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Hello! I've seen bits about this elsewhere on the forum (some of which quite recently) and was wondering if I could have some help sorting this out.


I'm a university student who bought an Xercise4Less membership in my university town. However the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has meant that I have quickly needed to go home which, is not only on the other side of the country, but is also more than 15 miles from a nearby gym, which I believe is grounds for terminating a 12-month contract.


However, I foolishly cancelled my direct debit beforehand, and now am stuck with the now infamous email which I believe has plagued a lot of this forum:


Your bank have advised us that your March instalment has been returned unpaid, "instruction cancelled". We have therefore added a £ 25.00 administration charge which means you need to pay £ 39.00 to clear your arrears. To bring your account up-to-date, please call the HARLANDS HELPLINE on 01444 449033. We can collect your arrears by debit/credit card and reinstate your bank details. If you wish to pay by another method, you must still phone to discuss the situation. You must call us by 6 APR 20 to avoid further charges. Our telephone lines are open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday. We look forward to receiving your call.


However the problem is that I cannot, in any way, shape or form sign into my Xercise4Less account to even begin the cancellation process. The email related to the account (and it is related as I have received other junk from them in the past year) fails to sign into both their online and app - changing password fails to recognise a certain email. I contacted a friend (who signed up at the same time as me) about this, and he said they had originally inputted his email in wrong, and therefore neither of us have access to a copy of our contract with the gym.


I understand this is quite common, but I have no clue how to go about disputing this. I have offered to pay cancellation fees, although have not yet given any details. I cannot correspond with Harlands over the phone as all their offices are shut down. I'm worried about failing to receive a response and having them pile this up throughout the next month until I'm owing even more. Any advice to get this sorted would be much appreciated. 


Many thanks.

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You should normally have given a months notice – and you should remember to check things before you go around cancelling direct debits without notice to people or without checking terms and conditions.

Tell them that you've cancelled. Pay them the one month – and don't pay them anything else and don't worry. Get ready for the threats and harassment – but don't worry. My site team colleague @slick132 will probably be along later on to confirm – or else to give you better advice

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Hi Bubbles and welcome to CAG


Type and send this to Harlands Haywards Heath address and get a free Certificate of Posting from the PO when you send it. Give them your current address at the top of the letter.


Dear sir or madam,


I refer to my Xercise4Less membership at [town/city] which I had to cancel due to relocating away from Uni in the current health crisis.


I now realise I should have paid 1 final month's gym fee after giving notice to cancel and offer to pay this gym fee now. I will not pay the unlawful admin fee which you say is also due.


Please confirm in writing that you will accept the £14 gym fee to settle this matter and supply your payment details and a payments reference number.


If you demand any higher amount, or fail to accept my offer within 14 days, the offer will be withdrawn.


Yours faithfully,


Don't worry about this at all. Harlands/CRS may WANT more money but that doesn't mean you OWE it.


Keep us posted ..........

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Thanks !:-)

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Thank you very much - will get onto this right away. I'll let you know if anything changes.

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