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PCN swindon council - Bus Lane

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Hi everyone ,  

Here I am again seeking your waive wisdom in the world of people trying to get hold of others hard earned cash 


I recently had a fine through the door for going in a bus lane in Swindon ,

 I was not the driver but my son was so I passed this fine onto him and he had 30 days to pay ,    

He then had quite a nasty motorbike fall whilst out with friends and is now recovering in hospital ,  

I though this fine was all paid and sorted £30 


Today I receive a letter stating that it has not been paid and has increased by 50% to £90 ,  

Not sure how £30 goes to £90 with a 50% increase


I called the number and spoke to a very unhelpful lady who also had no idea how it goes from 30 to 90 with 50% increase ,  

I told her the story and would it be possible to pay the original £30 in regards to the circumstances ,  

I was told no that this is not possible and to wait for some sort of letter too come through the door and then get a solicitor to sign it ,  


Too be honest I have no idea what she was talking about,  


Has anyone had anything like this and is it just easier to just pay the increased fine of £90 ,    Daylight robbery ,        


The bus lane in question has even been on the news and still continues to rob honest people of making the mistake of going in the bus lane thinking its the way to the car park for the shopping centre on Penzance Drive 

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