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Cash Converter problem

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Just over a week ago my car was broken into and a number of items were stolen (I think you can see where this is going!).

Police were immediately informed.

The next morning I phoned the local Cash Converters to inform them of the stolen items and of the possibility that someone may try to sell them.

Of course, the inevitable happened and one of the items appeared on Cash Converters EBay site three days later.

Police given all of the information and provided with serial number and photographs of the item.

They duly went to Cash Converters and the item was withdrawn from eBay, but the police were told Cash Converters won’t release the item to them without a court order!!

Meanwhile, the thief may still be in possession of my other items (one of which is an iPad...now a very expensive paper weight) and Cash Converters are hiding behind “data protection” issues in order to protect the identity of the thief!

The police officer who is dealing with this case is now in self-imposed isolation and is working from home for the next two weeks.

Any helpful suggestions as to what to do next would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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Not much you can do - The item that was sold to them will be held until the police can come and collect it again.

Try and see if someone else can deal with your case though.


As for the Data Protection issue - It isnt that. The Police are now involved so it will be kept under lips for now so they can investigate - CCTV etc


We could do with some help from you.


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Have you got any of this in writing or is it just word of mouth?

If it is in writing – please can you post up what has been said

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Many thanks for your reply...much appreciated.

 I don’t have a great deal in writing...just police crime reference number and various acknowledgements.

However, this is a reply from Cash Converters to my brother (who contacted them with questions about the item before bidding on it , the reason he was involved was he lives 200 miles away and would not arouse suspicion, whereas an enquiry by myself just a mile away might well do)...





Sorry the item had to be closed off as the item was sold to us unlawfully.

We’ve had to take down the listing to give back to rightful owner at a loss to our company.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused




I don’t know if that’s of any use but it’s all I have at the moment.

Should I go to Cash Converters with a copy of the above and ask for my item to be returned?

Once again, many thanks.

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Well if anything can be done, I think you need to start off by writing to them and asking them for its return. Tell them that as they fully understand, it is stolen and that they have bought stolen property. They are aware of the police investigation – given the crime reference number and may be a copy of the police report.

Stay polite – no need to get into an aggressive conflict on this. I expect they will respond saying that they will not return it to you without a court order – but at least you have that in writing. Then we can contemplate the situation.

What was the item and what is its value?

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Thanks for the very quick and helpful reply...the item is a Markbass Minimark 2 Bass Amp, worth in the region of £400 (they were selling it on eBay for a starting bid of £82!!...that’s the going price of the carrying bag for it).

Good idea just to ask for it... if they refuse then that contradicts the email copy that I have!


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I'm not sure that the email copy that you have is going to bear much weight – but still it would be worth setting out a paper trail so send the message and then get the reply and then come back here.

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