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    • Brexit: Northern Ireland assembly passes motion calling for transition period extension   https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-northern-ireland-assembly-extension-leave-eu-uk-transition-period-a9545606.html     I have no doubts whatsoever that Johnson wants no-deal (err we've agreed no deal - thats a great deal)    and that a full blown 'Tory (the real ones) rebellion is needed     I think its utterly shocking the rampant lies and abuses that are going on - beggars belief really. Politics has always been a dirty game, but the current situation is astounding   PM unlawfully prorogues parliament and gets away with it   Jenrick unlawfully steps in and gives his mate and Tory doner an unlawful go-ahead to save him 10's of millions - and is getting away with it   Cummings and Jenrick ignore lockdown rules and its not just accepted, they are praised for it (by Johnson and handcock)   Stats on the Coronavirus are known to be total crap breaching all required standards - and nothing done about it  
    • You think it's better not to do anything at all? Rather than point out they haven't provided any proof of liability?
    • I cant see supermarkets doing the 'app status required' off their own back, I think it would need to be mandated by the overlords. Temperature checks are more likely but there would need to be an alternate method for the person to get food to avoid very damaging press.   BUT, I can well see an app with status requirement being placed on transport hubs. 'If the plebs can't use public transport, let their chauffeur drive them ...     Interesting that Jenrick is avoiding bad press despite trouncing lockdown rules with 3 homes and abusing his position for the benefit of his rich ex media pals but then again - he is one of the prime faces of lies and seems very happy to be such along with handcock   https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/cabinet-minister-robert-jenrick-breaks-21844275   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLrMfhSCZio   https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/questions-over-robert-jenricks-approval-of-tory-donor-richard-desmonds-housing-plan-xvrhr0m3j   https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/nottinghamshire-mp-robert-jenrick-acted-4169285       but lets not forget, these are kippers and populists running the show, NOT Tories.   So if johnson and Cummings gets away with unlawful/bending the rules so far out of shape only Lewis Carroll could define - why shouldn't he
    • Haha! Thx u! 1st this happen to me! So I just asked many questions because I want to be sure everything will be ok 
    • Well you have two problems here – one is Amazon and the other is with Hermes. In terms of Amazon – if I were you I would send them an SAR immediately and find out what is going on. Do it today. In terms of Hermes – which might be the better target for getting your money back, do they say on their website that the items have both been delivered? Is this a delivery that you organised or is it one the Amazon organised giving you their label et cetera? Have you checked the tracking details? What was the declared value of the items that you sent to Amazon?
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I have been going through my credit file as i had a bank data breach this week,

i found an old debt from British gas that should have gone statute barred in 2016

instead i find that British gas added a default notice the month before debt was due to go statute barred.


what can i do about it as i have no bills from British gas as all paper work was ruined by a burst pipe in the house.


The question is can they add a default notice 8 years after the last payment.



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Hi and Welcome to the forum.


So they added the default marker in 2016 1 month before the debt was statute barred as you had never made a payment or acknowledgement since 2010.


You have no paperwork to validate this...but you could send BG a DSAR and request all the data held...once you have this information inform BG to remove it..you can also inform the CRAs by way of a Notice of Correction informing them that the default was placed 5 years and 11 months late. 



We could do with some help from you.



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