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    • So which are you disputing there and why   Is it   A mandatory smartphone app would be a significant measure, both legally and culturally,”   or   “Our view is that there would need to be a clear and detailed legal basis for a mandatory system, set out in specific legislation.”       or are you actually claiming that it wouldn't be made compulsory despite the changes in law I referred, and handcock quite clearly saying that optional is only if enough people voluntarily install it and that 'mandatory' is an option already available to them and which they will use?       or are you just spouting fog to try to confuse the facts?  
    • I think this was more to reduce the footfall.  Local stores were only allowing 10 people in at a time.. by allowing only single shoppers, they kept their queues down. 
    • Hello people, My case is almost similar to others here who have been stung by VCS and I am hoping to get help regarding the current situation I am in.   In the middle of Februrary this year I happened to drop off my mother-in-law at three in the morning at East Midlands Airport. I am aware of no stoppage signs around that area because I also happen to work in the same industrial estate which is also owned by East midlands airport but a little further from the airport.   So the organisation I work for has an office in the same industrial estate and they have their own parking but obviously at 3 o'clock in the morning it wasn't very convenient to park next to the office and then walk about 2 km to the airport. Anyway I had made sure that I did not park on the double red lines as marked on almost all the roads in that area. I've pulled up away from the road and away from the double lines into a small piece of land which had no restrictions on it.   I had seen the spy car while parking up but I assumed that it would be safe because I am away from the road and I'm away from the double right lines into another plot but clearly that wasn't the case as per VCS. So I received a PCN asking me to pay hundred pounds which I appealed and I replied to them that I was not parked on the road or on the double lines but it was rejected by VCS . They started sending me letters of claim and the last letter now I received says letter before claim and I think they are hoping to take me to the County Court to claim £160 as well as the court fees which is £25 if I do not respond to them by 21st of June. I've also attached a letter with information redacted.   I'm hoping to get some advice on what should I do next because I do not really want to pay them £160 for something which I believe is a rip off practice by VCS and others like it. I had taken plenty of pictures when I pulled up that morning which show the car is parked away from the road and away from the double red lines which I had sent to BCS but they did not entertain.   VCS EMA - Nimbus.pdf
    • "Anyway. Does anyone remember that 80's sitcom with Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton - Ever Decreasing Circles................................."   Yes I do. Felicity Kendal, and some other people in it .No wait a minute. no that was the Goodlife wasn't it? Both had Richard Briers though.
    • Was it the unfair terms or something which was mentioned earlier.   Wont help. the 2015 act
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End of interest only mortgage - equity question

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I was hoping to get some advice.


My Nan died last year towards the end of an interest only mortgage. Due to her circumstances she could only get an interest only mortgage at her age (70 at the time).

Now that the term of the mortgage has passed, the company has agreed to give us a period of 1 year to sell the property and repay the mortgage which is our intention. Given the valuation of the house, there is approximately £90,000 in equity after the mortgage is settled, the question I need help with is, what happens if we cannot find a buyer in the next few months? Can the mortgage company repossess the house and take the equity in it?



Kind regards for any help!

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they will sell to anyone who wil cover ther losses and charge a small fortune in costs. Any left over would be yours

However, any debt is not yours but your nan's so whatever happens the debt dies once her assets are liquidated.

Selling at auction gets you your cash quickly and is worth considering if the house is in poor repair or of different construction that would make a mortgage hard to get for a prospective buyer

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