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    • OK.  So you lent your car to a friend in 2019 and he racked up three parking tickets that he tells you he didn't know anything about(!).  You were the registered keeper (RK) at the time at your family address, but you got chucked out and could not change your RK address with DVLA because you were homeless.  You knew nothing about the parking tickets and enforcement action until you got a bailiffs' letter passed on to you.  You made an Out of Time (OOT) application in respect of one PCN but Birmingham CC objected to it and the traffic court rejected your application.  A solicitor helped you make OOTs in respect of the other two PCNs but you don't yet know the outcome of those two applications.   Is that the situation you are in?   dx100uk thinks you can resubmit the application saying your friend was the driver.  I don't think saying that will help as the driver is irrelevant.  It's the owner who is liable to pay the charge and that is the RK (unless the RK is a car hire firm).  I assume you are not a car hire firm so you are stuck with the liability, not the driver.   Whether you actually can resubmit an OOT once one has been rejected I do not know, but why not try.  What did the solicitor put on the applications they helped you with?  Did you not ask their advice about the rejected application while you were with them?  I think you would have to say something to the effect that you never received any paperwork in relation to the PCNs because you had been chucked out of your home and because you were homeless you did not update your address at DVLA.  That is the truth isn't it?  You don't want to lie on the application.   To me that's a good reason for you not doing anything about the PCNs, but I suspect that Birmingham CC will object again and that the traffic court will reject again.  And, as I said above, I don't even know if you can submit a second OOT application in respect of a PCN if the first has been rejected.   So it looks to me like you might be a bit stuck.   Unless dx100uk, or spaceman61, or another poster with expertise in local authority PCNs comes along I'm not sure what you do.   If you get no more helpful suggestions here you could try on National Consumer Service.  If you do go there, do not register with a hotmail address.  You will also need to provide them with a timeline of everything for all the documents you actually have, and you will need all the facts and dates etc at your fingertips.  And make sure they are accurate.   http://forums.National Consumer Service.com/index.php?showforum=30   And get your friend to contribute to paying off the PCNs.  Do you believe he really knew nothing about them?
    • To enjoy the protection offered by s.75 CCA 1974 for a credit card payment, you must pay over £100 and under £30,000 for the goods or service (even if part payment for a larger total amount).
    • Hi Charlie and welcome to CAG   As an Executor, you have a duty to insure the property and tell the currect insurer of the passing of the deceased.   Most insurers will refuse normal contents cover on a house left unoccupied beyond 60 days. So, unoccupied, the home will not be insured against break-in damage, theft, flood, accidental damage, etc.   You may be able to obtain FLEE insurance covering only Fire, Lightening, Explosion and Earthquake. It may cost more than usual contents cover  because the home is unoccupied, even though the level/amount of cover is less than for an occupied home.   As said here already, an Executor would be wise (or indeed have a duty) to remove valuables from the home if you have somewhere safer to store them pending Probate, distribution, sale, etc.   I hope if you can explain the insurance risks to YB and assure him that you are not taking items just for your own benefit, he may see sense.   Please keep us updated ............
    • yours is not the next move   dx  
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Update - it seems a judge has allowed B petition to be served at incorrect address and by email and there's a B hearing scheduled for end year


I guess I now need to get the SD set aside

Think this will suspend the B petition?? 

And stall any B hearing?


I understand from previous advice/ links that I need to have good reasons to get the SD set aside.

Could that be questioning the debt?

Stating there's a valuable asset which they valued way higher than debt?

Mentioning their refusal to sell the asset?

Mentioning they have refused to disclose any personal data on me via a SAR and specifically no list of costs accrued, no financial statement, no list of interest amounts applied etc

Mentioning that they are no longer marketing property.  I know purchase lawyers were instructed as the fh lawyers disclosed requested info in the summer.  But the property hasn't sold yet.  Instead builders appear to be renovating.  An estate agent let slip to a colleague that the "owner" has decided not to sell and is going to rent instead....

Mentioning that I served a SAR in Feb with a contactable address and they had my # and email - so why did they continue to try serve SD at an address they knew wasn't correct

Etc etc


Will any of these points work to get a set-aside?


I understand that if the judge does set-aside he/she could then ask for both sides to attend a hearing.


The crux is - would there be a shortfall and need for B if they had sold to the buyer who has been trying for 18 months

Yes the house would get sold cheap but I would not have the blight against my name for the next 6-7 years...


Am a bit panicked about what to do and timing



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Just wondered if anyone has any input on whether a mortgagee-in-possession is allowed to stop advertising the property asset for sale and instead send builders in to rip everything out? 

I thought they had an obligation to market and sell?  And could only do repairs/ maintenance? 

I didn't think they could completely renovate?

Any thoughts?

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Think you need advice from someone qualified in dealing with these situations. 


What would be the point in challenging bankruptcy?   


There will be a debt written off through the bankruptcy and save an ongoing saga.


Of course they can renovate to improve/protect their asset, whether it is maintenance or to be able to sell or rent out.


We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Thanks uncleB. 


I have quite a few valid challenges which would prevent bankruptcy / return to original ownership.


Yes I am trying to sort legal help.  It's hard with limited financial resources.  Hence why I'm trying to create own defence.


I'm not sure I understand how they are legally allowed to completely gut a building whilst - I thought - under a legal obligation to sell?   

They have refused to sell whilst also accruing interest and applying costs over a very long time. It's as if they deliberately racked up interest and costs to create a shortfall and grab the property via bankruptcy.

The property was in good condition. Although squatters did get in.

Is it a viable legal opportunity for them - without bankruptcy - to retain the property and rent it whilst simultaneously still charging the mortgagor interest?


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How much do you owe in arrears on the mortgage including interest ?


Why don't you look into challenging possession, offering a lump sum, plus regular monthly amounts covering both normal mortgage repayment and an amount towards arrears ?  Obtain legal advice about this.  Can Shelter Housing charity assist you ?


Seems to me that if you are looking at a return of ownership, then you need to think how financially this will be achieved.  

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Thanks uncleB


The lender won't disclose any financial info to me. I asked via sar and they have spent a year failing to tell me anything.


The interest these people charged is huge.  They have faffed around deliberately not selling and the interest has just racked up.  I don't know the figure now as they won't tell me.  Certainly most people would jump off a bridge at the level.


I hear what you say though.  And yes I have an idea on challenges and a financial solution.


I have been reading a lot.

As an example Shelter legal site says the lender "must take proper care of the property, for example by dealing with essential or emergency repairs, such as a leaking pipe. It may also undertake basic maintenance".  This does not imply major works is ok?

I haven't found any site that says a lender can gut the property....


Shelter also says "When the lender sells the property, it has an equitable duty to take reasonable care to obtain the best price reasonably obtainable.". 


And "Where there is already a shortfall, the lender should not delay the sale if this would result in an increase in the mortgage debt and a worse financial position for the borrower".


I don't want to give up 


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I think you need to get them into Court challenging possession and that should enable Court to look into the issues you raise. But I am no expert and would suggest you look for legal help via Shelter or other local avenues. 

We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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I have managed to find legal assistance / will be going through everything with them / on a pay if we win basis...

I just need to be as best informed as possible in advance / make sure I'm clear about my facts and position


These people are so crooked!






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