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    • so i went to sri lanka on 9th march (booked in feb) for the cricket and booked with spectrum insurance. our flights were cancelled back with emeirates so we had to rebook with sri lanka  air lines a a cost and then had to stay in the hotel for another 14 days plus other expenses . any ideas how to approach this
    • The employer should consult staff about furlough and ideally they should be transparent about what's happening, but this is all new.   Emmzzi may know more than I do.   HB
    • Email,. today from BW Legal    Without Prejudice Save as to Costs 09 April 2020 Dear XXXXXXX Our Client: PRAC Financial Limited Balance Due: £521.65 Hearing Venue: XXXXXXXX Original Creditor: Instant Cash Loans Ltd trading as Payday UK Original Account Number: XXXXXXX Hearing Date: 16 June 2020 We are writing to you because the court has listed our client's claim for a court hearing on 16 June 2020. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, which is why our client is keen to resolve matters amicably by offering you the opportunity to pay a discounted balance on the sums due. We wanted to let you know that we are available to assist you throughout this time via numerous methods, from our Contact Centre, Webchat and our Customer Portal. We want to ensure that if you are or have been directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19, that you still get to the best advice and reassurance about how to manage your account with us. Please call us on 0113 468 3021 or speak to us via Webchat so we can assist you at this time, we just need to understand your circumstances in order that we can help. Great News - 35% Discount Offer Our client wants to help with any possible financial burden that you may have and we are able to now offer you a pre-approved discount. This can be paid in one lump sum, or you can pay this over a pre-agreed instalment plan. This offer is open until 09 May 2020. What is even better for you is that you do not need to call us to accept this offer if this is affordable to you. Just log in, or register to use our Customer Portal www.bwlegal.co.uk and select "Customer Login". The pre-approved settlement and plan is ready for you to accept. You need to quote our reference, along with your address details and a couple of other security questions in order to register. Our Customer Portal is very easy to navigate and you can choose various different payment methods and payment dates. You can also use the payment calculator, view your account, statement and talk to us via Webchat if you need assistance. Strictly, without prejudice, the discount available is 35% from your current balance. If you do take advantage of the offer, the revised amount to pay will be £339.07 if paid by 09 May 2020. If you cannot afford to pay the discounted amount in full, do not worry. If affordable for you, you can still take advantage of the offer by repayment plan. We have a pre-approved monthly instalment amount of £20.00. The plan has been recommended to take into account estimated disposable income. We have also made it easy for you to accept the offer without having to call us. If this is affordable to you then simply log onto our Customer Portal and accept to pay the offer by instalments. You will be able to choose the first payment date and payment method. Once the offer has been accepted, we will withdraw the claim and notify the court that the hearing listed on 16 June 2020 does not need to go ahead. If you have filed a counterclaim, you will need to ensure that you inform the court and ourselves, in writing, that you no longer wish to proceed with the counterclaim. Important information about credit reporting When you opt to set up a discounted repayment plan, if our client already reports your account to a credit reference agency then they will continue to report your balance and payment each month. On receipt of your final payment, our client will then mark your agreement as closed with the status "settlement".   Yours sincerely, BW Legal
    • Note that most experts believe that re infection cases are faulty tests. Plus there are always a small number of people who can get something twice. I can attest to this as I was unfortunate enough to get Chicken Pox again as an adult, something I wouldn’t wish on anybody.
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Impossible to contact provider was singlepoint now Vodafone.

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My mother has a very old mobile phone contract with no data and she doesn't have broadband at home. We now need to get her onto a new contract. I foolishly thought this would be really easy but no. Originally she was with Singlepoint who were bought out by Vodafone. She says that her last paper bill has contact details for vodafone, but when I contacted them they have no record of her number on their system. She texted PAC to 65075 but this replied with an error message saying to contact her provider.

I phoned Ofcom - they said to check her direct debit details. It says she is with Vodafone. Can anyone help me?

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First of all, why do you want to get her into a full contract? Is it that you want a different telephone? If she is happy with the same telephone then she might consider moving to a monthly arrangement with GiffGaff for instance. There are one or two others also that do monthly contracts which are hugely flexible.

Has she always lived at the same address? In other words are the details that are with her provider up to date? I think that you should contact Vodafone again and give them the direct debit reference numbers – presumably they will be on the bank statement and see what they say then. After that I would send them an SAR.

If you are trying to move provider, of course there is a possibility of the telephone is locked to Vodafone – and you would need to get it unlocked. That also would need Vodafone to recognise that you are indeed a customer.

Try calling them and if that fails then send an SAR. If you call then you should read our customer services guide first

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Thanks, I'll try that. Complicated by her being in Bournemouth and me in South Wales.

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Yes that makes it difficult. Is she up to doing the telephoning herself? You could think about organising a Skype conference call – if she has a computer.

If you are not able to set it up herself then maybe you could do it remotely using teamviewer which for personal use is free. You have to install on your own computer and then send your mother an email with a link in it which she would click open and it would pretty well install itself and you would then be able to operate her computer remotely.

Does any of this kind of information help? In terms of sending Vodafone the SAR, that should be easy enough. You can jot it yourself and frankly you could sign her name – giving her address and various reference numbers et cetera and see how that went.

The careful about Vodafone because sometimes they want particular forms to be filled in – and in fact it is unlawful to impose any formality is in the way of getting a data disclosure.

I expect there's probably a link on their website https://www.vodafone.co.uk/gdpr-sars-form/  and see how much of the form you can fill in. As I said, you don't need to fill in this form – you can simply make a request by ordinary email or by letter – although I imagine that Vodafone will then demand that you complete the form which as I say is not necessary and it is unlawful to insist on it. But I'm afraid that's Vodafone for you they are dinosaurs and bullies and one of the worst complained about mobile phone providers in the country and have been fined more than once very heavily by the regulator

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