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    • Hi, thanks for posting – and thanks for the offer. Your kind of specialist knowledge would be extremely useful if these topics come up. I understand what you're saying – whether it's possible to have an alert sent to you whenever there is a post mentioning "jewellery". I don't think this is possible – but it's a good idea that we don't have the skills to develop such an application to add onto this forum platform. A partial solution – but probably not very good – would be for you to follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Real_CAG and if somebody posted jewellery problem and happens to mention "jewellery" in the subject line, then that will be part of the title which is tweeted out then it might be easier for you to keep an eye on. However it would mean that you would overlook other threads which were posted which didn't specifically mention that word in the title. I'm afraid that it's probably rather burdensome if you are busy – but am afraid the anything aim think of at the moment is to visit us regularly and to search on "jewellery" or any other relevant search terms. Not very good really – that if you do find an opportunity to come in and help with your expertise, that would be enormously appreciated
    • Just consider that if the cretinous Johnson goes, we might get Gove or The Beadle. Beadle = Rees-Mogg wannabe Beadle of Workhouse UK
    • I've merged the thread with the earlier one which you posted. Please don't start new threads on the same topic. It is not helpful to anyone including to you.  
    • Hello and thank you for reply, I really appreciate!    Basically, I logged a complaint with CISAS and then reached out to all the directors Vodafone Limited and Vodafone Group Plc. I researched directors via companies house and guessed their emails. I also reached out to Ms Lamprell via Linkedin where she replied, gave me her email and said to she would have someone look into it. I sent her an email where I tried to present my case as a some sort of consultant giving insight about what I have learned about their customer service and what they could improve, mainly suggesting to hire a really highly trained professional in English and & Welsh law, so that person could take the cases that are being escalated and also train other staff. The next day, Vodafone came back to me with settlement offer. I believe everything has been pushed by Ms Lamprell who really seems a top executive to me (she will apparently receive MBE for her business services) and understands that customers are in fact important stakeholders; although the truth is I did email a few other directors too, so who knows...   In the settlement letter they pretty much negligently ignored almost all my listed points about the things where they were arguably very wrong; but what they did was they admitted some extra things where they were wrong and on that basis waived the charges and on that basis they will reverse the default on my credit file as well. Moreover, the settlement they offered me was based on the distress scale presented by CISAS where £200 is maximum for severe distress and they added £50 so I should get £250 altogether. I accepted the settlement, simply because I am too exhausted with this case.   To be honest I am still upset about the case and don't feel very satisfied given what I have been through because of Vodafone. I do believe if I pushed further and took them to small claims court or if I somehow pressed further through CISAS, I could get compensated for the actual damage caused to me and my business. I would need to play on a higher level with their lawyers for that, and it would require me extra time to study legislation and I would have to take extra risks too. I am honestly very upset about Vodafone's abusive systems, as there must be many vulnerable people going through it and I think it is unlikely it ends up as well for them -- quite the opposite.    Given anyones experience I would love to know how would you evaluate risks of pushing this further and what else could be done.    Thanks so much for all the answers in advance, it's a wonderful forum!  
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Charged offence driving without due care and attention

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Thank you for your comments. Considering the officer caught someone else 4 minutes before me and the statements are identical except the speed could it not be the officer that is confused also. 

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Probably not. It's more likely that what he was doing is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.


The way to find out is to plead Not Guilty, put forward your defence (which will presumably be that the officer is mistaken is what he recorded and saw) and see what the court finds.


The cost of failure is the loss of discount (one third) on any fine imposed and costs which will almost certainly be £620.

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I’d suggest that the bit about Operation ZigZag is to “set the scene”, explains why this was a “target rich environment”......


Plus any “lack of remorse”, which might affect the sentencing (looking at a band B fine and points, might head towards a Band C and points or disqualification)


OP do you have any points currently?

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