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Crampton & Moore - Delivery damaged door frame by resting fridge freezer on it

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I bought a large fridge freezer online and the delivery company damaged the door frame by resting the appliance on it then pushing inside.


The company I bought it off told me to claim from the delivery company. 

I said I wanted them to sort it out between themselves

insisted the procedure was for me to claim via the delivery company.


I sent all the information and pictures and they have rejected the claim.

The crew deny any damage and say they lifted it inside my property (this is a lie).

The damage isn't huge - small marks/gouges with the same spacing between them as the appliance packaging.


I am invited to appeal - which I will do,

but it seems they will only accept further photographic evidence,

CCTV and/or witness statement(s) from someone else in the property who was present.


My wife was asleep when they delivered first thing and suffering from anxiety doesn't want to sign anything,

I don't have CCTV,

I do have a picture which shows the door undamaged but it's not a close up and it's from some time ago.


I feel the delivery company will reject the appeal.

I did see the crew take picture(s) so I can request these via a SAR.


Do I have any recourse with the company I bought it off?

Is there any further steps I can take should the appeal be rejected?


I have no idea if the damage can be repaired or whether it would be a whole new door frame as I haven't been asked to get any quotes.


Also would it be worth mentioning in the appeal that the fridge freezer had some damage for which the company I bought it off issued a partial refund?

Clearly the delivery company didn't take reasonable care with either it or my property..


Thanks in advance.



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who delivered it?




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Hi dx,

It was ArrowXL.


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You haven't told us who you bought the fridge freezer from. This is very important. Did you buy from them and they selected the delivery company – or were these two separate actions and you organise the delivery?
If it was the delivery company which sold you the fridge freezer and also organise the delivery then the entire responsibility and liability falls on their shoulders and this makes life much easier.

You haven't told us when this happened. Please will you give us a timeline. Have you taken photographs et cetera. I hope you have the whole thing properly documented.

If you are doing anything on the telephone then you should record your calls. Read our customer services guide. This is the important

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Hi BankFodder


I bought the fridge freezer mid February this year off Crampton & Moore who arranged delivery via Arrow XL.


I informed Crampton & Moore of the property damage the same day and it's taken until now for Arrow XL to 'investigate' and reject my claim.


Almost all communication has been via email so it's in writing. I have pictures of the damage which has been left as it is since.


Many thanks, chaoticj

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Is this the company https://www.cramptonandmoore.co.uk/ ?


I hope you won't mind me saying that you've been here since 2007 I don't understand why you allowed yourself to be strung along since mid-February – that's nearly 3 months.

You had a right to return the fridge freezer immediately if it suffered damage and also get compensation for the damage to the fridge freezer and or to the door.

I suggest that you start to assert yourself and take control unless you want to be led around by the nose for a lot longer and get nothing.


When you talk about damage to the door frame, are you talking about your front door as they tried to push the fridge freezer in? Or are you talking about damage to the door of the fridge freezer? Have you got any photographs? Have you had an estimate for the repair to the doorframe? You will need this.

I don't understand why you pay any attention to what the company says and their so-called "right to appeal" which they have magnanimously offered you.

I think it's about time that you took this in hand. We can help you – but I think you're going to have to change your approach quite radically.



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I think the OP's main complaint is not about damage to the fridge-freezer but to one of the door frames in their house.


I'm sure if the carrier damaged the fridge-freezer during delivery, then the seller (assuming they arranged delivery) would be liable for the freezer.


But what would happen (a bit like here?) if the carrier negligently damaged the OP's car while parking the delivery van.  Is that anything to do with the seller (it wouldn't have happened but for them arranging delivery of the freezer) or is it solely the carrier's responsibility?


Just wondering out loud how far the seller's responsibility extends beyond delivering a satisfactory working freezer...

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I think that the sellers responsibility extends to delivering a satisfactory working freezer satisfactorily

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Yeah I suppose so.  I can imagine couriers causing all kinds of expensive damage...

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Hi Chaotic,


You say damage was caused to your door frame - assuming it's wooden, it can be repainted or revarnished after repair. As BF said above, get 2 quotes to repair the frame.


You negotiated a discount from the seller for the damage to the fridge itself so that issue is now closed although it's may be helpful in asserting that damage was caused to the fridge when it came into contact with the door frame.


Get the door frame repair quotes if you're unable to sort the damage yourself, or through somone you know.

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Thanks !:-)

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