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    • You're like, super helpful and unhelpful at the same time lol.   What do I search for, I searched form 4, and nothing, I searched claiming compensation and nothing about this.   I can't find the top squares logo.   Can you post a link or tell me what to search.   Sorry if I'm slow.
    • use our custom google search box  click our top squares logo it should appear on that page   dx
    • Apologies, I haven't used a forum for years!!   I defo wish to keep the 2 issues separate, sorry!   My only issue I need help with is the increased compo for marstons - if possible.   I don't know anything about claiming compo etc. (I only recently found out one of the NHS biggest costs are NDA payouts)   I don't know what form 4 is; so far, they've offered £250 and I haven't accepted or denied it.   So yeah, can you forward me to some more info?   Also, usually I'm good at google etc. but I can't find many stories on this stuff, regarding PCN/TFL etc.   Thanks again!
    • ok things are getting clearer...   I've merged 2 of your posts for clarity and removed the swearing, (behave please) I've also taken down the two images you posted should you wish to post things up please use PDF so we can zoom easily and don't forget to redect them read upload carefully.   I think you need to continue to keep the two thing sep. those being increased compo for marstons- if possible ( if you are raising a form 4? complaint through the court - it might be better you don't? - they are very hard to justify and can be costly - so the fact it might not be moving forward could be a good thing, but listen to others here too) and the issue of the PCN wasn't justified - which you need to further expand on please.   the more info you post up the better please but please use multipage PDF files only and carefully redact them    
    • Thanks for trying btw! It's kinda in 2 parts.   1 is that the PCN wasn't justified in the first place and I wasn't aware it had escalated. I received the initial fine from TFL which I challenged and heard nothing back from (for 5 months). Then another letter from a separate PCN which made me email TFL to inquire what was going on but again, heard nothing back.   (BTW I can see how confusing this is so thanks again for trying)   So, I had no idea my car was at the risk of being taken - that's the first part.   No 2. is:   I got a phone call saying my car was on the back of a truck round the corner from mine (they hadn't left any notices or anything, and the car was parked directly outside my house). My friend said they were attaching the straps and securing it to the van (so I think they got it on the back of the van and moved it before securing it).   When I ran round the corner I saw the EA's van. I went upto it and asked what was going on. He was rude and told me to go away. Then after I kept knocking he got out the van and was aggressive and refused to ID himself or tell me why he had my car.   He shouted at me, was rude and unprofessional, he then left with my car. I complained to Marstons and asked for the bodycam footage.   They gave me the footage but it was clearly edited and cut short (because in the beginning of the footage he was the most aggressive).   They then told me he wasn't required to have the camera turned on when he's in the van, only when he's 'actively pursuing a warrant' and I was only allowed the footage I was in. (which is 2 different things) So I asked them to clarify which is true.   Anyway, I reviewed the footage and sent in my complaint (talking about what happened in the footage) They replied and said they watched the footage and disagreed with everything I said.   So I wrote a more in depth response with the CIVEA code to reference + the TFL EA guide etc.    Then they asked for more time, called me and finally apologised and admitted he had acted untoward and was in the wrong.   They then offered me the goodwill payment.   This has taken up weeks of my time, caused me serious trauma and PTSD and even after I complained WITH video evidence, they still initially denied it which means they officially lied, on record, while representing TFL.   I told TFL what was happening they said I had to continue with Marstons etc.   £250 goodwill isn't enough, the car cost £800 to get out, the suspension is messed up and I'd like to claim compensation for everything.   I don't know if that makes me sound like i'm money grabbing or whatever but they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.   The police had to come before they could call an ambulance cause I was having a panic attack and it was a HORRIBLE experience.    So any help would be great please    I have the whole file from Resolver in a ZIP file but it's a lot of writing and I think you've read enough of my writing to last a life time!   I did a statutory declaration of OOT, got it signed by the court etc. but it was rejected.   I then tried to take them to court but it cost £250 I think which I don't have. You can get it for free if your low income but they wanted bank statements that I couldn't get. They're waiting for me to reply with documents to get a free court date.    did you receive any of the pcn's - was that why you appealed? - Yes, sorry!   unless it's trying secure a greater level of compo from marstons? - Yes, sorry!   For the record I just saw this pop up, read it and now feel much less guilty about my enquiry!
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some Ebuyer items in order faulty - supplier dragging their heels

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My stepson took out credit with Klarna finance to the tune of £700 on the 3rd February


One of the parts ordered was a motherboard to go with some other pc parts that got delivered on the 10th February minus the motherboard.


He emailed ebuyer to be told a load of crap.

there was an error on the system for that board and for some reason couldn't order another one so offered a refund.

He argued that finance had already been agreed and £700 was paid to them so in effect they had the money for the board and it was saying that 10+ was available on their site.


After a couple of days and 7 enotes and a complaint on trust pilot it turns out they can't order a new board on the same account if one has already been ordered and failed it has to be refunded or paid for by another payment method.


they offered a refund or another board same price or cheaper but not the same one.

he found one cheaper and asked for that - to be told he can't have it as it's coming from the same wharehouse.

they wanted their technical team to advise on another board direct from they're shop but he said they don't have any that are 100% compatabile with what he bought to go with it.


he asked for a refund last thursday 13th February and chased this up on Monday 17th to be told it has been passed onto the refunds team and she will chase this up and will let him know when it's done.


Its friday 22nd now and still no news of a refund going back to Klarna and since all this they've been sending emails and even an invoice from ebuyer the other day for the full amount of the payment terms.


first payment comes out 18th March but Klarna said any issues with finance issues are dealt direct with Ebuyer.


How long do you think he should wait that would be considered unreasonable for a refund?

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as he informed them within 14 days he is entitled for everything to be refunded and everything cancelled.


is he doing this or keeping some of the order?




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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He wants to keep some of the order.


Half of the order was a tv so the pc parts only came to around £320.


He has a CPU and Ram just no motheboard to go with it and it's a Ryzen build so wanted a board that was Ryzen ready rather than getting a board that wouldn't work without a bios update.


So he hung onto the parts he has while they were sorting it thinking it wouldn't be an issue but then it's turned into a bit of a hassle because it takes days for them sometimes to email back.


He tried to call them but everytime he said there is like an hour  wait on the phone and the other day when he tried to call after being on hold 45mins they answered then hung up putting him back in another 30 min wait and he gave up.


I think the issue now is he's keeping the parts he has which Ebuyer can refund Klarna the bits he doesn't have and that will adjust the payment terms (Looking at the Klarna site T&C)


It's just waiting for Ebuyer to issue the refund which they seem to be messing around but in saying that I'm not sure what time frame they are allowed before you can start getting funny with them over it. I've read 30 days but this is on refunds of returned goods this is money they already have that needs to be returned to the finance company for goods not yet paid for which is £100.

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is this an interest fee loan?

if not , should some goods on it prove faulty and needs replace/refunding....

then the whole agreement needs to be cancelled IMHO.

else klama might get the refund yes but he'll still be paying interest on the full borrowed sum for its life.


why not send the supplier/ebuyer a formal complaint?  by letter






please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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Wish I had read the truspilot reviews first before he used ebuyer they are pretty bad at refunds to the point people have had to do a charge back on the card.


No this is over 36 months with interest about £840 altogether. But he's using the TV set it up on the first day it came and was just assuming Ebuyer forgot to send the board and the first email back from them was they will look into it and get it sorted.


Even to the point of offering another alternative board then took ages to sort that out just to say no. so the 14 days have already passed.


I've never seen a situation like this where they have had to refund back to a finance company so not sure how it all works but can't do anything with Klarna atm because Ebuyer as messing about with the refund so as far as Klarna know there is no problems with the order.


I'll as him to email them again see what they say as it's shut now for the weekend.


Then take it further from there


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If they're being difficult then maybe cancel and return whole order and start again?

For what it's worth I have bought lots from eBuyer, would recommend them in a heartbeat and have had refunds processed without any grief.

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