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    • I have just received this email from the courts in Burnley:   "Dear Mr Xxxxx                            Due to them age of the file there is no paper work to send. The letter you received from ourselves was because we are destroying attachment of earnings files and have to give the parties chance to inform us  if the debt is still live. The case relates to a debt Arrow, Global bought from HSBC, A/C NO - 999999/99999999, that goes back to 2001 and the claimant bought in 2014. If you think the debt is paid or wish to contest it you should apply to set judgment aside on form N244 which will unfortunately cost £ 255.00. You can also use form EX160 for help with the fees."   Not sure which letter they mean as I have received nothing.
    • Also, here is a link https://www.hestia.org/domestic-abuse   https://www.hestia.org/brightsky  
    • Here is the app from the play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newtonmobile.hestia&hl=en   I think there is an equivalent on the Apple store. I think it provides advice and contacts but I also heard somewhere that it allows you to keep some kind of log. I think keeping a log is extremely important – especially if there is any doubt as to whether one is going to be believed.
    • On the Middlesbrough Council portal a search for "Excel" - "Excel Parking Services" - "Excel Parking Services Ltd" produced no results. A search for "The Leisure Fund Ltd" brought up a request for planning permission for a building extension.
    • I'm afraid that I'm not especially familiar with the injunctions and orders et cetera that are available in these kinds of buried difficult situations. What I am pretty certain of is that if there is some kind of proceedings began while the partner is still living in the home then that will increase tensions to an intolerable level and also increase any danger. I think this would mean that they would have to be a move to have the abusive partner excluded from the home. How many children are there and why should she be worried that the children might be taken away? I have to say that if the children are living in a situation where they are aware that there is this level of abuse between their parents then it can only be extremely damaging to them and the sooner the matter was resolved and the home became a peaceful and stable environment for them, the better. I think this would absolutely require the removal of the abusive partner. If the police have already been made aware of his abusive behaviour then it seems to me that the presumption will be in favour of her remaining at the home with her children. One thing she should certainly do is start to keep a detailed log of what is going on. She needs to be extremely careful that this log is not discovered and in fact I think that there is an app which maybe allows a log to be kept and is stored off the phone and in the cloud somewhere. I will check it out and come back. I very much hope that there will be others who have experience of this kind of thing either because they have been in this kind of situation or else because they have supported somebody who is in that situation who will be able to come along and give better advice. Can you tell us more about the children please. I think that their well-being might be pivotal to finding a solution to the whole problem
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Hi all.


Had an accident last week, car aquaplaned at well below the speed limit in borderline flooded roads and spun into a crash barrier.

Police attended and agreed nothing I had done counted as careless/dangerous driving.


Question is

why is this going down as a fault claim and therefor liable for excess when I drove to road conditions and didn’t actually contribute anything to the accident other than being on the road at that time?


Is there anyway I can challenge this decision?

Any advice greatly appreciated. 

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I am worried about it, anyway to fight this is greatly appreciated because I really don’t think it’s fair given the circumstances. If I was directly at fault surely the police would have charged me? 

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it’ll be fault if there is no one to claim from, your no claims (not no blame) bonus will be affected.   forget the police issue that’s irrelevant to the insurance contract. 
unless you are to try and claim if the highways agency for not having adequate roads to deal with flood, it’ll be recorded as fault.  

It’s just a term, don’t get hung up on the term, you’ll not win that argument.

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Excess is up to £3000.


If no one in claiming for any damage, the excess is not relevant.



We could do with some help from you.



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