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    • looking for a bit of advice before making call to V12 and where i stand with this, this time last year i took quite unwell, i contacted v12 around April 2019 to explain my circumstances and if anything they could do, they informed me they would refund all the charges on my account, would suspend for a few months, but this would also involve a mark on my credit rating, recently i have been getting calls from them, letter telling me not to ignore this, and letters of action, also an email the other day from someone saying they have tried to contact me by several means and they were putting any further action on hold for 15 days before taking any further action in order for me to contact them, also receiving statements from them regarding my account with them, checking my bank account again to notice no DD were stopped and every one paid up to today, last one was last week, then checking there statements and no refunds were made either, i had also started a complaint with them as goods were faulty and repairs not been met, which they have rejected also, so will be writing to the fos any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks   
    • Hi.   Can you let us have the information requested in the forum sticky please? It will help us to advise you.     HB
    • Dear Caggers,   Today (23rd January 2020), I received a PCN from MET Parking Services, Here are the specifics: Date of contravention: 28th Dec 2019 Date of issue of this notice: 20th January 2020 Maximum permitted stay: 180 Mins Length of stay: 225 Mins Date I received notice: 23rd January 2020 (Today)   I have been notified of this fine almost 26 days later, is this allowed for such a long time lapse?  
    • I think of far greater importance is the poor people who have been convinced by those who say the MMR vaccine causes autism and so those people, thinking they are protecting their children rather thygan putting them at risk, dont get those children vaccinated.     The reality of course is that ANY risk from the vaccine is astonishingly small, and the benefits are astoundingly large.   its a sad fact that in the UK we are close to the level of 'none take up' where we will lose our 'herd' immunity despite many kids inheriting a level of immunity from their inoculated parents, that is by no means certain. Just like with the Victorian horror of TB which still lurks waiting. http://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/herd-immunity   So, unlike politicians lies, when we do get an outbreak those kids who weren't inoculated and contributed to that loss of herd immunity will suffer the utterly horrendous consequences first and hardest.       In fact, I'm so convinced that if it were suggested by a reputable source that there was evidence that a fresh booster on top of the ordinary ones just could aid in improving immunity ... I'd be queuing up and suggesting all my loved ones  do the same.  
    • Nature of Counterclaim      Loss of Income arising from inability to work due stress caused.   Particulars of Counterclaim      This has contributed significant stress to my life and as an xxxxx affected my ability to work.     I wasn't expecting to have the option of filing a counterclaim and had very little time to do it; with no legal knowledge I kept it simple.  
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Very confusing situation - Feeling Scammed on 'New' Car

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Dear All,


I hope you can help me understand what's going on here; I feel like a dealer has knowingly done something disingenuous (maybe that's normal) but I just can't work out exactly 'what' is going on and how and why I still don't have the vehicle even though it was registered on 31/12/2019 and I have the V5C saying I am the first owner.


Long story short but this is my first new car in 15 years.


I've had a lot to deal with so it was a 'big' treat/mid-life crisis, and an expensive car.

I went to the showroom (with someone else as witness) to test drive the model and my idea was to get this particular car, on the offer of 0% finance, as new.

This offer was open until 31st Dec 19.


on 29th, test drive done, the colour I wanted they didn't have in the showroom/in their direct stock so he said he'd check the 'available' stock to see if there was one in that colour.


He comes back, says there is, and gives me the quote.

I check it over; there's no details 'on' the car, like VIN/Reg etc and he just tells me what it'll have and the cost.

I leave a large (and I mean large) deposit for the finance agreement (half of what the deposit will be) and all the paperwork (including all signing of it) was left for him to email me.


no paperwork signing was done at all other than me leaving some personal details for him to 'arrange' the finance.

I left with one piece of paper and a receipt from the deposit.

 He told me, in front of my witness, that obviously I wouldn't get it before NY but I'd get it end of next week some time at latest (10th). Verbally of course.


Next day, finance stuff arrives.

I ask a question about whether the car is registered at all already..which was skilfully dodged (in hindsight) and I checked it all and signed.

The paperwork had the registration on (that they said they would give it and I know it was registered in my county) and VIN but no details about the car other than it's colour and designation and no way for me to really find out i.e. no details about mileage (then I'm expecting it to be new stock <50 miles at his word) especially as I was only given off the car the same as the scrappage allowance (ie £2k ish).


Even what the car had on it I was taking at his word (albeit witnessed) as it wasn't on the paperwork. 

all paperwork signed over internet, finance ok'd and all done by 31st.


By 3rd January..to my amazement, the V5C had turned up saying I was first owner from 31/12/2019!

all seems good.


However, having started asking from Monday 6th, I'm not hearing anything on delivery and keep getting told there's no-one answering emails at 'wherever' they are getting it from. As if it's some kind of compound/conveyor-belt system. This carries on, and on. To the point that now, having asked for the fourth time plus to still be hearing 'still not heard back', I started to actually investigate myself.


I searched on the net and found a VIN checker through an enthusiasts website relating to where it was built.

This brought back a 'build' date of 28th March 2019 and that it was sold to stock!!!!!


I am guessing the UK manufacturer imported it and has had it sat, unsold and unregistered, 'somewhere' until my dealer 'sold it' to me 'as new' and then they've 'bought it' from the manufacturer, registered it by 31st to get their bonuses and register it as a 69 plate, and are now waiting for the Manufacturer to deliver it to them on a long line/waitlist of deliveries...and I am still waiting with no idea when it'll even get to the dealer, let alone when I'll get it...even though, I guess, my Warranty has now lost two weeks and two weeks of my finance agreement has also gone.


have I got the process right or?

If I have surely it is more than unfair to

a) sell an almost 10 month old car as 'new'

b) 'only' give me £2k off the brand new list price

c) I have no idea what mileage it will have on it or if it's been used or what

 d) not tell the customer any of this at the time so that I could make an 'informed' decision?


I do not see a 10 month old car as 'new' and I am already worrying about it's state if it's been sat in some secure 'car park' since April last year.

If I had known this I would have wanted more than £2k off the price but probably just settled for what I could see in front of me there and then or even ordered brand new.

Might not even smell new anymore:( Let alone what could have happened to it sat outside all this time. 


What rights do I have to cancel?

Yes, I know (now) I'm an idiot for paying half the deposit up front but 'hindsight' and all that.


Obviously all paperwork was signed at home and I clearly didn't have all the info they could, and should, have given me.

I know I'm still within the 14 days to cancel the credit (through manufacturer) but I have no doubt the franchise dealer will not want to give me my deposit back...which means I'd have to sue them....as it was a lot and I'd need it to get another car.


Don't get me wrong, I want/wanted the car; I am just worried about it's condition at having been sat for so long and what 'could' have gone wrong in that time.

The fact also that I don't know 'if' it's actually been used, the fact it's almost a year old anyway and that I've only been given £2k off it.

Not seeming so much of a deal now.

Just hacked off really.


What do you think?

Are they being unreasonable or am I?


 Thanks in advance everyone.

I just want to know facts before I do/Say something.



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from what I understand the experience you have is quite normal.


new cars are not 'new', they can quite often site around in storage in various places around the globe, Europe, uk until sold.


it's still 'new'.


just remember that the slightest thing wrong, even ifi ts a bit of differing colour dash light anything, thats not perfect you make sure the manufacturer gets involved too

many cars now have full manu warranty in excess of 5yrs.




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Thankyou very much. So you suggest it's ok and I should just deal with any 'issues' it has?


What about the whole delivery (or non! Delivery issue). I'm obviously still without car and yet actually paying for it in monies, warranty etc. Just moan? What rights to make them get their ar $ e in gear and deliver it? I suppose, theoretically, I am liable as they've put it in my name? Oh, and the money side of it? Just an irritation or, again, you think 'normal'?


Thanks in advance. Off to bed now.



Edited by davew89

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liable for what?


today is the 15th of jan

as far as I can see that's just poss 2 weeks in for wherever the car has to come from to be delivered to the dealership and for them to do their bit.


when my neighbour bought a new jag last year 2nd august, he was told it wasn't expected to him for 6 weeks, in the end it was 5 weeks..


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Sorry I think you misunderstood.


I was worried 'I' am liable if it's involved in anything seeing as

a) it's in my name and

b) I don't have it.


The delivery thing...only because

a) I was told 'next week'

b) it's an 'in stock' car not a 'built for me' car

c) because it's been registered and I thought that means loss of warranty and it's two weeks of use I'm paying for under three year contract that I don't get the use of.


Oh, and the fact that I have no idea 'when' I'm getting it.

Ultimately it's £200 of mine down the drain for nothing.


All just genuine questions.

As I said, new car not a normal thing for me.


Thanks in advance.


Really off now:)

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forget the sellers warranty

it's a new car manu warranty will be several years.


as for 'liability' ...i'm not really sure what you mean,

you are not liable for anything.


it might be transported by a car transporter, it might be moved to the dealer by trade plate drivers, you are not responsible if they have an accident etc, they are fully covered by trade policies.






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It was probably sitting for a few months under the big M5 bridge near Bristol by the docks. If you are ever in a traffic jam on there, take a look down below. Thousands of new cars awaiting sale.

We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Whatever the situation, you are entitled to have the car in your possession on the agreed date – or if no firm date has been agreed then within a reasonable time.

I would have thought that 14 to 21 days would be quite reasonable. If you think that they are taking too long then you could write to them and tell them that time is of the essence and that they have another seven days to produce the vehicle or else you will consider that the contract is at an end. If they want any further delay then this might give you some leverage to negotiate a further discount.

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I think what you guys have said is more than fair so thanks. I'll say what you said re 14-21 days and see where we go.


Many thanks:)

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Please let us know how you get on, Dave. :)



Illegitimi non carborundum




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What's the car, who's the Dealer?



40 years at the pointy end of the motor trade. :eek:

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Hi All,


Just wanted to say I 'still' don't have the car (or a date) but that I'm 'on it' and that, either way, as soon as I know what's happening I will divulge Dealer etc. I don't want to say right now and prejudice anything as, no matter what we'd like to think, you 'out' people and they never become more helpful, only more bitter (even if they're in the wrong!).


So, out of interest, what do people think is fair 'compensation' for a) waiting so long b) loss of a month's warranty c) loss of a month's finance payment? Interested in your thoughts and, maybe, what anyone else has received in similar circumstances.


Overall I think this is pretty bad considering it's already a 'made' car and all they have to do is stick it on a transporter from A -> B.






Edited by davew89

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