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Holiday pay - working more than contracted hours

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Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice on this issue. 


I am a pernament member of staff in a seasonal childrens play area, meaning through the closed season times (1st November - 31st March) my hours significatnly reduce. 

My employer has now issued contracts - (1st contract after working here for 2 years) mine being for 29.5 hours (which is the minimum i will work during the closed months) however my hours rotate on a fortnightly basis during these months, week 1 - 29.5 hours week 2 - 36.5 week 3 - 29.5 etc.

Then once the play area reopens again from 1st April - 31st October, I will work a minimum of 45.5 hours every week. 


My question is this; my employer claims that I will only be entitled to 5.6 x 29.5 as my holiday entitlement for the year as my contract states, although I only work this amount of hours for around 12 weeks of the year. 


I have not signed the proposed contract as of yet as I dont think that it sounds right at all? 


Any advice on what I can go back to my employer with would be great. 


Thanks in advance

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paid leave is based on the number of hours you work in a year but there are upper limits that wont apply in your case.

you will need to work out how many hours per year you work and then use the gov calculator to work out paid holiday hours. How you take that is up to you or by agreement. the simplest would to accrue some decent amount of time and then get paid for that. You dont say whether you work 5 days a week of only 3 so equating  a days holiday is difficult

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