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    • Dear xxxxx   complaint about Logbook Money Limited   The complaint Xxxxxx took out a logbook loan with Logbook Money. Xxxx told us Logbook Money didn’t carry out any affordability checks prior to the loan. Xxx said they have missed information on requesting evidence i.e. payslips and they have conflicting information about a utility bill xxxx provided them.   Xxxxxx told us xxxxx had several large payday loans which all had defaulted including a large guarantor loan to amigo, and Logbook Money should have seen this when carrying out a soft credit checks as told. Xxxxxxxx also told us Logbook Money have applied £884 in charges to an initial loan of £1000.     Details of the agreements (Logbook Loans)   Loan number Start date Capital amount Total repayable Weekly repayment Duration 31 August 2019 £1,000 £2,800.20 £35.90 18months   My understanding is the loan isn’t settled yet. Findings Our approach to considering complaints about unaffordable and irresponsible lending is set out on our website. I’ve had this approach in mind when considering what’s fair and reasonable in the circumstances of this complaint.   Did Logbook Money complete reasonable and proportionate checks to satisfy itself that xxxxxxx would be able to repay the agreement in a sustainable way?   Logbook Money have provided us with the documents they have relied on which includes customer information, income, and outgoings, driving licence, copy of the agreement and bill of sale. They told us they used xxxxxx bank statement to complete the income and expenditure at the time, however due to the lapse of time they don’t hold the statement any longer.   The income and expenditure from the time of sale shows net income was around £2,300, this includes private rent, child tax credit and DWP and her monthly expenditure was £764. This left xxxxx with a disposable income of £1,536 of which she would be expected to make a weekly payment of £35.90.     Considering everything, I think Logbook Money completed reasonable and proportionate checks based on the size of the loan, the interest charged, the monthly repayments and length of the agreement.   Did Logbook Money make a fair lending decision?   As I think Logbook Money carried out a reasonable and proportionate checks, I have gone onto consider whether it made a fair lending decision based on the information it obtained about xxxxxxx circumstances at the time.   Since Logbook Money said they don’t hold the bank statements any longer, I asked xxxxxxx to provide me with the statements. From what I’ve seen, xxxx monthly income across the xxxxx and xxxxxxx account appear to broadly support her income of £2,333 which reflects in the income and expenditure from the time. However, the bank statement I received from xxxxxxx shows outgoings were higher at around £1,344, which indicated a monthly disposal income of around £937 from which xxxxxxx would be expected to make the £35.90 weekly loan repayment. This indicates xxxx still had enough disposable income to be able to sustainably afford the monthly payments towards the agreement.   The screen shot of the credit report xxxxxxxxx sent to me shows Vodaphone, Three and Vanquis account has worsened in August 2019, however this information isn’t enough for me to understand what the credit report reflected at the time -  for e.g. if there were any large balances outstanding, defaults, CCJ’s, accounts in arrears, or missed payments   I asked for further information on 17 November 2021 – a full credit report from the time, including the statement of the account number xxxxxx and statements for all other active account +/-3months the loan start date. Since I haven’t receive the information, I can’t say what this would’ve looked like.   I don’t think there was anything in the information Logbook Money gathered that ought to have highlighted any concerns about xxxxxxx being able to sustainably afford the agreement. I therefore don’t think Logbook Money acted unfairly in approving the finance.   Did business act unfairly in any other way   Xxxxxx told Logbook Money xxxx is unhappy the way the vehicle was repossessed and how the debt was pursued. Logbook Money told us there were two attempts made to repossess the car prior to the actual repossession on 1 August 2021. The first attempt was made on 10 June and the second one was on 5 July 2021, however both attempts were unsuccessful. This would mean xxxxxxx was aware that the vehicle was at risk of repossession. Logbook Money provided us a copy of the default notice that was sent to xxxxxx in December 2020, which outlines the importance of clearing any arrears outstanding and the risk of repossession.   From the information Logbook Money provided us, it shows the vehicle was released to xxxxxxx after xxxxx made a payment.   Regarding the personal belongings xxxxxx said she had in the car at the time the vehicle was repossessed - Logbook Money told us the recovery agent left a message for xxxxxx to contact them to arrange to collect belongings.   In reviewing this case I’ve thought very carefully about the way the business pursued the outstanding debt and considered whether I felt that business fell short of its obligations in responding to xxxxxxx situation.   While I’m sure that this situation may have caused distress and/or inconvenience, I don’t think that this stemmed from Logbook Money making a mistake or acting unfairly or unreasonably. So, I haven’t made any recommendation in relation to this.  Next steps I think this is a fair outcome in the circumstances, for the reasons I’ve explained. But if xxxxxx decides that xxx doesn't accept what I’ve said, then please let me know by 10 December 2021. If I can’t resolve things then an ombudsman here can look at everything again and make a final decision. If I don’t hear from you by that date we might not be able to look at xxxxxxxxx 
    • god this is frustrating for you.   i'll ping @Andyorch p'haps he has an idea, not one of our past history strengths that i can find.   dx  
    • In 2015 I invested £45,200 in a SIPP operated by Guinness Mahon, which is linked to Dolphin, later German Property Group. GPG went into administration to Feb 2020. My SIPP was due to mature in April 2020.   I first took my claim to FSCS. They rejected my claim, I appealed and still got rejected. Their reason was that Wellington CFS signatures were involved in my pension transfer into the SIPP. This was a surprise to me.    I then emailed and called Wellington, several times, eventually receiving an email stating I did not exist in their records.   I then opened a case with FOS. My case has not yet been assigned a case handler.  From what I learned from others caught up in GPG. Wellington are stating their signatures were used fraudulently. Yet there is evidence of them taking fees.    If you want to read more there is a GPG creditors association Facebook site. You will find others on there in the same position. I did write to Wellington CFS and never got a reply.   If you call their Ireland number you get an answer machine. Their office in Devon, does pick up but this is just a receptionist, takes a message and alas no one gets back to you.   I also heard Wellington CFS is linked to Spain. I think the best outcome is that Wellington go into administration, at this point FSCS will be the last resort. 
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Used Car Advice

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Hey everyone, I am hoping I can get some guidance with a car I recently purchased.


I have been looking around for a newer car and thought I would check out those internet car seller folks.


I found a car I liked and the description said it had all the things I wanted, so I paid the deposit, applied for finance, which I got, and opted for a PCP contract, paid my deposit and got my order confirmed. The car was delivered on Monday 1st June.

First I must say that overall I am really very happy with the car, it is almost exactly what I wanted, I am delighted with the general condition, the way it drives and would not be too keen on letting it go if I have no need to do so.


So, the first thing, it was just under 700 miles over the quoted mileage, and I know that's not a lot. Still, that's not the point, the number is excessive, considering the place it came from is only about 200 miles from me.

I have spoken to them about the mileage. They said it was a clerical error, which I do not believe, they have however agreed to refund me for 400 miles, which I decided to accept as I figured at least they have agreed to pay for just over half of the miles and did not want to be too unreasonable about it.


The second thing, and this is the one that is really the stumbling block. The cars headline said: 'FORD FIESTA HATCHBACK 1.0 EcoBoost 125 Titanium X Navigation 3dr'. Though the full advert is no longer visible, part of it still is, https://www.buyacar.co.uk/ford/fiesta/fiesta-hatchback/1-0-ecoboost-125-titanium-x-navigation-3dr-73955 and this is the car I bought.


So after checking it over upon delivery, and going around it with the delivery chap, all looked fine, and I decided a little drive was in order.


So off I went to put some fuel in, and while at the fuel station figured I would check out the sat-nav and this is where the problem is, there is no sat-nav. I checked the book, there is no slot for the navigation sd card, no button to turn on the nav, aka, no nav, none.


So I emailed them, and the response I got was: 'Thank you for your email, and I am sorry to hear you are not fully happy with your new purchase. This vehicle was not advertised with Sat Nav, so I am unsure where you feel you read the description you have provided?' ... ... 'In regards to the description of the vehicle, I have checked this on the order form, and the finance documents that were both sent to you and signed and the description of the vehicles reads as FORD FIESTA 1.0 TITANIUM X 3d 124 BHP hatchback.'


So I have pointed out the fact that there was not only a headline stating that the car was Navigation version but further, down the page, there was also a mention of it.


I also said to them, despite me signing said documents, I felt no need to recheck it because the wording navigation appeared several times in the advert which was enough for me to accept it was a version with navigation.


I also said, the order form nor the finance documents also make no mention of other stuff either like climate control, automatic folding mirrors, infact they do no mention any features, only that it is a FORD FIESTA 1.0 TITANIUM X 3d 124 BHP hatchback, so I have refused to accept this as an excuse and an attempt to lay the blame for this mistake at my feet. I honestly thought I was purchasing a car with sat-nav, based on the information provided by them.


I am awaiting a call from them but they have so far today failed to get in touch so figure I would use this waiting time to ask some of the more experienced members about their thoughts on where I stand with this.


Am I in a position for example to ask that they fit sat-nav? If they ask for the car back and put me in a position with no car again how does this work out? Am I flogging a dead horse?


Any advice please would be very much appreciate.


Thanks all.

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Hi all, the company have just called me and offer me £500 to get myself a sat-nav...


So if admin team want to scratch this topic from the record, please feel free...


If not then thank you anyway 😃

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Well done – and thanks for the update.

We will leave the post in place because it is good information for other people who might be similarly affected.

Of course you haven't got the money in your bank yet – so maybe you can let us know that it is finally sorted when that happens.

If you buy vehicles in future you should do your best to take screenshots of advertisements and make sure you got full file of all the claims made by the dealer.

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Hi BankFodder, thankfully, I had and also had managed to dig up a page from the Google cache from the 20th May too clearly showing the word Navigation...


Anyway, Buyacar have apologised and made the offer, which I am happy with, so I will update you once the money hits the bank.


Best wishes

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