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Ramsdens query - overpayment of dollars

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Hi folks, 

Please excuse me if I haven’t posted on the correct forum. Haven’t been on for a while. 

Myself and partner went to a ramsdens branch before Xmas to purchase dollars for our Xmas trip. When we arrived to the branch they told us the computers were down and they would have to process our transactions manually and give us a receipt when we got back. Because we had left it to the last minute we just said ok that’s fine. 

So we asked for 800 gbp worth of dollars and they gave me a rate of 1.279 USD and they said we would get 1025 usd for 801.40 so that was fine. The two ladies counted the money at a table behind the counter and then counted it to us at the customer window and she counted 1025 usd and we left with no receipt. 

About 3-4 hours later once home  I received a call from Ramsdens asking me to count how much they gave me as they ‘thought’ they had given us 100 usd dollars too much but by that time we had had put all our Xmas money we got from family members and I said I can’t as I have put all the money together and my assumption was that they gave me 1025. the lady sounded panicky and said it’s on camera and I had said well you counted it to me twice and you haven’t given me a receipt yet. she even said she’s would pay my petrol money to come back and pay the missing dollars but we were flying out that day so couldn’t go back. 

I’m a little unsure about how I stand with this as this has never happened to me before I have never had to count my money from Ramsdens as it’s always been correct. Can I ask for proof? They have been hounding me with phone calls and I received an unsigned letter today, not on headed paper from them asking me to settle within 7 days. 

I have no issue paying back if this is correct but they still haven’t sent me a receipt just wondered how I stand???


Again apologies for waffling and if I have posted incorrectly. Just looking for a wee bit of advice? 

Thank you for your help 😀


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Are you not able to ascertain from other members of your family, how much they gave you in total?

I understand that you are saying that you went for a holiday in the USA and you took dollars and inadvertently may have taken $100 more than you expected.

I can certainly imagine that the person who paid out the money is very worried about their job or some other disciplinary matter. I believe that these companies are extremely fierce about this kind of thing and they may even put the matter in the hands of the police.

I certainly think that you are entitled to see paperwork – and I think the fact that the money was apparently counted by two people individually and then in front of you militates in your favour.

I would suggest that you cooperate with them as far as possible by writing to them and saying to them that you are very sorry about the error that you have no knowledge of it and you have no responsibility for it. Point out to them the counting process and that you did not notice that there had been any excess paid over to you and if there had, you would have brought it to their notice immediately.

The situation here is that if they had agreed at the time that you are entitled to the hundred dollars more by saying that their conversion was to pay you $1379 and you accept it on that basis, then that would be binding on them. If on the other hand they told you that they were going to pay you $1279 and you accepted that and then walked away with $100 extra, then I think that they would be entitled to repayment.

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