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i had a car on finance through specialist motor finance i volutary terminated when i was allowed even though they said i couldnt untill i was half way which was 1 payment away but they said that they cant do it untill it had been paid which was supposed to be 1 month i.e next payment i waited and then paid early after arguing for 2 weeks that i should still be allowed to start the ball rolling.

anyway did it sent recording of the car and then took to the destination as they stated otherwise they would rip my eyes out as wanted over a grand to pick up.

dropped the car off the guy had no time for me and i had to get to work he came out to the car to check all docs there then went away and i left.

the account was closed i rang them a few weeks later as i was still being charged car tax they said that they had sold the car and that i had to pay to restore the car to which i stated there was nothing wrong with the car and was in the same condition if not better than when i bought it as i had to clean it when i bought it and i cleaned it again before sending it off as they said they would charge me for a valet if not.

they sent pictures saying that the bonnet had faded and needed a respray as it had previous work done which was news to me as i have never had anything done to the car other than service and mot the said that there was 3 other marks that needed respray as they had faded too and then a scratch which wasnt there when i dropped the car off. i sai all this to them and i also stated that the car was the same condition as when i got it just odd scuff on the wheels which they allowed due to wear and tear.

i recived a bill off them for 600 quid i refused to pay as there was nothing wrong with the car and i was not paying for a scratch which at the time i also thought they was on about the interior as there was a scratch on the trim in the back but that was there when i bought the car but turned out to be on the outside which yet again was not there when i took the car.

i have checked my credit report today and they have sold the debt to azzurro associates ltd who have added this to my credit report for the debt how the hell does that work and any ideas what i can do i am not paying it

Many Thanks

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

People will come along quite shortly to give you the advice you are looking for – but in the meantime, please could you post your stories and your responses properly spaced and properly punctuated and avoid solid blocks of text.

It's extremely difficult to deal with – especially when we have so much to read on-screen every day.


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