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I was signed off sick for 2 weeks, but then handed my notice in 3 days in to the sick note, I gave one weeks notice. 


Today I got my wage slip and just had sick pay of £32.42 i called to find out why they said as my contract is only 3 days a weeks thats all im entitled to, i then asked the last time i actually worked my contract (for about 8 months ive worked 5 days a week) they said it does not matter. 


I then questioned why my notice was not sorted and my P45 issued with the holiday pay that I'm owed, they said my note said that my notice said my one week will start after my sick notice ends, which it does not! i only put the basic in saying that i hearby give one weeks notice in (had to give a reason) and the date. 



I was signed off from 19/02/2020 till 2/3/20 i handed in my notice on the 21/2/20, when i gave in my notice it, i was made to sing a document stating the reason as to why i wanted to leave, this was due to family reasons, and i also said i was not returning to work and using my sick note as my one weeks notice. 


but they are still refusing to sort! 


any ideas please 

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From what I can recall, the first 3 days are unpaid with SSP.  So you would only get paid for remaining days.  If you are rota'd in to work for more than 3 days a week (regardless of contract) then I believe that you should get paid for them, but it is not compulsory, and they could only pay you for your contracted hours instead.  So if you were rota'd for 10 days you should get paid for 7 days, but if you are contracted for 6 days you would only get paid for 3.  Then Tax and NI still get's taken off that amount.

Also to get SSP you have to earn over £118 per week, and the amount payable (based on full time work) is £94.25 per week.

If you believe you should have been paid more, speak to HMRC enquiry line and they will advise on course of action.

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