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Bristol Energy, - On economy 10 but being charged economy 7?

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I sent BE a SAR for the phone transcripts.


I received an acknowledgement saying they are looking into it and will arrange to have the relevant phone call transcripts sent to me. (So that was a good result yes? They could have said they don't keep records I suppose).


Their letter was dated 7th of July. One month ago. I am still waiting for the transcripts.


In the meantime, I have reduced the DD to £100 (from £211).


An electrician friend suggests I request the installation of a side meter to test the original meter while I am waiting for the transcripts.


I will report progress

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I I think that you should send them a letter immediately warning them about their breach of statutory duty in failing to provide you with your data disclosure within the statutory period. It's important to have a paper trail on all of this.

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Bristol Energy may be in a difficult position at the moment, as Bristol City Council who own them, have decided to sell .  Whether this has affected them being able to deal with Data Protection Subject Access Requests ?  I should imagine that their customers may be contacting them in large numbers given the uncertainty and that may the reason for any delays. 


The OP may want to resolve their issue as soon as possible, as if another energy company does buy the portfolio of customers remaining, I am not sure this would lead to a quicker resolution.

We could do with some help from you.



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Thanks Bankfodder,


I have today sent a warning letter by special delivery to BE re their failure to comply with the statutory request. I have also requested a second meter to be installed beside the existing meter and used to monitor the accuracy of the existing meter, as per the electrician's advice.


Thank you, also, UncleBulgaria67,


Interesting. But would BE be able to use that to excuse their not complying with the statutory request time limit?

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