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Silver FordFocus. Scratches car and walks away.

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Just venting out my frustration.

This being scratched my mirror and walked away in October.

I plastered facebook and local forums with her face.
Today I saw her again in the same car park.
Completely arrogant to the fact that she can go around damaging cars and get away with it.
She arrogantly said that she knew nothing about it and drove off, but somehow she looked at my car 20 yards away as soon as I told her.
Was with her daughter setting a great example for future generations. 

No worth reporting a scratch or insurance would double for next 5 years.

Moaning over.

Thanks for reading.


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I think the problem is that there is no demonstrable proof at the moment that the lady did what you say, king.


CAG has to protect itself, I hope you understand.

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Illegitimi non carborundum




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I understand. 

What i don't understand is how the justice system arrived at this point in which criminals are vehemently protected and victims risk being sued for asking help from the justice system. 

It's all gone wrong.

BTW, I don't think there's any doubt that she scraped her door against my mirror, unless incidentally at the same time she swung the door open, an ostrich lied an egg on my car and when she swung it again to shut it a velociraptor jumped on the roof.

Her children will grow up thinking it is ok to damage others' properties and be smug about it.

Many times I hope I could go back in time when spending a couple of months at her majesty expenses would've been a problem.

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A more direct person might have just got their revenge without presenting evidence that they had a cause on a forum


... not that I condone that in any way shape or form ... on a forum





It is clearly justifiably arguable that that person would be as bad a the perpetrator, but it sometimes seems getting biblical (eye (or even two) for an eye) could arguably be the lesser evil in the long run and in certain cases ....

Not that the law would agree - as it shouldn't.

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Why the populist problem with customs checks to cross the Irish sea to meet International agreements and Law

... when Johnson is happy to implement a Border + Visas to access a lorry park in Kent?


£288 million pounds a week - The ADDITIONAL cost of Brexit customs bureaucracy alone - stuff that on the side of a bus.


Its official: Boris 'The Liar' Johnsons word is not worth the paper its written on

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