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Colour Vision and employment

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Hi all,

I'm conducting research into colour vision in employment situations.

I'm a train driver that has been 'off track' (restricted from driving duties) for 2 1/2 years as I failed the Ishihara Colour Vision Test at a medical.

I have conducted a long research project into colour vision in employment and am looking for people that work in safety critical industries that require normal colour vision but have been restricted in their work or dismissed because they have failed a colour vision test.

Colour vision discrimination could be classed as indirect sex discrimination in law as it disproportionately affects males more than females. (it has been found at tribunal and appeal tribunal level to not be a disability under the Equality Act)


I am also interested in the circumstances that the Ishihara Test is conducted under, whether a full spectrum light source was used, whether the room was otherwise dark, how long was allowed for each plate etc.


Please let me know if you can help



(yes, that one for the old school on here)

BEFORE starting your claim read through the FAQ's and if there's something you aren't sure of then ask.

If you win, donate to this site

Contents of my posts are purely my own personal opinions, some formed by personal experience and some from research. If in doubt seek qualified legal advice.


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many years ago I was tested for colour blindness and was found to suffer from spectrum shift so I had problems identifying yellow from green, red from orange ect but had the advantage(or disadvantage of seeing some ultra violet).

Now I worked mostly as  a microscopist and had no problems but when I was in ther TA got kicked off a bomb disposal course as a result but thhy reinstated me when they found out I had a class 1 safety cert in civvy street and could tell them what colour a land rover was!.

now the testing of your sensitivity to particular spectra using tests other than the spot test wouild be telling as peopel fail these for other reason than colour blindness

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