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TMB took me to court to repossess a buy to let property I own. We went in to court and I explained that I had found a good tenant and would hopefully like to keep the property, I explained that the mortgage of £543 pcm would be given straight to TMB directly through the tenants rent payments.

This was agreed by the solicitors representing TMB. The judge explained that as long as I paid the mortgage repayments there was no chance of TMB repossessing the property.

I explained that as the rent was £600 pcm I would pay the full £600 to TMB thus reducing the arrears.

The judge stated that he would only put down the monthly mortgage payment and if I wanted to pay the extra that was fine.

I continued to pay this until September 2018 when I was was contacted by TMB who stated the interest rate had gone up and I was £35 in arrears and the payment was now £635 pcm. I paid the difference and took steps to make sure this didn't happen again.

I was also sent a letter in late September 2018 stating that I hadn't kept to the possession order and I was in a large amount of arrears. I telephoned them and was told there were two different orders, one to pay the monthly payment of £535 and one to pay £600 pcm. As I was paying the £600 the second amount of £535 was to be paid alongside of the other. I explained that there was only one court order and I had fully complied.

I was passed from one department to another whilst being told "it was an easy mistake to make" but the amount needed to be cleared.

I have been chased for the outstanding "arrears" and have had companies visit my tenant explaining the property was to be repossessed.

 I have also been made to pay £185 on top of the  rent payment to reduce the arrears I owed from before we went to court. all under the priviso that the property was to be repossessed

I have kept to the judges order but have found TMB to be  acting against the judges order.

What if any are my next steps?


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Do you have the written copy of the order from the court which should have been sent to you after the court hearing?

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