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Problems with Employer advice needed ?

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I wonder if any one can help me I work as a head Chef for a small family run pub and hotel. I have worked there for 10 years, 6 years as sous chef then was promoted to head chef.


I have always worked hard never let them down. I've not been happy for a while. The person who runs the business is very elderly and losing there mind, they can barely walk and are very controlling, they wont let any one do their job. Over the last year is has got worse and worse.

They do not follow the law and think they are above the law. 


They have never given staff health and safety training in the whole time I've worked there. All chefs in kitchen dont have food hygiene and safety certificates and have never done any training. 

I have had to pay out of my own pocket to do my training and get a certificate every 3 years my self.  I cant afford to pay for the other staff out of my own money.


They don't buy basic supplies like sanitizer and hand wash. Only when healthy and safety people come they buy itt but stops when they have gone. They says it's too expensive.


They employe people who cant even cook.

I'm meant to be head chef, that mean it's meant to be my job to run kitchen, I should be doing ordering and should have a say in who works in kitchen. But she wont let me order, she has to do it and she always orders what we dont need.


Last Easter she put me on holiday and whist I was away she employed a useless chef, did not even do a working interview or consult me. Gave alot of my hours to him and cut my hours. He got to do breakfast and lunch, did all the food prep and had every evening off, I was made to work just late afternoon and evenings having to serve this other chefs rubbish food. I felt embarrassed to serve his food. It has made me so miserable. I became a chef as I love to cook it's my passion. I spent years training in my profession. And now I dont even cook barely. 


I've tried to look for another Job but there has not been many around so have been holding out but They are getting worse and I cant stand it any more.


They are rude scream and shout and puts down staff. 

I had been on holiday all this week and last week, they made me take the holiday it wasnt my choice and came back today.


They come in kitchen just as I arrive, and ask me to do all these specials. I go to fridges and store rooms and find nothing, no one has ordered any thing. There is no food I can serve or prep. 


They then start screaming and yelling at me and blaming in on me. How is it my fault if I have not been there. She kept yelling, I tried to explain that I had not been there but They would not listen, I lost my temper and yelled at them to stop yelling at me and speaking to me in such a rude way.  They did not like it and told me not to speak to them like that. I was close to walking out.


I've had enough I cant bare to work their any more, They are making life unbearable. I need to get out. 2 other members of staff have handed their notice in this week as have had enough. I've got a interview next week so am keeping my fingers crossed.


My questions are if I manage to get Job next week, do I have to give notice or can I just quit on the spot as I feel I have no choice but to leave. 


Secondly once I have another Job would I have grounds to sue for constructive dismissal. As feel forced in to having to leave due to the way she is treating me.


Any advice much appreciated 

Thanks in advance 

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Notice period depends on what is written in your contract. But, if you walk, do you really think she’ll sue?


constructive dismissal - no chance. You need to go through internal processes first, like a formal grievance. Move on and be happy, forget them.


But do contact the HSE before you forget them....

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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I’d have thought a call to the local council’s EHO’s, as you are on the “way out of the door” would be the way forward.


”Myself and a number of experienced staff are leaving. The last temp chef they brought in : I’m not sure they checked their training, and I’m concerned the similar risks will escalate in the time after I’ve left as up until now I’ve been carrying the burden of meeting food hygiene / informally training the staff.“


Pull pin on grenade, lob it, walk away, don’t look back.


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If you have another job lined up then you shoudl take it and let others sort ut the mess.

sue for constructive dismissal? I wouldnt waste my energy as you have better things to come. Dobbing in the business to the local council environmental health people ND HSE? why not

If you leave without giving you notice what are they going to do if you cite the unworkable conditions and unlawful conduct of them as an employer.

You might want to warn their suppliers you are off as well so no-one tries to use your name to order stuff. If the pub is a tied house then let the brewery know as well

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