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Tax Credits Overpayments - Help required!

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I have today received a letter from HMRC stating that I owe them £3944.74 in tax credits overpayments dating back from 2011 - 2015!

The debt has been passed to the DWP.


This is a total shock and  I haven't received any tax credits since April 2015 when they stopped because of an increase in my wages (I was just over the threshold by literally a matter of pounds when they ceased).


I'm a single parent struggling to make ends meet as it is and there's just no way I can afford to repay this.

I'm on payment plans for my electricity (to stop me being cut off), my council tax and just about everything else so this is just utterly devastating.


I have just been diagnosed with stage 2 hypertension as my BP is consistently over 170/100 and have been referred to a cardiologist and this is stress I can do without.

My boss has been tested positive for COVID-19 and I am now self isolating with my daughter so can things get any more stressful.


Please can someone advise what I an do as this will really push me over the edge :(

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Calm down and have a read of the following link....some great advice.



We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group The National Consumer Service


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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1st port of call 

put HMRC to strict proof you DO owe the money

pop onto the HMRC website 

search for SAR

and fill that out.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Thank you both I will do these things now 

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