 days later I’ve got a phone call that the courier is at the gates to the estate. I've ran to the lift all excited.


As I stood waiting for the lift I saw through the window the courier taking out the box and dropping it on its side (it has to be carried horizontally). I hoped it's not my turntable...but it was.


When I came down I was upset and asked him why in the world would he drop it on its side when it clearly says ''handle with care'' and there are clear arrows on the box indicating that it has to stay horizontal. All he said was - ''sorry, you can refuse it if you want''.


I've told him that I’d like to report this and asked him for a form to do it and asked what the procedure is.


Their van was blocking the gate and there were other cars so I’ve asked him to park the van and he just snapped a pic of a parcel on the ground (they don't need a signature because of pandemic), jumped in the van and left... I was just standing there in disbelief. I waited a bit maybe he'll turn around and come back but he didn't, I went onto the app and all I’ve found was that parcel status has changed to 'delivered' and there was a picture of it on the ground uploaded. 


Couldn't find any way to report what has happened on their app, apart from leaving a feedback for the driver.


Took it home opened the box hoping the damage would be minor. so the acrylic lid (£250) is broken, the tonearm (£1310) has been broken off, the cable (£250) is ripped off, the motor speeds are off, the plinth and the deck have scratches (don't know how to evaluate that). 



Phoned dpd- got no reply, went onto their chat system and was told to just send the pictures of the damage to the guy in Netherlands as he has to start the case as he was the one ordering the delivery. The seller has been really cooperative. And after hours on the phone he's got a reply asking him to send photos of the damage and the damage costs which he's done, after two weeks they have send him a form to fill, which he's done and it's been almost 2 weeks since. No reply. It's been really annoying as I’ve spend a lot of money and don't know what the situation is.


I have 'PayPal buyer’s protection' but I don't want the guy who's sold it to me to be out of his pocket as it's not his fault that the courier was so incompetent. What are my options? Can I do anything on my part to speed this process up and what would my options be if dpd wouldn't agree to pay the adequate compensation?


Thank you

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Welcome to the forum. It's difficult to read your post because you have posted, long story with scarcely any spacing and am afraid that on a screen it is quite difficult to follow.

Please would you mind reposting your story – spaced and punctuated and you will find that you will get lots of support.

However, from what I gather, you are going to have to go to the formal process of putting in a claim and seeing what happens.

I would suggest that you make a very careful note of everything that happened – it seems fairly evident that the problem was caused by the carelessness of the DPD driver.

You should also make sure that you get full evidence to support your valuation of this item. It is high value and if DPD declines any responsibility – and as I expect they will then you may have to bring a small claim.

Was the seller a commercial seller? It is the seller's responsibility to make sure that the item is delivered to you and delivered correctly. You may well feel that you don't want to put the responsibility onto the shoulders of the seller – but at the end of the day this may be an easier way to do it.

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You MUST use the paypal resolution to get your money back, he can sue DPD if he wishes. It isnt YOUR turntable until you have accepted it and you mkade it clear to the courier that you werent.

Yes, the seller is massively inconvenienced but he decided who to use to send it so he has to make the decisions.

Dont be out of pocket because you feel sorry for someone, they know the score and DPD might not like being sued in Holland so will settle with him anyway wheras they will fight you tooth and nail. I know, I have sued a carrier, won the court case and they appealed and lost but still wouldn pay up so started bankruptcy proceedings and they had to go abck to court agin. The costs were more than the settlement and that was thousands more than you are after even though the original problem coud have been settled for a few quid

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Hi Dimitry and welcome to CAG


I have added paragraph spacing to your 1st post above, to make it easier for all to read.


Please don't use big blocks of text as it makes it far harder to read and folk may not bother. 👍



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Thanks !:-)

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Thanks for helping with the post;


Still waiting for a reply from the DPD.

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