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I got a bus lane fine that dates back to over 12 months ago however, I didn’t receive the original fine from the council.

This is because I moved address and the DVLA didn’t update my address when I changed my log book.

This has caused me other issues for example, I got a fine for not taxing my car.

I got the year old fine through the door which has now been passed to Jacobs and it’s now £180.

I called them to advise it’s the first I heard of it but I will pay it in instalments.

They bates something like £58 a month and I said I checked my outgoings and I can afford £37.

They declined this I said I’ll pay £37 every month anyhow.

To date I have made 2 payments of £37 and was due to make another on Friday on payday.

I’ve come home to a letter hand delivered saying removal within 24 hours and the balance is £336!

I called Jacobs and they said although I’m making payments , they didn’t agree to the payment plan.

I rang the guy that delivered the note and asked him if he’s going to break in and he said he didn’t say that. 

The way I envisaged it going was to a judge and a judge would see it as unfair that I didn’t get the original £30 fine, I’m paying what I can afford.

From what I’ve read they can’t force entry. I just don’t want to keep paying £37 and then the £336 keeps rising. 

My friend has suggested that I pay off what is left of the £180 and speak to the council to see if they can ask Jacobs to back off now.

Please help frown.gif

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if you didn't receive the original bus lane ticket then go do a statutory declaration


go read this thread and follow it carefully



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