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    • The Independent are saying that Boris is dropping the promise of not allowing US chlorinated chicken, hormone-fed beef and so on.   https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/chlorinated-chicken-us-trade-talks-boris-johnson-trump-a9549656.html#gsc.tab=0
    • The problem with these small debt amounts is that they can hang around like a bad smell. Every now and again you will start to receive letters followed by phone calls. Then it will go quiet and you will have another debt company chasing you. This could go on for many years.   Ignore DCBL as advised.   Send a complaint letter to ELE/Engie, asking why they have asked DCBL to chase a debt, when ELE have never sent any such bill to you. Then explain that you received a final bill relating to address xxxx and you paid it. If somehow there had been a billing error, ELE were advised of your new address, so they should have written to you at the new address.        
    • Of course it could be the same company trading under variations of the same name in order to dilute their bad reputation. In terms of the money you paid, section 15 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act says that where a price for services has not been agreed then a reasonable price will be implied. I gather from what you have told us that they give you the price in advance and you agreed. I'm afraid that on this point, you would be bound to pay the price because contract law does not help people to make good bargains. It simply requires the people stick by the bargains they have made. On the other hand, if they undertook to do a certain job of work and to achieve a certain result – and that result wasn't achieved then you certainly have an action against them. The problem is that a company like this may be difficult to get hold of unless they have got a very clear office or workplace and some assets. The second problem is that you would probably be required to have given plumbforce the opportunity to come back and try again – and unfortunately you didn't do that. This means you tried to make a claim against them, they would probably argue that these plumbing problems they always take one or two goes to fix and that a reasonable person would give them an opportunity to sort it out before going elsewhere. I'm sure you're absolutely right and these people are completely overpriced – and it seems that they have done a bad job – and of course the reviews don't do them any favours. However, I think you're going have difficulty getting your money back on this – although if you want to try, will be very happy to help you – but I'm sure that it will go to a small claim in the County Court. Of course this would be an interesting exercise for you if you have the energy. It's quite simple – but of course you do risk your claim fee and your hearing fee if you lose. I can imagine that if you produced evidence of their reputation and what has happened in court that the judge will be disposed to find in your favour regardless of the arguments which I have suggested that they might put forward. The final risk could be that they would say that you are only entitled to recover the cost of the second plumber required to finish the job that you had paid Plumbforce for. In other words about a hundred quid. It's not a bad argument – I don't know if it is a winning argument – and as I probably wouldn't bother to be represented, they might not think of it for themselves. However, I'm just letting you know of all the possibilities in this problem. Of course I think one of the lessons view is to make sure that you get at least two quotes for everything – even if it seems to be an emergency. When your new home, it's worth making sure that you gather a list of reliable support services – either from your experience or from the experience of neighbours who will already have been through it. That way you can be reasonably certain that if you have any other problems with heating or lighting or water – et cetera, you will have one or two numbers to hand that you can call on with a certain amount of confidence.
    • Stores around the world have been forced to shut their doors due to the virus pandemic. View the full article
    • The drugs giant says it can double the production of a potential vaccine after backing by Bill Gates. View the full article
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Hi my mortgage was with gmac from 2001 to 2009 hit with dd charges and late paments 50 pounds a month these were added to mortgage arrears

i calculated at least £3500 in charges what can i claim back plus interest

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hi would like to that from gmac 2001 to 2009 i had to jump ship from gmac because interest was a crippling 10% percent as dd and £50 were being added to arrears

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Hi Wishboneash


You can claim back all arrears charges plus an estimate of what interest they added to the charges. I always estimate myself but there are online calculators that can reckon up the interest for you.


As your charges go back to 2001 it is likely that the interest they have taken - at 10%!!! - will total as much if not more than the charges themselves. Trouble is, if you put a claim for over £5000 it may be allocated to the fast track court which is too risky in terms of your possible costs.


So claim for a set period of time which will mean your claim stays within the £5000 barrier. You can claim the rest another time!!




Charges 2001 - 2004 = £2000

Interest = £2950

Total claimed = £4950 (this is a fictitious calculation, by the way!)


At a later stage, you claim for the period 2004 - 2009.



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