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Issue registering a Direct Bikes scooter db50qt-11 with DVLA

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Hi everyone 

Would really appreciate some help or advice cause i have emailed Direct Bikes and rang too many times to mention and am getting no answer. 

My phone is actually on loudspeaker ringing them as i type this thread. 


I purchased a scooter at Christmas for my 16 year old son from a chap who bought it from Direct Bikes in 2017 but never registered it as it was an unwanted gift . 

I got it in 2019 and it had only 20 miles on the clock . 


In going through the process of registration the DVLA have asked for Date of Manufacture evidence or a certificate of newness which you have to get from the supplier or manufacturer. Or alternatively i can get a owners club for such a scooter to verify it on the DVLA sanctioned paper. 


Im having no joy with Direct bikes at all and yes my phone is still ringing as we type.

Have to say their back up service is the worst ive ever known. 


does anyone have any advice or answers please i have a copy of the certificate of conformity .


Am also told i need to get an emission test done .





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I think you need to attract the attention of one of the site team and get this post moved to an appropriate board.  (eg DVLA sub-forum on the Motoring board?)


Try a message to user dx100uk



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We have had lots of problems with Direct Bikes in the past but we haven't heard about them for some time. I thought maybe they had started sorting them out or maybe they had gone to the wall.

If you search on this forum for "direct bikes" you will find lots of stories – but your particular story is something we haven't come across before.

Unfortunately as you are not a customer or direct bikes – you have no contract with them and so they owe you no contractual duty to help you. Not very satisfactory.

I don't really understand the mechanism of all this but you have said that you may be able to get some confirmation on DVLA sanction paper – and this may be what you will have to do. Do you still have contact with a person's sold it to you? They have a contract with Direct Bikes and so they would be in the position to force the company to provide them with the necessary information – assuming that the seller can be bothered.

Who did you buy it from?

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